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The Finished Patio: A Stylish Outdoor Oasis

The patio is finally complete, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. From the stunning tile to the carefully chosen furniture and accessories, this space has transformed into a truly inviting and stylish...

The patio is finally complete, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. From the stunning tile to the carefully chosen furniture and accessories, this space has transformed into a truly inviting and stylish outdoor oasis. In this article, I'll take you through the journey of creating this beautiful patio and give you a peek into the thought process behind the design.

Adding Life with Colorful Flowers and Climbing Roses

One of the key elements that I felt was missing in the initial setup were the lemon/lime trees. They just didn't have the impact I was hoping for. So, I made the decision to replant them in the garden and brought in some gorgeous climbing roses and flowering trees instead. These additions instantly brought life and vibrancy to the space.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_2 The patio with its new vibrant additions

A Mix of Target Finds and Personal Touches

While most of the furniture remained from Target, I switched out the dining chairs to add a touch of variety. The loveseat is not only comfortable but also easy to maintain, making it perfect for outdoor use. I also brought in some indoor pillows and a stunning throw from Lost and Found LA to add coziness and warmth.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_5 Cozy seating arrangements for a relaxed ambiance

The Perfect Accent: Copper Stool and Antique French Marble Table

To add a touch of elegance and uniqueness, I incorporated a copper stool and an antique French marble table into the patio. While the copper stool is primarily meant for indoor use, its presence outdoors adds a perfect accent to the overall color scheme. The marble table not only serves as a functional piece but also brings a sense of history and charm to the space.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_6 The elegant copper stool and antique French marble table

Thoughtful Details and Styling

Every corner of the patio has been thoughtfully curated to create a cohesive and visually pleasing space. From the lanterns and pots from Target to the cutting board and towel from Dekor, each item has been carefully chosen to enhance the overall aesthetic. The addition of pink glasses from Lost and Found adds a pop of color to the table setting.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_9 Stylish details for an inviting table setting

The Impact of High-Quality Tile

The tile used on the patio is a testament to the power of investing in high-impact, statement-making elements. By choosing an eye-catching tile pattern, the rest of the space effortlessly falls into place. It allows for the addition of affordable and readily available pieces without compromising on style. As they say, one outstanding feature can make everything else look special.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_14 The striking tile that sets the tone for the whole patio

A Bar Cart for Added Convenience

To make entertaining easier, I added a stylish bar cart to the patio. Complete with a basket, lanterns, and an assortment of pretty wine bottles, the bar cart serves as a convenient spot for drinks and refreshments. The addition of cute mushrooms adds a touch of whimsy to the setup.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_16 The well-stocked bar cart for convenient entertaining

Finishing Touches and Personal Flair

To add the final touches, I incorporated beautiful flowers, both plurge-worthy peonies and wildflowers, to create a soft color palette with touches of darker hues. The stone pots from Lincoln Avenue Nursery beautifully complement the climbing roses and various shrubs and vines. The result is a lush and inviting garden oasis.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_19 The patio adorned with beautiful flowers and plants

A Space to Cherish

The finished patio truly reflects our vision and serves as a testament to the power of thoughtful design choices. It has become a space that we love spending time in, whether it's hosting dinner parties or simply relaxing with a book. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_25 Emily Henderson enjoying her beautiful patio

A Special Thanks to the Team

We couldn't have achieved this stunning patio without the help of our dedicated team. Special thanks to Erik and Emily, our styling assistants, who put in tremendous effort to plant the rose bushes and pots. And of course, a huge shoutout to Tessa Neustadt for capturing the essence of the space with her beautiful photography.

If you want to see more about this patio and get inspired, head over to House Beautiful's website. And if you're interested in recreating this look, we've provided a handy shopping list below.

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