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The Ultimate Guide to Salon Interior Design

Do you have plans to decorate your salon or renovate your space? Look no further! Minerva is your one-stop shop for all things salon interior design. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional designer,...

Do you have plans to decorate your salon or renovate your space? Look no further! Minerva is your one-stop shop for all things salon interior design. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional designer, this guide has all the know-how you need. Get ready to give your salon the ultimate facelift with enticing interior design.

Top Salon Interior Design Ideas and Aesthetics

Before we dive into personalizing your salon, let's explore the most popular salon design and aesthetics. While your salon may have its own unique style, it's worth considering these popular options as the basis for your design.


Modern salons prioritize clean lines, neutral colors, and sleek beauty salon equipment. Think bold pops of color used thoughtfully and sparingly. Modern salons exude a minimalistic vibe with a touch of luxury.

Boho Chic

The boho chic aesthetic is all about warm neutrals, natural foliage, and crochet accents. Incorporate beige, green, and clay tones into your salon design. This aesthetic creates a cozy, earthy ambiance.


For a rustic look, embrace the "barn look" with reclaimed or white-washed wood. Add string lights, tins, and inspirational signage to enhance the natural features of your salon. Wooden styling stations are a common addition to rustic salons.


Industrial aesthetics, popular in barbershops, focus on masculinity and an edgy vibe. Exposed pipes, steel, concrete, and brick make up the foundation of this design. If you have a loft space or a repurposed building, you can opt for a natural industrial salon look.

Minerva's style guide is a valuable resource for salon owners and designers. It offers inspiration and insights to help you create the perfect design for your salon.

Design Considerations from Industry Professionals and Influencers

As you embark on your salon design journey, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Let's take a look at the insights from industry professionals and influencers to guide you in the right direction.

According to Jason Backe and Ted Gibson, owners of LA-based salon STARRING by Ted Gibson, design is the key element in letting the public know your brand identity. Investing in good design is worth the time and money. Jason and Ted have extensive experience in the beauty industry and have co-created exclusive product lines while fostering mentorships and encouraging future business owners.

When designing your salon, prioritizing client flow is essential. From the moment a client walks in to the moment they leave, consider their experience and touchpoints. This insight comes from Backe and Gibson, who've built their successful salon by putting their clients first.

Influencer and stylist Kayla Boyer emphasizes the importance of accessibility, functionality, and comfort for your guests. Prioritizing these aspects ensures your salon provides an exceptional experience for clients. Boyer is known for her bold use of color and is a member of the PRAVANA COLLECTIVE, an influencer group for salon professionals.

Differentiating your salon with new technology can set you apart from the competition. Robert Cromeans, Global Artistic Director and Business Director of John Paul Mitchell Systems, suggests creating a combination of touch and tech in your salon design. For example, having iPads for guests to use while they wait or at the reception desk adds a modern touch.

Research Assistance Programs to Help with Cash Flow During Renovations

Depending on your salon's location, there are initiatives and assistance programs you could take advantage of during the renovation or remodeling process. For instance, tenant improvement help from landlords can waive or reduce rent during the build-out. Quick and efficient build-outs allow you to start generating revenue while minimizing costs.

Exploring local initiatives and special programs for woman- or minority-owned businesses can provide additional support. Conducting research or reaching out to your salon connections can uncover opportunities to assist with funding.

Minerva offers financing options to make it easier for salon owners to acquire the perfect salon equipment. Their commitment to supporting salon businesses makes them a reliable partner.

Create a Flexible Layout That Can Grow with Your Business

When designing your salon layout and retail displays, prioritize flexibility. Brayden Pelletier, owner of just b. hair salons in Georgia, advises salon owners to consider moveability as an essential factor. By not fixing everything to the floor, you create space for classes, events, and easy remodeling. Flexibility allows your salon to adapt as your business grows.

Leverage Spacing Standards to Your Advantage

Keep in mind spacing standards as you plan your salon layout. The industry standard for styling stations is 5 feet from the center of one chair to the center of the next. If you have back-to-back stations, ensure your chairs are around 7.5 feet or more apart to create a walkway.

Maximize Your Wash Station Layout

Whether you wash clients from behind or from the side, make sure your layout allows sufficient space for your stylists to move freely. For behind-wash stations, provide 30-36 inches of space behind each bowl. If your stylists wash clients from the side, maintain at least 30-36 inches between each bowl.

Determine a Budget and Stick with It

Setting a budget is crucial when opening, remodeling, or renovating a salon. Consider not only the equipment costs but also the expenses for salon supplies. Itemize everything you need and want, even the little things, to create an accurate budget. Shop around for pricing to find the best deals. Minerva Beauty's website is a valuable resource for pricing information and design inspiration.

When budgeting, focus on prioritizing essential items first, such as stations and chairs. As time goes on, you can gradually add decorative items. Building a buffer into your budget accounts for unforeseen costs that may arise during the process.

Invest in Good Lighting

Never underestimate the importance of good lighting in your salon. Lighting is essential for stylists to perform their job effectively. It creates a welcoming atmosphere and enhances the overall customer experience. Color-correct LED mirrors are a great addition to ensure stylist and customer satisfaction.

Make Your Salon Instagrammable

Creating an "Instagrammable" space in your salon can boost your business and attract clients. Design an area specifically for photos, and encourage your stylists and clients to use it. Additionally, focus on making your entire salon Instagram-friendly, from the front desk to the bathroom. Unique wall coverings, interesting treatments, and good lighting are key elements to consider for creating an attractive salon space.

Interior Design Resources From Minerva Beauty

Minerva Beauty offers a wealth of resources to guide you through your salon's interior design journey. Their salon lookbook showcases real-life salons using Minerva equipment, providing inspiration for your design. The salon style guide helps you determine your salon's aesthetic, suggesting color palettes, decor ideas, and finishes. Minerva's interior design blog posts offer insights, tips, and mood boards to assist you in creating your dream salon.

To visualize your salon's layout and furniture placement, Minerva Beauty provides a 2D Design Tool. This tool helps you plan an efficient layout that suits your business needs.

With the right planning, creativity, and inspiration from Minerva Beauty, you can confidently design the salon of your dreams. Social media and online platforms enable you to share your creation and attract clients. Remember, good design is a reflection of your brand identity and sets the stage for a remarkable salon experience.

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