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The Truth About South Facing House Feng Shui: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction: Have you heard the popular belief that a south-facing house in Feng Shui is always auspicious? Well, here's the truth: it's not that simple. As an experienced Feng Shui consultant, I can tell you...


Have you heard the popular belief that a south-facing house in Feng Shui is always auspicious? Well, here's the truth: it's not that simple. As an experienced Feng Shui consultant, I can tell you that the auspiciousness of a south-facing house depends on various factors. In this guide, we'll explore the context and considerations that determine whether a south-facing house is truly favorable. Let's dive deeper into this intriguing subject together.

Environmental factors around the home

A south-facing Feng Shui house must be supported by the surrounding energy. The flying star chart may show auspicious star energy, but it's essential to consider the environmental chi as well. The principles of the San He Form school emphasize that the house should not be impacted by sha energy, such as unfavorable road or river formations or pointed edges of nearby structures. The collaboration of heaven and earth qi creates an electromagnetic field that affects the interior living space when it enters through windows and doors.

So is a south facing home really supportive for health, wealth, and happiness?

The common argument in favor of the south direction is that it is yang and associated with the fire element, abundant harvests, and general prosperity. However, in tropical regions where the sun shines excessively, the home can become overly warm, disrupting the balance of yin and yang energies. To counter this, a well-thought-out floor plan and home design are necessary.

South Facing House: Feng Shui floor layout (Flying Star)

Now, let's examine the floor layout of a south-facing Feng Shui house to understand its strengths and weaknesses. By looking at specific examples, we can contrast a good layout with a poor one.

Let's examine why the house is passable but not exceptional in periods 8 and 9:

  1. The prosperity star, which governs wealth and health, is located at the stairway. Enhancing this star with the fire element is challenging, as the staircase is not frequently utilized. It's preferable to have good energies in important rooms like the living room or bedroom.

  2. The northwest section, associated with the family's primary breadwinner, contains a combination notorious for causing bad luck in health and career. Remedies involving the metal element need to be implemented to minimize the negative effects.

  3. The house has a missing sector in the southeast, which can have a negative impact on the career and health of a single, middle-aged female or a family with an eldest daughter. Elemental enhancers or closing off the area can fix this issue.

  4. The east section, where the star combination related to the eldest son is located, is not ideal for a bedroom. It can cause arguments, miscommunication, legal issues, and health problems for the eldest son or Zhen trigram person.

  5. The prosperity star in the water dragon position inside the kitchen can be improved by relocating it to the living room or the front side of the house. Adjustments can potentially lead to wealth in the future.

  6. The center star can cause gossip and miscommunication, but this does not make the house unsuitable.

  7. The north, west, and southwest sections are positive, with good star combinations that can benefit the residents' health and well-being.


In conclusion, a south-facing Feng Shui house may require adjustments to achieve a good qi flow. When searching for a new home, consider whether it's worth investing in remodeling or if it's better to find a house that may not be facing south. A well-planned room layout and furniture arrangement are key to maximizing the flow of positive qi in the important areas of the house.

South facing house best exterior wall color

According to Feng Shui principles, the color of the external walls significantly affects the comfort of a south-facing home. To live in harmony with the natural surroundings, it's crucial to select the best exterior wall color that strengthens the qi for the occupants.

Best exterior wall color:

A south-facing home sits in the north, so complementary water-element colors like blue or supporting metal-element colors like white or gray are advised. These colors enhance the energy flow and create balance.

Worst exterior wall color:

Avoid using earth element tones, as they undermine and block the water element. Although it may seem contradictory, adding blue exterior paint to a south-facing home is actually in line with Feng Shui principles when considering the overall energy dynamics.

Are you Compatible with a South Facing House?

Not everyone is compatible with living in a south-facing house. According to the 8 Mansions Theory and the Ba-zi school, specific factors need to be considered:

Ba-zi school:

A person's birth chart determines their compatibility with a south-facing house. For example, a strong yang-fire personality may find the additional fire energy overwhelming, while a weak wood person may experience further depletion of their wood element. It's important to consider individual characteristics to determine compatibility.

Personal Kua Number School:

Determining your personal best direction based on your Kua number can help identify favorable and inauspicious areas of the home. Positive spaces should be present in the living room, bedroom, and home office, while areas where less time is spent should be assigned less importance. The 8 Mansion School offers a simplified version of Feng Shui for those unfamiliar with flying stars.

Do NOT Follow These Black Hat Tips

Be cautious of misinformation and black hat Feng Shui techniques. Some tips circulating online can have negative consequences. Here are a few you should avoid:

Having a red front door:

In most cases, a red front door can have a significant negative impact on the health and wealth of the entire family. Proper expert advice is essential before opting for a red door.

South Sector Stands for Fame and Reputation:

Decorating the south sector in red colors or enhancing it with the wood element to boost the fire element is not a guaranteed path to fame and reputation. The impact of the fire element depends on various factors, and a one-size-fits-all approach does not work.

BTB Claim to Avoid Earth, Metal, or Water Elements in the South Sector:

The presence of earth, metal, or water elements in the south sector does not necessarily have negative effects. The harmony between different elements is crucial in Feng Shui, and specific combinations can enhance beneficial energies.

Control Fire with a Water Feature:

Adding a water feature to the south sector to tame fire is not recommended, especially as we enter Period 9 in 2024. Earth elements are more effective in calming fire energies.

To conclude, exercise caution when reading blog articles that promote incorrect Feng Shui practices. It's essential to understand the principles and consult with experts before making decisions.


The auspiciousness of a south-facing house in Feng Shui depends on various factors such as the context of the occupants, floor plan, and surrounding energy. The notion that all south-facing houses are good is a misconception. Careful consideration and adjustments are necessary to evaluate the Feng Shui potential of a house accurately. Remember, a well-planned room layout and furniture arrangement play a vital role in maximizing positive qi flow. Choose the right exterior wall color to enhance the overall energy dynamics. Finally, consider your compatibility with a south-facing house based on the different schools of Feng Shui. Avoid falling for black hat tips and always seek guidance from reputable experts.