The Feng Shui Guide to a South Facing House: Enhancing Your Living Space

Are you looking to create a harmonious and auspicious living environment in your south facing house? While the methods for feng shui may differ based on factors such as layout, floor plan, and interiors, the...

Are you looking to create a harmonious and auspicious living environment in your south facing house? While the methods for feng shui may differ based on factors such as layout, floor plan, and interiors, the underlying principles remain the same. In this article, we will explore the key concepts that apply to south facing houses and how you can implement them to transform your living space.

Understanding the Feng Shui Bagua Map

When it comes to feng shui, the bagua map of life aspects plays a significant role in almost every property. This map consists of eight trigrams that represent the main directions of a house. For couples, the northwest and southwest sectors are particularly important, as they symbolize the patriarch and matriarch of the household.

To ensure positive energy flow, it is crucial to keep these areas clean and clutter-free. By aligning the activities in your living room with the corresponding trigram, you can enhance success and prosperity. For example, if the husband is the main breadwinner, consider arranging living room spaces in the northwest. Conversely, if the wife is the primary earner, focus on the southwest.

However, be cautious not to locate the kitchen in the northwest, as this can create the affliction of fire at heaven's gate. When it comes to feng shui for children, consider their respective trigrams. For instance, if you have two daughters, the southeast and west sectors represent the eldest and youngest daughters respectively. Ensure that these areas are clean and clutter-free, and consider placing their bedrooms in these sectors.

The Power of 8 Mansions Feng Shui

One widely practiced form of feng shui is the 8 mansions method, which offers simple yet effective techniques. In a south facing house, the energy map follows a north-facing orientation. The southeast sector, where the Sun trigram resides, is particularly critical for harnessing wealth, career, and success luck.

When activating this sector, it is important to introduce yang energy to benefit the eldest daughter, as per our previous example. However, if you do not have daughters, the southeast area will have no effect on any specific family member. In such cases, toilets can be located in the southeast, south, and west sectors, making compromises on other aspects of life.

In 8 mansions feng shui, there are two focal points to consider: the SC (Sheng chi) area and the kitchen. The SC area represents the best sector of the house, and freeing up this space allows the whole household to benefit from good luck. On the other hand, the kitchen has a unique reversal effect. It is advisable to locate the kitchen in a negative sector, such as the northeast, southwest, west, or northwest (excluding the northwest due to the fire at heaven's gate affliction).

Exploring Flying Stars Feng Shui

Flying stars feng shui offers a deeper level of analysis, with 24 possible directions for a house. In our example of a south facing house built during the period of 8, the natal chart reveals various star combinations that can impact the overall energy.

For instance, the 8-8 combination at the south makes it the ideal location for the main front door. However, there may be other combinations, such as 7-9 and 2-5, which require remedies to control negative energies. It is essential to observe any star combinations that stand out and address them accordingly.

It's important to note that flying stars feng shui requires a good understanding of its basics to avoid making mistakes that can disrupt the energy flow. If you are new to feng shui, it is advisable to focus on the bagua trigrams and 8 mansions methods.

Applying Feng Shui Principles to Your Home

In conclusion, understanding the key concepts discussed above will empower you to apply feng shui to your south facing house. Every home and family is unique, so it is essential to adapt these principles to your specific circumstances. By cultivating a positive and balanced living space, you can invite harmony, success, and abundance into your life.