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The Best Reclining Office Chairs with Footrest for 2024

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax while working at your desk? Imagine sitting on the best reclining office chair with footrest and getting a quick shut-eye between breaks. You can also take delight in maximum...

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax while working at your desk? Imagine sitting on the best reclining office chair with footrest and getting a quick shut-eye between breaks. You can also take delight in maximum comfort and pamper your legs and feet for a little while. That’ll be a cozy treat!

If you want to revel in such a comfortable experience, the next thing to do is find the perfect reclining desk chair with footrest. But fret not! I’ll walk you through the top picks and reviews as well as the significant factors you should take note of.

Top 12 Reclining Office Chair with Footrest Reviews

1. Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chairs

duramont reclining office chair Image Source: sanaulac.vn

When it comes to finding a comfortable reclining office chair, a high back design seems to be one of the key features to look out for. That’s actually among the main reasons why I couldn’t miss this Duramont reclining office chair in my list of favorite picks.

While it showcases a high back structure that lends optimum lumbar support and maximum comfort, it also carries out other functional features that make it worth every penny.

Among these highlighted features is its incredible flexibility whenever you recline it for a power nap or break time lounging. You can customize the angle and secure it with its locking system to secure your preferred position.

What I also love about this chair is the comfy pull-out footrest. You can just take it out when the chair is fully reclined and you’ll have an instant cozy space to lie your head down.

Other than that, the waterfall edge seat elevates comfort while minimizing the pressure at the back of your legs. It’s one of those understated features that I find quite helpful when you need to sit behind your desk for hours and focus on piles of work tasks.

I also have to highlight its strong and heavy-duty construction that can accommodate people up to 250 pounds. It can even handle taller people, and it would still feel comfortable and rigid.

The rolling casters also glide smoothly on the surface and hence, it enables you to move from one spot to another effortlessly.

Honestly, I think this reclining chair is quite a steal for its quality. I’ve got no issues with it, but I wish it was a lot easier to assemble. I actually needed someone to assist me before I was able to put the pieces together.

2. RESPAWN RSP-110 Reclining Ergonomic Chairs

respawn rsp-110 reclining office chair Image Source: sanaulac.vn

It isn’t just the contemporary look that makes this stylish reclining chair in demand among gamers and office workers. If you look closely at its features, it is intricately designed with segmented pads in every corner and any spot you need them the most.

It has lumbar support pillows, pads on the armrests, an adjustable headrest pillow, and a padded extendable footrest in case you want to stretch your legs and comfortably lounge on it. What else could you ask for? Without a doubt, this chair is loaded with amazing enhancements that provide contoured support and all-around comfort.

While I delve into the rest of its features, the 4D adjustability definitely takes it to another level of comfort. It allows you to lower or raise the chair to optimize the position according to your preference.

You may also recline the chair between 90 to 155 degrees and hold it in place with its locking system. While you can keep the chair steady, it also maximizes your movement with the adjustable armrests.

Just like most office chairs, it is engineered with rolling casters so you can glide smoothly on the surface. It also boasts its dynamic movement with its 360-degree swivel rotation. In addition to that, I find it quite flexible in terms of its weight capacity as it can accommodate users up to 275 pounds.

And to ensure excellent and rigid support, this reclining computer chair is backed up with heavy-duty construction and premium quality bonded leather that also elevates its appearance for a more professional and sophisticated look. Plus, setting it up didn’t take a long time.

Everything seems to be on point except for that knocking noise that I hear when I sit on it. It’s pretty annoying but it is tolerable, though. What I also don’t like about this chair is the quality of some hardware parts which feel flimsy.

3. Hbada Reclining Office Desk Chairs

hbada reclining office chair Image Source: sanaulac.vn

One of the best reclining office chair with footrest reviews that I found in a Reddit forum is this product from Hbada. At a glance, you can tell that the stylish and contemporary appearance is backed up with an innovative design. But when I first saw it, I knew that this is going to be one of my ultimate reclining chair favorites, especially when the work demands long periods of sitting.

What I love about it is the breathable mesh back design that works to keep you fresh and comfy even when you have to sit or lie on it for hours. For me, this feature is very important, particularly when the temperatures or seasons waver.

It lets you experience a nice power nap or cozy lounging without that muggy and uncomfortable feeling. Plus, the seat is essentially cushioned, so it spruces up the comfort whether you use it for sitting or as a fully reclining office chair.

The recline ability extends up to a 155-degree angle, allowing you to adjust the position, depending on what suits you best. You can even adjust the height if you want to.

Crafted with a padded footrest, it lets you indulge in maximum comfort whenever you need to lie down and rest. You can easily pull out the footrest and give your tired legs some break. This ergonomic design also showcases a rotatable headrest and adjustable lumbar support for custom comfort and support.

In terms of its durability, the construction is very impressive. The parts are pretty solid, as well as the base, making the chair sturdy and steady without that wobbly feel. The casters are also wear-resistant and deliver a smooth transition as you roll it on the surface. And although it looks complicated to set up, it doesn’t. It only took me 10 mins to assemble it!

