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The Maisonette Apartment in NYC – Unveiling Its True Essence

The New York City real estate market is a complex tapestry, particularly when it comes to different types of apartments. We've covered a wide range of apartment types in our podcast and articles, but today,...

Maisonette Apartment NYC

The New York City real estate market is a complex tapestry, particularly when it comes to different types of apartments. We've covered a wide range of apartment types in our podcast and articles, but today, we turn our attention to a unique ground floor offering - the maisonette apartment.

Classic Characteristics of a Maisonette Apartment

Maisonettes are technically defined as first-floor apartments with a private entrance from the street. However, in the world of New York real estate, the term "maisonette" often encompasses other types of apartments with similar features. For instance, it can refer to apartments with a ground floor entrance off the lobby but no separate entrance from the street. It can also include apartments with an entrance from both the lobby and the street, or apartments that have outdoor spaces like gardens.

Maisonette Apartment Interior Photo: Maisonette Apartment Interior

The Fascinating History of Maisonette Apartments

The term "maisonette" derives from the French word for "small house." These apartments were often nicknamed "little houses" due to their generous layouts and private entrances, which gave them a more single-family-home feel. Originally, many maisonettes were used as office or retail spaces, and that versatility still carries over today. It's not uncommon to find maisonettes with two floors or divided into separate spaces by different entrances, making them popular among professionals like doctors and psychiatrists who desire a live/work environment.

Where to Find Maisonettes in NYC?

Maisonettes are not easy to come by; they are a rarity in the market. However, with the help of a skilled real estate agent or team like The Gasdaska Conlon Team, you can find the apartment of your dreams, whether it's a maisonette or another type of apartment. Generally, maisonette apartments are more commonly found in pre-war buildings on the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, and in the West Village. Some new construction maisonettes can also be found in Cobble Hill, Park Slope, and Williamsburg.

Open Concept Maisonette Apartment Interior Photo: Open Concept Maisonette Apartment Interior

You Should Purchase a Maisonette Apartment If...

  • You're searching for a luxury property that stands out from the rest. Maisonettes are often considered as high-end as penthouses, offering unique layouts and private entrances.
  • Your household values privacy. Maisonettes provide a bit more seclusion compared to traditional apartments, thanks to their private entrances that are separate from the lobby or elevator.
  • You have a larger household or simply desire more space. Maisonettes are typically more spacious than other apartment types, offering larger rooms, more bedrooms, and flexible living areas.
  • You want a private backyard or garden. Outdoor space is a precious commodity in Manhattan, and many maisonettes come with access to private green spaces.
  • You enjoy the perks of apartment living but want a touch of exclusivity. Maisonettes strike the perfect balance, offering shared amenities while maintaining a level of privacy akin to townhomes.

Stay Away From a Maisonette Apartment If...

  • You are sensitive to noise. Being on the ground floor means being more exposed to car horns, construction noise, and sirens. Though soundproofing can help, it's a challenge to completely eliminate these disturbances.
  • You want a breathtaking skyline view. Ground-floor maisonettes typically offer street views rather than sweeping vistas of the city skyline.
  • You crave abundant natural light. Being surrounded by tall buildings can limit the amount of sunlight that reaches your windows, resulting in less natural light inside the apartment.
  • You have an aversion to pests. Ground-level apartments are more prone to encounters with rodents and pests due to their proximity to the street. While this can be remedied with the help of an exterminator, it's essential to consider if this is a deal-breaker for you.

Now You're in the Know!

Equipped with this wealth of knowledge about maisonettes, you're ready to embark on your search for the perfect apartment. Remember, whether you choose a maisonette or another type of apartment, The Gasdaska Conlon Team is here to support you. Feel free to ask any questions, voice your concerns, or simply bounce ideas off us. We're committed to helping you and your household make informed decisions in the captivating realm of New York City real estate.