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Taurus and Pisces Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships...

They are soooo into each other - and if handled with care - bring out the best in each other. Knock off some of that Taurus reserve and eliminate a good slice of Pisces’ self-doubt...

Taurus and Pisces love compatibility

They are soooo into each other - and if handled with care - bring out the best in each other. Knock off some of that Taurus reserve and eliminate a good slice of Pisces’ self-doubt and they’ll make beautiful music together.

This couple tends to be bound up in their own little world and build a kind of psychological fortress around the relationship - it’s important they avoid eliminating friends, family, and impartial third parties for balance.

An oddball union that works because both are eccentric - Pisces doesn’t give a stuff about the Bulls 18-century mindset, and Taurus is willing to spend a lifetime soothing Pisces’ insecurity.

Decoding Taurus and Pisces friendships...

It’s a friendship with lots of ebbs and flows and one of the few combinations where romance usually lasts longer - that’s because Taurus desires a deep emotional connection to support such a delicate and sometimes downright flakey Pisces personality.

The bull believes once you’ve made a decision, it’s time to act, but when the fish keeps coming back with the same esoteric questions like "I hate my life, my job is a dead end, my relationship sucks - what should I do?" - patience is eventually lost, and Taurus takes a break.

Taurus and Pisces friendship Image: Taurus and Pisces friendship

Pisces is a natural healer - spiritually and physically - they are good at motivating Taurus friends to put down the bong and get off the couch - but it’s never very long-lasting - sometimes Pisces ends up back on the couch in a haze of smoke - navel-gazing with Taurus.

Friendship works best when they are part of a larger group with lots of options for Pisces to ask the same earnest questions over and over again. As an earth sign, Taurus craves stability and predictability, so friends that are cut from the same cloth help to keep them calm and grounded. Water sign Pisces needs to swim with the current, against it, and sometimes get carried out to sea - they tend to float in and out of friendship circles in a random, ad hoc fashion. Brief intersections of these two are the best recipe for a friendship.

First signs of attraction & compatibility...

There are two possible scenarios here - first is Pisces is all over Taurus like a rash - having never subscribed to subtlety when it comes to attraction, they collect attention to mask insecurities. Secondly, it’s a slow, slow burn with the fish too busy meditating on mountains or moving from city to country and back to notice that The Bull is always one step behind them and starting to look a little lovelorn!

Taurus and Pisces attraction Image: Taurus and Pisces attraction

Friends know Taurus is interested - they are one of those people who claim someone is just a friend but go way beyond the normal boundaries of friendship to aid and support - picking “the friend” up from work at 2 am, babysitting their five rescue dogs, or paying an odd forgotten parking fine. Meanwhile, Pisces denies, denies, denies but feels drawn to the reliability and security that Taurus offers and gradually comes to trust them implicitly.

The Taurus and Pisces in relationships...

Pisces is volatile, tempestuous, and passionate - always careening off course which frustrates Taurus. Alternatively, the Bull’s stubbornness has the Fish doing numerous walkouts and unfriending them on social media. They are a bit Romeo and Juliet - high drama of Shakespearean proportions - everyone else is always dragged into their quarrels - but that’s how it works. It’s like they have to fight through every single issue to finally be on the same page.

Taurus and Pisces in relationships Image: Taurus and Pisces in relationships

Pisces opens Taurus up - makes them consider other viewpoints and expands their horizons, and Taurus gives Pisces space to explore their spirituality. They often have one passion that truly binds them together - it could be music, education, careers, or children. This passion forms the bedrock of their relationship.

Eventually, when the relationship dust has settled and there’s nothing left to fight about, Taurus/Pisces become inseparable and solid - the kind of couple you give a blended name too - Tau-sces or Pisc-us?

Where they may encounter turbulence...

Both have fear of abandonment issues and display behaviors that provoke abandonment. Pisces may sleep around to grab Taurus' attention - Taurus tends to eat themselves into a coma to feel truly nurtured. Neither are good with mood-altering substances - Taurus gets angry and aggressive, and Pisces becomes suicidal and depressed. Watch out for co-dependency, or they’ll end up like Sid and Nancy, Kurt and Courtney.

Relationship arguments Image: Relationship arguments

Taurus' sharp tongue has the capacity to crucify Pisces' sensitive nature, while Pisces is able to emotionally drain the life out of a herd of elephants. Taurus/Pisces must learn to think before speaking and not sweat the small stuff.

When Taurus and Pisces fall in love...

High as a kite and giddy! Taurus/Pisces are messy when falling in love - the bull is a fixed sign and believes that relationships have a natural, linear progression - calling after one day, kissing on the second date, flowers on the third. As control freaks, they get anxious when Pisces rings first, turns up three hours late, or wants to go to bed after shaking hands.

Taurus and Pisces in love Image: Taurus and Pisces in love

Mutable Pisces is impulsive, constantly changing, and lives in the moment - they are liable to forget Taurus's detailed directions to a restaurant or invite three friends along for an intimate date. During the period of "Falling in love," Taurus/Pisces veer from delirious happiness to homicidal thoughts on an hourly rotation.

Taurus and Pisces sexual compatibility...

Sometimes this combination gets near perfect between the sheets - Taurus is sensual and intimate, and Pisces wants to feel loved and spiritually connected - they complement each other - the Fish contributes energy and creativity, while the Bull brings endurance and quality.

Couple in bed Image: Couple in bed

Their bedroom is viewed as a problem-solving area where reconnection and soothing of self-inflicted and relationship-inflicted wounds is possible. Neither likes going to bed in a bad mood, and making up is always sweet and passionate.

Taurus and Pisces marriage compatibility...

Taurus and Pisces may never get married - it’s the fear that anything different will rock the relationship boat - especially when they’ve finally found equilibrium. If they do trip down the aisle, it’s to please family, friends, or children - expect a multi-faith ceremony with elegant Taurus flourishes.

Wedding rings Image: Wedding rings

Taurus tends to have one profession and move incrementally upwards, while Pisces throws careers out the window like used tissues and is always seeking new opportunities. They may be kind of reclusive - preferring to stay at home so that Pisces can meditate and Taurus can catch up on Game of Thrones.

Children are probable - Pisces has an overload of love to give, and Taurus wants to keep the bloodline going. Together they’ll raise the kids as a strong unit - sensible, blustery Taurus lays down the rules, while Pisces teaches the kids subtle ways to get around them.