This is definitely a heavy-duty office chair but with some caveats: its weight capacity is limited to users up to 180 pounds only, which is relatively lower than our previous products on the list. It also falls under a higher pricing mark.

How to Choose Reclining Office Chairs

how to choose reclining office chair Image Source: sanaulac.vn

Adjustable Features

The adjustable features make up the most of a reclining office chair. This includes customizable controls that allow the user to maximize the use and comfort through some modifications that typically work on the height levels and reclining positions or angles.

Whenever I browse brands of office chairs, the style and appearance can definitely make an impression, but the reclining ability is a different story. I often focus on the available levels or if it can deliver a full reclining position.

This feature varies according to brand and design. There are office chairs with footrest designs that can offer customizable levels between 90 to 155 degrees, but some can only reach up to 135 degrees. Once you achieve your ideal position, some manufacturers tweak their designs with locking systems to ensure stability and resilient support.

Comfort and Support

The comfort and support can make or break your office chair. Besides, what’s the point of investing in a reclining chair with a footrest if it isn’t comfortable at all? Taking note of these factors is a prerequisite. That’s why it is imperative to determine the parts and pieces of the seat that provide the utmost comfort.

One of the very first things is probably padding or cushioning. Many brands of reclining office chairs utilize different technologies and heavy-duty materials to offer superior relaxation and comfort. Most of them focus on thick padding and adjustable lumbar support to provide comfort and relief despite hours of sitting.

Some designs highlight cushioned headrests and armrests along with a curved back design, so you can indulge in all-day comfort. In addition to that, the pull-out footrests are an incredible surprise and a convenient alternative to a reclining office chair with an ottoman.

These footrests, moreover, are essentially cushioned to soothe your legs and alleviate any tension or pain around your feet. As it works through a pull-out mechanism, it can save a lot of space in your room because you can just slip it back in if you want to revert to a sitting position.

Material and Durability

For a computer chair that reclines, impeccable durability and stability are a must. Apart from the superb cushioning that provides superior comfort, make sure to settle for a reclining office chair that is backed up with durable construction. This usually consists of sturdy metal bars and base, high-quality plastic materials, and heavy-duty and smooth-rolling casters, which all contribute to its reliable and optimum functionality.

Not only does a rigid structure provide better support and stability, but also prevents possible dangers that may result in accidental falls or injuries. Moreover, this defines the product’s reliable quality for long-term use. It should be able to withstand damages and take a beating without wearing out too easily over time.

The selection of materials also differs from one brand to another. There are office chairs that are intricately crafted with leather and faux leather to enhance comfort. Some users prefer this type of material as it feels nice on the skin.

The appearance of leather also lends a sophisticated look and a more professional vibe that seems to be fitting for minimalist and elegant office interiors. Cleaning also won’t be a hassle.

However, leather or faux leather tends to get hot during warm temperatures, making it a little uncomfortable to sit on for long periods. Another drawback is its effect on the price as this type of material is typically costly.

On the other hand, some office chair designs settle for mesh fabric for optimal breathability. If you don’t want to struggle with warm temperatures while working for hours, this type of material could be your ideal option. As it provides ample ventilation, it leaves no sticky and uncomfortable feeling even when it gets hot. However, it may not be as cozy and soft as those seats with thick padding.


The assembly is also a significant factor to consider. Upon purchasing, the parts are included along with the necessary hardware, so installation should not be a problem. It usually takes around 10 to 15 minutes to set everything up.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case as some office chairs may have complex parts and pieces that require assistance. But whether you’re struggling with the setup or taking it easy as a breeze, it is always important to refer to the manufacturer’s guide regarding the proper assembly.

Weight Capacity

Although a heavy-duty reclining office chair boasts its durability and long-lasting quality, it will eventually collapse and be unfit for use if the load exceeds the weight limit. To address this matter, manufacturers indicate specific weight capacities for every particular chair design.

While this helps preserve the condition and quality of the product, this also minimizes any safety risks and accidents. Therefore, always make sure to check the weight limit of the chair before buying it.

Personal Preferences and Needs

While all these factors and features are highly significant, choosing the best office chair will ultimately come down to your personal preferences and needs. The type of material, recline levels, lumbar and body support, adjustability options, and design will depend on your comfort demands.

Although you can make your choices among the typical styles and contemporary designs, some brands tweak the basic components with extra features. There are reclining office chairs that are engineered with preset vibration levels and advanced massage options that can provide pain relief and custom comfort after an exhausting day at work.


If you’re planning to invest in one of these reclining office chairs, you should know that their price tags typically fall in a high pricing mark.

However, this may still depend on the brand, design, and features. Therefore, it is a lot better to determine how much you’re willing to spend on a particular type of chair that fits your needs.

The price range usually varies between $100 and above. But do know that the best quality doesn’t always have to be expensive. Luckily, there is a vast selection of reclining office chairs with footrests that come at reasonable prices without compromising the function, durability, and overall quality.

Can You Use a Recliner as an Office Chair?

Recliners come with a cushioned and adjustable backrest and an additional footrest, which is also retractable. Such a design is for relaxing as we rest our heads and relax shoulders as well as the neck. That’s why it’s not the best chair for working.

