The 5 Most Liked Zodiac Signs — Discover Who's on Top and Bottom

Astrology, regardless of your age or generation, has a way of captivating our imagination. We all have that one favorite person in our lives, but have you ever wondered if their zodiac sign plays a...

Astrology, regardless of your age or generation, has a way of captivating our imagination. We all have that one favorite person in our lives, but have you ever wondered if their zodiac sign plays a role in your connection? Are there certain signs that people are naturally drawn to while others are avoided? sought to answer these questions by conducting a sentiment analysis of 180,000 tweets on Twitter. They aimed to determine which zodiac signs received the highest percentage of positive sentiments. Alongside their research, renowned psychic Inbaal Honigman provided valuable insight into the reasons behind the popularity of certain signs.

The Power of Fire Signs

According to the research, people tend to gravitate towards fire signs. These signs are known for their outgoing personalities, humor, and ability to light up any room they enter. The top three most liked zodiac signs are Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo.

Aries takes the crown as the most liked zodiac sign, with an impressive 62.30% of positive sentiments on Twitter. Known for their liveliness and determination, Aries individuals have a magnetic energy that draws people towards them.

In second place is Sagittarius, whose love for life is infectious. Their kindness, sense of humor, and cool demeanor make them instantly likable. Over half of the tweets analyzed about this sign were positive, proving their popularity.

Completing the top three is Leo, renowned for their confidence and outgoing nature. Leos have a way of commanding admiration from others. While they may not be universally loved, their overall positive sentiment score of 53.41% showcases their popularity.

The Charms of Libra and Pisces

The fourth most liked zodiac sign is Libra, bringing a sense of balance to the list. Known for their social nature, Libras strive to be well-liked. The positive sentiments associated with Libras often revolve around their beauty and harmonious nature, earning them a score of 51.91% on the positivity scale.

Next up is Pisces, a sign known for their selflessness and compassion. Their willingness to help others makes them popular among their peers. Despite their occasional solitary moments, Pisces individuals manage to maintain a positive sentiment score of 51.68% on Twitter.

The 5 Least Liked Zodiac Signs

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the least liked zodiac signs. These signs may not always receive the same level of adoration as their counterparts, but they still have their unique strengths and qualities.

In eighth place, we find Cancer, an extremely devoted sign. While almost half of the tweets (49%) were positive, they also received the second-highest percentage of negative tweets (20.71%). Despite this mixed response, many people appreciate the Cancerians in their lives.

Virgo takes the ninth spot, with only 47.61% of the tweets about this sign being positive. Known for their critical nature, Virgos can be fussier than other signs, which may explain the mixed sentiments. However, their loyalty and helpfulness still shine through.

Gemini comes in at number ten, often misunderstood and labeled as two-faced. Geminis received 45% positive tweets, but they also have the third-highest percentage of negative tweets (over 20%). Their dual nature can polarize opinions, resulting in a significant number of neutral tweets as well.

Aquarius occupies the eleventh position. With a slightly wacky yet wise personality, Aquarians can be hit or miss. The majority of people don't feel strongly about this sign, as reflected in the high percentage (41.09%) of neutral tweets. However, their positive sentiment score remains just above average at 45.19%.

In last place, we find Scorpio, the least liked zodiac sign on Twitter. While Scorpios may not strive to make friends with everyone, they form deep connections with a select few. The majority of tweets about Scorpios are neutral (over 33%), with sexy being one of the most common adjectives associated with this sign.

5 most liked zodiac signs Caption: The 5 Most Liked Zodiac Signs

Diverse Personalities, Infinite Connections

It's important to remember that these rankings are based on sentiment analysis and may not reflect personal experiences with each zodiac sign. Every person is unique, and astrology provides us with a framework to better understand ourselves and others. Whether your favorite person aligns with the most liked signs or falls on the other end of the spectrum, the beauty of human connections lies in their diversity.

So, the next time you check your horoscope or discuss astrology with your friends, remember that the zodiac signs provide an intriguing lens to explore the nuances of human personality.