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The Most Powerful Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

When you think of a powerful person, you likely have an image of someone with influence, someone who isn't afraid of confrontation, and someone who typically gets what they want. They may be the friend...

When you think of a powerful person, you likely have an image of someone with influence, someone who isn't afraid of confrontation, and someone who typically gets what they want. They may be the friend you call in a pinch because you know they'll have a solution for you, or the person who's likely to take charge at any social event. This bold attitude may actually have something to do with the stars, as astrologers say there are a few zodiac signs that qualify as the most influential and dominant. Read on for the seven signs that they say are the most powerful.

Virgo - Analytical and Driven

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Practical Virgo appreciates order in life, which is why these people rank among the most impressive and driven. "Virgo is often considered a powerful zodiac sign due to its analytical, detail-oriented, perfectionism, high standards, critical thinking, and practicality efficiency," Emily Newman, a spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer, tells Best Life. "[Virgos] take their obligations seriously and are prepared to make the necessary effort to achieve their objectives." Virgos are quick to take initiative and lead the team, helping you feel confident in their ability to do so.

Sagittarius - The Cosmic Explorers

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Sagittarius follows Virgo in terms of powerfulness, as these folks are always looking to explore new paths and better themselves. According to Newman, Sagittarius maintains a philosophical attitude that is "frequently connected with power." "Sagittarius' optimism, enthusiasm, and versatility enable individuals under this sign not only to blaze new trails but also to seek continuous growth in all aspects of life," Bella Nguyen, astrology columnist at Indielogy Magazine, says. Sagittarians then use this drive to propel them forward, as "cosmic explorers," Rachel Clare, an astrologer at Mysticsense, adds. "Their power stems from their adventurous spirit and expansive knowledge."

Capricorn - Ambitious and Disciplined

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"Capricorns deserve a place among the most powerful signs due to their unwavering ambition, practicality, and strong work ethic," Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac, explains. "They have a keen sense of responsibility and an ability to set long-term goals and pursue them with determination." Rodriguez also notes Capricorn's "disciplined approach to life," adding that "their persistence, patience, and ability to navigate obstacles contribute to their perception of power."

Taurus - Unshakable Drive and Stability

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The strong-willed bull also ranks as one of the more influential signs, astrologers say. "Taurus people are seen as powerful because of their unshakable drive, stability, and dependability," Newman says. "They are well-known for their strong work ethic and practical outlook on life, which may lead to tremendous achievements." Nguyen also has Tauruses on her list, citing their determination and dedication to any goal they set.

Leo - Commanding Attention and Radiating Charisma

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Leo is notoriously powerful, as this sign is represented by the king of the jungle, the lion. "Leos are natural-born leaders who command attention and radiate charisma," Clare says. "Their power primarily lies in their ability to inspire and uplift others." Newman adds that Leo maintains an air of "confidence, charm, and natural ability to demand attention," all of which we'd associate with powerful individuals. "Leo thrives in the spotlight and often excels in leadership, inspiring others with enthusiasm and determination," Newman says.

Scorpio - Captivating and Formidable

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Scorpios are natural-born leaders known for their "fiery and passionate" personalities, according to Newman. Nguyen explains that Scorpio is both "captivating and formidable," able to overcome any challenge. However, this water sign is unique in that they don't shy away from their feelings. "Their deep emotional perception and strong intuition provide them with a distinctive edge over others, enabling them to navigate life's complexities with finesse," she says. These are the people you want by your side in a tricky situation, Nguen adds. "Scorpios become introspective while navigating even the worst-case scenarios. This characteristic helps them in creating better plans over time."

Aries - Fearless Trailblazers

Similar to others on this list, Aries demonstrate drive and verve and aren't afraid of taking a chance, but they also possess something unique. "What sets Aries people apart from their fiery companions is their cardinal modality and their symbol, the ram," Clare says. "Aries, with its fierce determination and willingness to take risks, charges forward fearlessly, initiating action." Rodriguez also points to these trailblazers as some of the most powerful people, noting their assertiveness and "relentless drive to achieve success."

Now that you know which zodiac signs astrologers consider to be the most powerful, you may notice these traits in the people around you. Whether you're a strong-willed Taurus or an ambitious Capricorn, embrace your power and let it guide you to success.