Agreeable Gray: The Perfect Greige Paint Color

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. Is Agreeable Gray more gray or beige? The answer lies in the perfect...

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

Is Agreeable Gray more gray or beige?

The answer lies in the perfect blend of gray and warm beige undertones, which makes Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW7029 the ideal greige. Just like celebrity couple reunions, we love to blend paint color names! But more than the color itself, finding the right undertone is crucial for successful paint choices.

My goal is to share my personal experience with Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray so you can determine if it's the right color for your home!

Agreeable Gray in the warm afternoon light Agreeable Gray in the warm afternoon light

Undertones play a significant role in how a wall color appears. Just like choosing the right hair color to match your skin tone, selecting the best undertone for your walls is essential. Undertones can be warm with yellow or green, or slightly cool with blue or purple. If you don't determine the right undertone, you might end up with a beautiful color that isn't what you expected.

Have you ever seen a gray room that appears purple under certain lighting conditions? While it might be fine for a basement guest room, it can be disappointing if you have a specific vision for your main living area. Understanding undertones is crucial in achieving your desired look.

Why does Agreeable Gray look different in every room?

Natural lighting greatly affects how paint colors appear throughout the day. Early morning light tends to be cool, while the late afternoon light is warm. This means that even the same color will look different in east-facing rooms versus west-facing rooms.

Agreeable Gray on a cloudy day Agreeable Gray on a cloudy day

It's essential to be cautious of images you see online showcasing the color in various spaces. Factors like lighting conditions and editing can alter how a color appears. Here are some old images from my home that demonstrate how ambient light, or lack thereof, can significantly impact the look of paint.

Agreeable Gray in artificial light Agreeable Gray in artificial light

Most of the common areas in my home were initially painted Agreeable Gray SW7029. While it looked nice and light in rooms with ample natural light, it appeared dark and muddy in other areas. The stairway wall and upstairs hallway, in particular, had a dreary and dark feel. So, I decided to paint them in a bright white color, and it made a significant difference in the brightness of those spaces.

Hallway repainted Behr Ultra Pure White Hallway repainted Behr Ultra Pure White

I repainted almost every room in my home, except for the kitchen and living room, as they receive plenty of natural light. The gray walls in these areas beautifully contrast with the white kitchen cabinets and living room built-ins.

Why is choosing gray paint so hard?

When it comes to selecting paint colors, it can feel like choosing a single piece of candy from an entire wall of options. Gray has become a popular choice, but finding the perfect shade can be challenging. Gray is technically a neutral color, but the range of undertones presents a significant challenge for homeowners. In the past, cool blue or green undertones were preferred, but now warm undertones, like the perfect greige, are in high demand.

Try it before you buy it

The best way to know if a paint color will look good in a room is to test it out. I recommend buying a sample and painting swatches on all four walls, not just a small patch. This way, you can observe how it looks throughout the day under different lighting conditions. Don't limit yourself to one color; try multiple options. You might end up liking another color even more!

Assortment of gray paint sample containers Assortment of gray paint sample containers

Pay attention to how each color dries, as it might appear slightly different on the wall compared to the paint swatch. Some brands offer peel-and-stick paint samples that allow you to move them around without leaving any texture on the walls. These are convenient alternatives that don't require any painting supplies and provide instant gratification.

What SW colors are similar to Agreeable Gray?

While nothing can perfectly match Agreeable Gray, there are several Sherwin-Williams colors worth considering. If you're looking to test swatches, here are some similar options to explore:

  • Repose Gray
  • Colonnade Gray
  • Alpaca
  • Mindful Gray
  • Gossamer Veil

Paint samples on wall Paint samples on wall showing different lighting conditions

Paint color numbers - the nerdy stuff

Each paint color is assigned an RGB number, representing the intensity of red, green, and blue. With over 16 million possibilities, it's no wonder there are so many paint color choices! Agreeable Gray has an RGB value of 209/203/193. In comparison, Revere Pewter has an RGB value of 204/196/184, indicating a stronger red undertone.

HEX numbers consist of three pairs of letters or numbers, with each pair calculated from the RGB values. Using a specific HEX number allows you to replicate a color accurately on a computer screen. The HEX number for Agreeable Gray is #D1CBC1.

LRV (Light Reflectivity Value) indicates how dark or light a color appears. The higher the LRV, the more light it reflects. Agreeable Gray has an LRV of 60, placing it on the lighter side of the scale.

Agreeable Gray in the entry on a sunny day Agreeable Gray in the entry on a sunny day

It's so popular!

Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray is the most sought-after gray paint for a reason. It's a nearly neutral shade with a hint of beige, making it versatile and suitable for any space. Real estate agents often recommend neutral colors when selling a home, as it allows potential buyers to envision their own belongings and simplifies the decision-making process. This color has been loved by design enthusiasts and the real estate community alike.

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Remember, when selecting paint colors, it's crucial to consider undertones, lighting conditions, and personal preferences. With a little experimentation and testing, you'll find the perfect shade to create the desired atmosphere in your home.