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The Top Real Estate Agents in Vietnam - Where to Find Them?

Are you in search of the best real estate agents in Vietnam? Look no further! Whether you're looking for a property for your business or for your personal use, investing in real estate is a...

Are you in search of the best real estate agents in Vietnam? Look no further! Whether you're looking for a property for your business or for your personal use, investing in real estate is a significant decision. To ensure you make the right choice, we have compiled a list of the top real estate agents in Vietnam, along with the reasons why they are highly regarded in the industry.

1. Colliers International Vietnam

Colliers real estate Colliers International Vietnam is a well-established name in the industry, known for its professionalism and reliability. Since its inception in 2006 as a branch of Colliers International Corporations, it has become one of the leading real estate providers in Vietnam. The agency offers a wide range of services including rentals, real estate management, project administration, and market research. They have been recognized as the second-best real estate agent globally and in Vietnam. Take a look at the iconic Bitexco Financial Tower, one of Colliers' notable management projects.

2. Savills Vietnam

Savills real estate Savills Vietnam is considered the pioneer of the professional real estate market in Vietnam. With a rich history and extensive data, Savills is the largest Vietnamese international property management establishment. They offer a wide range of services including land purchasing, property consultancy, evaluation, and hospitality. Their expertise has earned them the titles of "Best Real Estate Agent in Vietnam" and "Best Property Consultancy in Vietnam" for nearly a decade. Explore their impressive projects like Goldmark City and Starlake for an idea of what your future property may look like.

3. Đất Xanh

datxanh real estate If you're looking for a reliable real estate company for your investment, consider Đất Xanh. This company has made a remarkable mark on the Vietnamese real estate landscape. They are behind major projects such as Gem Sky World and Opal SkyLine. With 68 offices across Vietnam, Đất Xanh offers comprehensive real estate consultancy services, including construction material choices.


CBRE real estate CBRE has been a prominent player in the real estate market for nearly two decades. This Fortune 500 company stands out for its exceptional customer service and attention to detail. CBRE offers strategic consultancy, purchase assistance, project management, and property management services. They have been consistently delivering award-winning quality and have left their mark on prestigious projects like the AP Tower and Viettel's B Tower.

5. Cengroup

cengroup real estate Cengroup is one of the strongest property investment companies in Vietnam, known for its versatility. Led by Shark Hưng, one of the judges on Shark Tank Vietnam, Cengroup offers a wide range of services. They are not just a real estate agency but also the country's top golf service provider and property marketing firm. If you have an innovative project in mind, Cengroup is the place to go.

6. Dot Property

dotproperty real estate Dot Property Vietnam takes a unique approach to real estate, focusing on high technology in their projects and investments. Their information site offers remote access to properties, making it convenient to explore even during pandemics. They also provide investment opportunities in foreign markets, catering to those who embrace the 4.0 Technology Era. Landowners and property managers can promote their projects through Dot Property, expanding their reach to potential buyers.

7. Rentapartment Agency

Rentapartment Agency real estate For those seeking vibrant and diverse accommodations, Rentapartment Agency in District 7 is the perfect fit. They offer a range of suites in the area and beyond, catering to different lifestyles. Rentapartment Agency specializes in the luxury segment and provides trustworthy choices for your needs.


Consult this list of top real estate agents when you're ready to find your dream property in Vietnam. Remember to bookmark this article and share it with others in need of advice. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Happy property hunting!

Peter Hoang