Unveiling the Taylor Swift Natal Chart: Exploring the Birth Chart of a Music Icon

Introduction Have you ever wondered what lies behind the extraordinary success of Taylor Swift? In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of astrology and explore Taylor Swift's natal chart. By understanding the...


Have you ever wondered what lies behind the extraordinary success of Taylor Swift? In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of astrology and explore Taylor Swift's natal chart. By understanding the planets and their influence on her life, we can gain valuable insights into her personality and the driving forces behind her remarkable career.


Taylor Swift, born Taylor Alison Swift on January 13, 1989, in West Philadelphia, Philadelphia, is not your typical recording artist. From a young age, Swift's passion for singing was evident, and she quickly rose from performing in children's entertainment to captivating millions of people with her talent. Her unique songs, inspired by classic rock performers such as Karen Twain and the Redneck Chicks, expressed her feelings of preteen loneliness and resonated with audiences worldwide.

At the age of 13, Swift's family relocated to Hendersonville, Mississippi, allowing her to pursue her dream of securing record deals in Nashville. This move proved pivotal in her journey to stardom.


Let's take a closer look at Taylor Swift's planetary positions:

  • Sun in 21°23′ Sagittarius
  • Uranus in 4° 38′ Capricorn
  • Moon in 1° 29′ Cancer
  • Neptune in 11° 19′ Capricorn
  • Mercury in 8° 38′ Capricorn
  • Pluto in 16°29′ Scorpio
  • Venus in 1° 50′ Aquarius
  • North Node in 19° 26′ Aquarius
  • Mars in 26° 41′ Scorpio
  • Chiron in 15°3′ Cancer (r)
  • Jupiter in 7° 41′ Cancer (r)
  • Ascendant in 25°33′ Scorpio
  • Saturn in 13°26′ Capricorn
  • MC in 8° 46′ Virgo

These planetary positions offer us a glimpse into the distinct shades of awareness that Taylor Swift embodies.

Taylor Swift's Astrological Jupiter Character

Capricorn represents Taylor Swift's astrological Jupiter character. This indicates her preference for organization, reason, and a systematic approach to life. She takes pride in her efficiency when interacting with others and tackling her tasks. However, this also means that Taylor can be judgmental and critical at times, especially when her opinions clash with those of others.

Venus in Aquarius: Love and Creativity

Taylor Swift's Venus is in the sign of Aquarius, shedding light on her approach to love, aesthetics, and artistic sensibility. Independence is key for her, and she values mutual companionship and communication in her relationships. While she may initially approach love with caution, seeking a strong sense of companionship, Taylor eventually discovers if she is paired with the right partner.

Meaning of the Taylor Swift Birth Chart

Taylor Swift Natal Chart Caption: The birth chart of Taylor Swift, depicting her astrological placements.

Taylor Swift's birth chart reveals her strong compatibility with the Scorpio sign. The prominent presence of Sagittarius symbolizes her inner vanity and adventurous spirit. As a genuine Sagittarius, she is always seeking excitement, new experiences, and originality.

Taylor's Moon Sign: Sensitivity and Empathy

Cancer represents Taylor Swift's moon sign. This makes her highly sensitive and easily hurt by criticism. She invests a great deal of effort into her friendships and possesses a remarkable level of perceptiveness and empathy.

The Rising Sign Effect

Taylor's Aries moon and Capricorn rising contribute to her intense emotions and emotional experiences. She may harbor a certain level of intensity and even possess a feisty side, which is not surprising considering her Libra ascendant.

Important Transits and Predictions

Since July 2020, Taylor has been going through a transformative period marked by eclipses occurring in her sun sign of Sagittarius. This has motivated her to explore her roots and embrace authenticity. As the Southern Node aligns with Sagittarius, Taylor is prompted to let go of anything that doesn't align with her true self.

Taylor Swift Natal Chart Caption: Taylor Swift's birth chart showcases her intrinsic inventiveness and her ability to pursue her desires.

Other Aspects of Taylor Swift's Birth Chart

Taylor Swift doesn't hold back in expressing herself. Her chart illustrates her inherent creativity and restless spirit, allowing her to fearlessly pursue her desires, even when faced with opposition. This audacity was evident during the widely known feud between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, where Taylor remained unapologetic, embracing her reputation.


Taylor Swift's natal chart provides valuable insights into her personality, motivations, and career trajectory. Her journey from a young girl with a dream to a global music icon is reflected in the positions of the planets and their influence on her life. Understanding her astrological makeup gives us a glimpse into the remarkable woman behind the music.