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Stay Tuned, Pisces—Your October Horoscope Says Life Is About to Get Much More Interesting

A lot is happening in your Pisces horoscope for October 2022, so hang on tight! It all begins on October 1, when Venus opposes Jupiter in your second house of money and paves the way...

A lot is happening in your Pisces horoscope for October 2022, so hang on tight! It all begins on October 1, when Venus opposes Jupiter in your second house of money and paves the way for so much financial growth. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to splurge on a big purchase or ask for that raise you deserve, the time is now! Either way, you’re beginning this month with a deeper understanding of the beauty that surrounds you, so make your universe that much more pleasing to your eye.

Embracing New Opportunities and Transforming Your Life

Because Mercury retrograde will also come to an end on October 2, this month is filled with opportunities to move forward. However, you may be forced to take alternate routes in order to get to your destination. As Mercury stations direct in your eighth house of give and take, you’re coming to terms with the fact that certain sacrifices need to be made in order to transform your life. You may be making your peace with the fact that not everything—or everyone—can join you in this next chapter of your life (and that’s perfectly OK).

Rediscovering Your Worth and Pleasure

As a full moon in Aries rushes through your second house of stability and self-esteem on October 9, it could bring a few financial revelations to light. Have you been placing too much value on external validation and material wealth? Are you operating from a scarcity mindset and refusing to treat yourself to little pleasures you know you deserve? Let this full moon remind you what you are worth it! Find what leaves you feeling grounded, whole, and cared for and give yourself more of whatever that may be.

Jupiter Neptune conjunction Image by Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Embracing Adventure and Wisdom

By October 23, the astrological energy will be more to your liking, because both the glorious sun and romantic Venus will enter Scorpio, bringing magic to your ninth house of adventure and wisdom. This is a powerful time to explore the great unknown, travel to faraway destinations, and enroll in classes that expand your mind. After all, a solar eclipse in Scorpio is also taking place on October 25, urging you to take a step back and consider the big picture. The universe is so much larger than whatever it is you’ve been so worried about! This eclipse could inspire you to continue your education, read new books, and experiment with different life philosophies. Life is meant to be experimented with, Pisces.

Reflecting on Inner Growth and Confidence

However, the real finale of the month takes place on October 28, when Jupiter retrograde leaves behind Aries and re-enters Pisces for a second time, where it will remain until the end of the year. With Jupiter gracing your first house of the self once again, you may find yourself reflecting on your own inner growth and remembering everything that brings you a deeper sense of confidence. Remember—you don’t always need to act larger-than-life in order to feel larger-than-life.

Strengthening Your Home and Family

As Mars retrograde brings the month to a close on October 30, it could increase the level of conflict and frustrations at home. Stationing retrograde in your fourth house of home and family, this retrograde is encouraging you to find the motivation to make the center of your universe that much stronger. If negative energy is infiltrating your space, try cleansing it and replacing it with something more positive.

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