Step Inside This Serene and Elegant Victorian Townhouse

In the heart of New York City, near Gramercy Park, a stunning Victorian townhouse awaits. Once owned by a state Supreme Court justice, this historical gem has been transformed into a sanctuary of easy elegance...

In the heart of New York City, near Gramercy Park, a stunning Victorian townhouse awaits. Once owned by a state Supreme Court justice, this historical gem has been transformed into a sanctuary of easy elegance by renowned interior designer Sheila Bridges. With her creative vision, she has harmonized the disparate tastes and collections of a New York couple and their two young children, creating a space perfectly suited for a modern family.

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Drawing inspiration from the couple's New England roots and their eclectic art collection featuring luminaries like Jasper Johns and Richard Diebenkorn, Bridges seamlessly blended early American charm with hints of Art Deco and modern flair. By weaving together the different threads of their lives, she has created a space that celebrates the past while embracing the present. It's a true testament to Bridges' mastery of design.

Peek Inside This Light-as-Air Victorian Townhouse

Living Room

Step into the living room of this Manhattan townhouse and be greeted by a masterful blend of heritage and contemporary elegance. Sheila Bridges' design expertise shines through, as history whispers through the original crown molding and marble mantel. The room exudes a sense of tradition, but with fresh, modern energy. Art Deco armchairs and a mahogany bar cabinet add sophistication, while a vibrant Florence Broadhurst fabric upholstery injects a playful splash of color and personality. Against Farrow & Ball's Yellow Ground walls, the space radiates warmth and vitality. Bridges once again proves her mastery in crafting spaces that are timeless and captivating.

Living Room Image Credit: Pieter Estersohn

Dining Area

Step into the dining room and be transported into a realm of refined charm and bespoke craftsmanship. Suspended from the ceiling is a magnificent 19th-century Spanish chandelier that adds an air of grandeur. The custom-made wine-tasting table and BDDW chairs exude sophistication, while the custom-painted floor cloth highlights Bridges' attention to detail. The room is anchored by exquisite 19th-century French cabinets and complemented by armchairs crafted by Bridges herself. It's a meticulously curated space where every element speaks of heritage, artistry, and the art of gathering in style.

Dining Area Image Credit: Pieter Estersohn


In the kitchen, functionality meets exquisite craftsmanship in a harmonious dance of form and function. Teak and Calacatta marble countertops gleam under natural light, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail. A Viking range stands as a beacon of culinary prowess, while fittings by Waterworks marry utility with sophistication. The sink and fittings are a nod to timeless elegance, and an antique light fixture adds a warm ambiance. A felt rug by Liora Manné grounds the space with modern sensibility. This culinary sanctuary elevates the art of cooking and dining to new heights.

Kitchen Image Credit: Pieter Estersohn

Home Office

Step into the refined sanctuary of the home office, where functionality meets timeless elegance. Mahogany paneling and shelves showcase fine craftsmanship and offer storage and sophistication. The sofa, covered in sumptuous wool, provides a plush retreat for contemplation or creative inspiration. French leather club chairs exude Old World charm, and an Odegard rug anchors the space with its understated beauty. In this meticulously curated haven, Bridges' impeccable eye for detail and commitment to luxurious comfort converge, creating an inviting and inspiring home office.

Home Office Image Credit: Pieter Estersohn

Main Bedroom

An antique chest of drawers and crystal lamps sit beside the antique bed in the main bedroom. The walls are painted in Citron by Farrow & Ball, creating a serene and elegant ambiance.

Main Bedroom Image Credit: Pieter Estersohn

Dressing Room

The dressing room features hand-painted wallpaper depicting Central Park and a Tibetan rug, adding a touch of sophistication and beauty.

Dressing Room Image Credit: Pieter Estersohn

Children's Bathroom

The children's bathroom is paved with tiles by Nemo Tile, with custom-painted walls and a Beacon Hill silk window shade.

Children's Bedroom

Step into the vibrant and creative space of the son's room, where every element tells a story. A table crafted with love serves as a testament to hands-on learning and DIY spirit. Cozy study nooks, sleek desks, and eclectic artwork create a vibrant haven where creativity flourishes.

Children's Bedroom Image Credit: Pieter Estersohn

We hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into the serene and elegant Victorian townhouse brought to life by Sheila Bridges' creative vision. It's a testament to the power of design in transforming spaces and creating homes that are both beautiful and functional.