Indeed, a recliner can relieve stress and improve circulation in the process as we gently lower our bodies and elevate our feet. Furthermore, it helps reduce back pain after we spend hours working under stress and suffer from fatigue. So, in a sense, lying on a recliner should be a relaxing time.

There are reclining chairs designed for office use, as they are rather upright for focusing on work and are thin enough for ventilation. But recliners with thick cushions that ease our motion, and feature buttons for assistance, should not be used during work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is This For?

Reclining office chairs are for those who want to indulge in maximum comfort that regular office chairs can’t sometimes provide. These innovative designs benefit those who want to treat themselves with a needed break after tirelessly working behind the desk and even those who simply need a comfortable seat while working and sitting for long periods.

If you’re working or studying from home, especially during this pandemic, you can revamp your workspace with more comfortable equipment such as a reclining chair. Those who seek custom comfort can take advantage of their adjustable features and ergonomic tweaks for restful sleep, a quick snooze, or if you just want to lie down and relax.

This type of chair is also an ideal option for those who are suffering from back problems and need better lumbar support. But if you have serious back problems and other health issues, make sure to consult your physician before purchasing any customized office chair.

What are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Reclining Office Chair?

The ultimate advantage of an office chair that reclines is the versatile comfort. As such a design is typically engineered with adjustable settings, you can recline the chair and customize its angle according to your preferred position.

Contrary to ordinary computer chairs, a reclining chair transitions to a different angle in a quick and hassle-free adjustment, so you can revel in a relaxing position. While you can take delight in maximum comfort as you sit on it for long periods, this creative design also provides a cozy space for you to lie down.

Moreover, it usually has a footrest that saves your legs and feet from pain and tension due to extended periods of sitting. It also highlights its padded seat, armrest, footrest, and headrest for some designs, that provide a whole new level of comfort.

While it has countless benefits that you’d be happy about, it also has some drawbacks that you should take note of. First of all, a reclining chair transforms into a longer and bigger size as you shift to a reclining position. It is also typically bulky. Therefore, it requires a spacious room where it can fully and conveniently extend.

Another factor is the price tag. The price of these office chairs usually falls in a higher pricing mark ranging from $100 and above. So if you’re planning to invest in this office equipment, make sure you know how much money you’re willing to spend.

The weight capacity of these office chairs may also vary from one brand to another. Although they are engineered with high-grade materials to render resilient and optimum support for all people as much as possible, it is vital to know how much weight they can handle.

Unfortunately, some designs offer lower weight limits than other brands and may not be ideal for heavier and taller people. Thus, it should not be used when the weight exceeds the limit, as it may break or lead to accidents.

How to Set Up and Use a Reclining Chair?

Most manufacturers provide detailed instructions for their respective products. Typically, the base is detached from the seat, and some parts require extra hardware to get the setup done.

However, the controls for the height adjustments and reclining positions may make assembly a bit challenging, as well as the proper way to use the reclining chair. Hence, it is best to refer to the manual for the correct adjustments and recommended set-up to avoid any damages and incorrect installation that may cause accidents in the long run.

Where to Buy?

There are a lot of retail stores such as Lowe’s and Walmart that offer a wide range of office chairs and equipment. They have home improvement sections where you can find different designs and sizes of office reclining chairs with footrests. You may also check your local home and hardware stores for these products.

But for hassle-free shopping, you can also access e-commerce websites such as Amazon or eBay for a vast array of office chairs with footrests and reclining positions. You can browse a lot of options in just a few clicks and easily can sort them out according to brand, prices, styles, designs, material, and a lot more categories.

From time to time, these websites also offer discounts and seasonal deals that you can take advantage of, especially if you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend a massive outlay.

How to Care and Clean?

It is best to inspect your office chair every now and then for possible damages, particularly around the areas where the adjustable controls, as well as the base. This is to check if there are any loose screws or bolts and hence, avoid any potential dangers that may lead to accidental falls and injuries.

In addition to this, you should always use it according to its designated purpose. Do not horse around with your office chair or try rocking it when it’s on a reclining position. It is also a must to stick within the weight limit to ensure the utmost safety.

When it comes to cleaning, they don’t require extensive cleaning but regular care and inspection are a must. Some office chairs are designed with a soft fabric that isn’t waterproof. In this case, you can tidy it up with a damp cloth or get rid of the dirt and dust particles with a soft cloth.

Don’t use harsh cleaning materials to remove the stains, as it may damage the chair. The same cleaning process applies to leather seat covers.

Do not douse the chair with water, as some metal parts may not be rust-resistant. This can cause damages to some parts that may lead to potential dangers in the long run.


Investing in the best reclining office chair with footrest is investing in maximum comfort. The innovative features of this type of chair allow you to take delight in your much-needed rest and break after long periods of sitting and tiring yourself out with a pile of work!

Truly, this piece of office equipment elevates not only comfort but also productivity at work. And while there’s a vast selection to choose from in terms of design, functional features, and adjustable controls, the ultimate pick depends on your comfort needs and preferences. But if you’re having a hard time finding the best office chair, you can always refer to the comprehensive reviews and buying guide.