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The New Moon in Capricorn: Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Ambitious Goals

"Endurance is patience concentrated." ~ Thomas Carlyle Image source: Sanaulac On December 23, 2022, at 4:16 AM Central Time, the New Moon will grace us with its presence in the ambitious, responsible, disciplined, goal-oriented, and...

"Endurance is patience concentrated." ~ Thomas Carlyle

The New Moon in Capricorn Image source: Sanaulac

On December 23, 2022, at 4:16 AM Central Time, the New Moon will grace us with its presence in the ambitious, responsible, disciplined, goal-oriented, and calculated risk-taker Capricorn. This celestial event offers us an opportunity to embrace the inner conflict between giving up and persevering, pushing us to explore beyond our comfort zones and continue our journey forward despite any obstacles that may come our way.

To honor the powerful energies of Capricorn, I have painted a piece titled "Pinnacle" for this article. Through this artwork, I aim to shed light on the transformative nature of these goal-oriented energies, sharing my personal experiences from this year and the past decades. It is my hope that these examples will inspire you to reflect on your own journey and harness the energy of Capricorn to guide you into the new year.

In my youth, I was driven by a desire for worldly success, which led me to achieve various ambitions such as owning a house, earning a six-figure salary, and attaining recognition as a fashion model. However, I soon realized that I was standing on a tiny hill, unable to see the true scope of my future. Circumstances took a turn for the worse, as I lost everything I had worked so hard for, including my father to cancer—a sacrifice I had made for my ambitions.

In true Capricorn fashion, on January 5, 2001, I picked myself up and embarked on a journey towards infinite inner peace, love, awareness, joy, and a connection with my spiritual self and divine source.

Pinnacle Image source: Sanaulac Caption: "Pinnacle" - Reflecting Capricorn's transformative energies

Fast forward to January 2, 2022, where both the New Moon and the Sun were also in Capricorn. After 21 years of navigating the rocky spiritual path and reaching the halfway point, I felt ready to support fellow spiritual mountaineers. I set my intention during the New Moon, and the universe conspired to manifest this intention through a suggestion from Amanda in the Celestine Vision Community. She urged me to come out of Astrology retirement, offering the opportunity to do readings within the community and to write articles that could potentially be compiled into a book.

With newfound determination, I committed to writing and illustrating 12 articles over the course of a year. This ambitious project turned out to be an incredible spiritual learning process for me. Each article was a testament to my growth, challenging my self-defeating thoughts and beliefs in astrology, as well as my trust in my own capabilities as a writer and artist. Despite the time pressure, I remained focused on the positive, providing hope, motivation, and guidance through challenging planetary aspects.

Writing and painting became an integral part of my Capricorn-driven journey. Each article served as an objective within the larger goal, and with every passing month, I found joy in the process. As I honed my skills and embraced Capricorn's consistent efforts and practice, I discovered that I needed less time for both writing and painting.

Since 2001, I have relied on a New Moon in Capricorn checklist, or cosmic contract, to effectively track my progress and successfully achieve bigger goals. This checklist embodies the essence of Capricorn energy and provides stable footing for climbing the metaphorical mountain of life. For each project, I would print out a personalized list to keep me focused and motivated.

To illustrate the power of this approach, I'd like to share my complete Capricorn 2022 checklist/cosmic contract, which served as a guiding force throughout the New Moon articles project:

  • Responsibility: Seek inspiration from real-life stories and uplifting music during moments of creative block.

  • Endurance: Embrace my father's wisdom to persevere, taking the next step towards achieving my goals, even when faced with challenges.

  • Determination: Create a strategic plan for the New Moon Series 2022, setting monthly objectives to write time-sensitive articles and accompany them with illustrations. The ultimate goal: 12 published and illustrated articles within a year.

  • Grit: Embrace the lessons of perseverance in my art journey, transferring visions from my imagination onto paper/canvas for every article.

  • Self-Discipline: Maintain focus, meet deadlines, and avoid distractions to ensure consistent progress. Establish a more efficient planning and scheduling system for future projects.

  • Ambition: Continually challenge myself to leave my comfort zone, experiment with different art media, and take calculated risks.

  • Patience and Trust: Cultivate trust in the divine process and exercise patience in the face of circumstances beyond my control.

  • Time: Recognize the value of time as a precious and limited resource, making wise use of it while aiming for improvement in the future.

  • Spiritual Growth Mindset: Confront fears of failure and embrace the creative process, adopting a growth mindset. Avoid becoming paralyzed by insecurities and trust in my capabilities.

  • Be Ready to Win: Overcome fear of success and focus on doing my absolute best without comparing myself to others. Give my heart and soul to each endeavor, finding a clear sense of direction and confidence along the way.

  • Preparation: Mentally, spiritually, and physically prepare for each objective, following a step-by-step process to overcome self-doubt and resist the urge to give up.

  • Reach Towards Higher Power: Strengthen faith and belief in the guidance provided by synchronicities, allowing them to shape my journey.

  • Set Realistic Expectations and Detach from the Outcome: Release attachment to specific outcomes and embrace realistic expectations. Find happiness, gratitude, and a sense of achievement in the love and support received from friends, family, and readers.

I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to share these New Moon articles with the Celestine Vision community. The experience has not only improved my writing in English, but it has also allowed me to connect with readers and inspire them on their own journeys.

Although the idea of compiling these articles into a book was initially appealing, I have decided to keep them on the website and seize Capricorn's ambitious energies once again. This time, my intention is to write and illustrate a book that can serve as a timeless resource for years to come. That will be my focus for the upcoming New Moon.

Before we embark on our individual Capricorn-driven journeys, let's take note of some important information and dates to pay extra attention to.

From December 12 onwards, we may already be feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde, with potential misunderstandings, communication problems, and technical glitches. These issues may intensify from December 29 until January 2023, so it's important to back up important information and protect our devices.

During this period, we might also find ourselves reaching out to people from the past or being approached by long-lost acquaintances. Furthermore, Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn opposes the Full Moon in Cancer on January 6, 2023, which can bring emotional drama and further miscommunication in our relationships and workplaces.

As Uranus and Saturn come into play, it's crucial to avoid rebellious outbursts that can cause long-term damage. Instead, let's exercise patience and wait until after February 8, 2023, to resolve any communication-related issues.

Buckle up for 2023, as the spring will give us a glimpse into the future when Pluto briefly moves into Aquarius. This sneak peek will provide a taste of what we can expect in the following years and the next two decades when Pluto permanently transitions into Aquarius.

As we welcome the New Moon and embrace Capricorn's energy, let's make the most of our talents and never give up on our dreams in 2023 and beyond. Thank you for joining me on this journey through the New Moon articles!

With much love and light,


About the Author

Drawn in by a fear of the unknown and fueled by curiosity about the future and the metaphysical realm, Ursula Brozovich Kerger embarked on a three-year study of astrology in the early nineties under the guidance of Dutch Astrologer, Liesbeth van Ravenhorst. As she embarked on her own spiritual journey, Ursula's astrology practice evolved to focus on diving deep into the soul, connecting with one's authentic self, and discovering their soul purpose. Motivated by her love for humanity and all sentient beings, she expanded her astrological knowledge to include the study of collective consciousness. When she's not studying celestial influences, you can find Ursula writing or in her art studio, where she creates paintings and illustrations inspired by astrological insights, life, nature, and her beloved pets.