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Sherwin Williams Popular Gray vs Agreeable Gray: Which Gray Paint to Choose?

With the wide selection of paint colors available today, it can be challenging to find the perfect shade that suits your preferences. If you're torn between Sherwin Williams Popular Gray and Agreeable Gray, fret not....

With the wide selection of paint colors available today, it can be challenging to find the perfect shade that suits your preferences. If you're torn between Sherwin Williams Popular Gray and Agreeable Gray, fret not. We've done extensive research to provide you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

Comparing Sherwin Williams Popular Gray and Agreeable Gray

Sherwin Williams, an American-based paint company that has been in operation since the 1930s, offers a range of colors, including Popular Gray and Agreeable Gray. Let's delve into a comparison of these two grays to better understand their unique features.

What You Need to Know About Sherwin Williams Popular Gray

Popular Gray, also known as SW 6071, is a greige color that combines warm beige and gray tones. It exudes an airy and warm ambiance, thanks to its component colors. When hit by natural light, it may appear lighter due to its high reflectivity. Consider using Popular Gray in north-facing rooms to maximize its color vibrancy.

Here are some key features of Popular Gray:

  • Light Reflective Value (LRV): 61
  • RBG: 212, 204, 195
  • Undertones: Warm purple and pink undertones, depending on light reflection
  • Coordinating colors: Spalding Gray (SW 6074), Exclusive Palm (SW 6263), Heron Plum (SW 6070)

What You Need to Know About Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray, also known as SW 7029, is another popular greige color from Sherwin Williams. Like Popular Gray, it combines gray and beige tones with a creamy undertone. It is a versatile color that complements various tones and palettes. However, it thrives best in warm-toned spaces or those with a vintage feel, adding neutrality to the overall ambiance.

Agreeable Gray is an excellent choice for areas with ample natural light or even those with low light or artificial light. It creates an inviting and pleasant atmosphere in darker rooms.

Key features of Agreeable Gray include:

  • Light Reflective Value (LRV): 60
  • RBG: 209, 203, 193
  • Undertones: Warm undertones that can shift to pink or golden tones under different lighting conditions

Matching Other Paint Colors with Popular Gray and Agreeable Gray

Now that you have an understanding of Popular Gray and Agreeable Gray, you're probably wondering which colors pair well with these shades. Here are some suggestions based on thorough research:

Paint Colors That Go Well with Popular Gray

For a monochromatic aesthetic, consider colors like Versatile Gray, Perfect Greige, and Chatura Gray. These shades belong to the same color category as Popular Gray, eliminating any worries about color contrasts.

If you prefer a cool-toned atmosphere and want more contrasting shades, opt for Urban Bronze, Morning Fog, and Spalding Gray. These colors create a perfect balance when paired with Popular Gray.

Sherwin Williams also provides color-coordinating suggestions, including Extra White (SW 7006), Coral Rose (SW 9004), and Incredible White (SW 7028).

When it comes to trims, ceilings, and moldings, choose a white or creamier shade. Sherwin Williams offers Alabaster White for a creamier and warmer touch and High Reflective White for enhanced results with natural light reflections.

Paint Colors That Go Well with Agreeable Gray

For Agreeable Gray, monochromatic colors like Gauntlet Gray and Light French Gray work wonders by adding contrast to its beauty.

If you're feeling adventurous, explore the dark/brown color palette with shades like Mega Greige, Status Bronze, Storm Cloud, Tempe Star, and Tricorn Black. These colors, combined with Agreeable Gray, strike a harmonious balance between darkness and warmer undertones.

Agreeable Gray also pairs well with pastel colors like Sea Salt, Slate Violet, Breezy, and Rainwashed. Despite their subdued nature, these pastel shades perfectly complement Agreeable Gray.

When it comes to trims, molds, and ceilings, Extra White is the ideal choice to complement Agreeable Gray. Unlike Alabaster and High Reflective White, Extra White has an LRV of 86, giving it a deeper undertone.

How to Match Paint Colors

While knowing the details of each paint color is essential, it's equally vital to see them firsthand and test them out. To achieve this, we recommend doing paint samples before making a final decision or applying the paint to your space. Additionally, you can purchase a color collection deck from Sherwin Williams, which offers a comprehensive range of color options.

Will Agreeable Gray Remain Popular?

Agreeable Gray is currently one of the most popular colors from Sherwin Williams, and it is set to remain in demand for a considerable period. This is because Agreeable Gray possesses unique yet timeless qualities that set it apart from other gray shades. Its versatility makes it easy to pair with other colors, further contributing to its enduring popularity.

Paint Maintenance Tips

To ensure your paint job lasts and gives you the best value for your purchase, proper paint maintenance is essential. Here are some reliable tips to help you maintain your painted surfaces:

  • Thoroughly prepare the area before applying the paint.
  • Check for any defects and address them before painting.
  • Avoid excessive moisture.
  • Minimize UV exposure as much as possible.

In Summary

When choosing between Sherwin Williams Popular Gray and Agreeable Gray, consider the existing features of the area you'll be painting and the desired ambiance. Popular Gray is an excellent choice if you prefer a lighter and cooler atmosphere, as it has a higher LRV than Agreeable Gray. On the other hand, if you want a warmer and cozier tone, Agreeable Gray's undertones are perfect for creating that effect.

Make sure to test paint samples and utilize a color collection deck to experience the colors firsthand. Both Popular Gray and Agreeable Gray have coordinating colors that further enhance their beauty and versatility.

Rest assured, Agreeable Gray will remain a popular choice due to its timeless appeal and ability to complement a wide range of decor styles. By following proper paint maintenance, you can ensure that your paint job stands the test of time.