The Top 70 Minimalist Living Room Ideas

Minimalist living may bring a basic image to your mind, but there is more than one way to live the minimalist lifestyle. You’ll see that there are many ways to decorate your living room and...

Minimalist living may bring a basic image to your mind, but there is more than one way to live the minimalist lifestyle. You’ll see that there are many ways to decorate your living room and turn it into an inviting space for your family or an entertainment space for your friends.

When designing your minimalist living room, think of your style. After all, your living room should express your true self! Let your friends know that you have actually made a home out of your space by getting rid of the clutter and designing a room you can be proud of.

There are various accessories and furniture pieces that, when placed in the right spot, can evoke a different feeling in your minimalist living room. Decluttering your living space doesn’t mean you can’t have a room with a statement. Take a look at the many ways you can plan your interior design so you can live a minimalist lifestyle while preserving your personality in your living room.

Cozy Minimalist Apartment Living Rooms

If you have ever searched for apartment listings on Angelslist,, or Craigslist, you may have seen someone describe your potential apartment as “cozy.” For a first-time apartment hunter, this may translate to “cute” or “comfortable.” In reality, the cozy apartment is a small apartment that makes you feel like you live in a closet.

Having minimalist decor in a small living room can open up your space and will help you fight any feelings of claustrophobia you may have. The rule of the game is couch-to-the-wall. Choosing a sectional or a loveseat to place against the longest wall in your living room will create a linear look that you can copy on the adjacent side of the room.

Placing a flat-screen TV on top of your rectangular TV stand will mirror the linear look to complete the room's openness. You may be wondering, “What if I feel like walking down a hall instead of my living room?” Well, while there is only so much you can do in a small living room, it won't hurt to add a small coffee table with a centerpiece, which will actually make the room “cozy.”

Scandinavian Minimalist Living Rooms

Scandinavian home design is probably the epitome of minimalist interior design. The design reflects styles from, you guessed it, Scandinavia. The Northern European style consists of simple and sleek designs with optimum functionality.

This design is heavily sought after because you can use dark colors and wooden furniture to contrast the black, white, and brightly colored accessories in your minimalist living room. Scandinavian designs focus on keeping the space open and airy while using natural lighting when possible. Wooden furniture makes the minimalist space warm and inviting while also complimenting the feel of nature in the room with the use of natural light.

Contrast is a priority with this design. When using square or rectangular sofas and armchairs, you can use a rounded lamp and coffee table to create contrast in the geometric shapes in your living room. The colors can be neutral, color pops, light, or dark. The elements of the Scandinavian design make a perfect combination of the modern, boho, and neutral designs previously mentioned.

Apartment Scandinavian Minimalist Living Room 2

Boho Minimalist Living Rooms

The bohemian lifestyle: this may be the easiest minimalist living room design to pull off. The boho living room will have ample natural lighting and many plants to enhance the room’s decor. In this type of living room space, you want to make sure those items are a priority.

Symmetry is not necessarily the way to go when arranging furniture pieces in a boho living room. The focus should be on amplifying the natural light and ensuring the living room's vibe is comfortable and inviting. Also, focus on making sure any chairs or floor pillows create a circle to encourage your family members or guests to bond.

Now, for the main attractions of a boho living room: the plants. Along with the arrangement of the furniture and the bold rug patterns, the plants bring the boho living room together. Your plants should create dimension in the room. If one plant is by the window, place another plant on top of the coffee table and one more near the entrance of the living room. By doing this, you’ll greet your guests with your boho living room vibes as soon as they enter.

Boho Minimalist Living Room 2 Boho Minimalist Living Room 3

Modern Minimalist Living Rooms

Those of you who prefer the modern design of a living space, we haven’t forgotten about you. This living room decor may be on the high end, but it is worth the luxurious feel of your leather sofa or suede sectional.

The composition of modern living room design contains furniture constructed into sleek and stylish geometric shapes and often has an open and spacious floor plan. Patterns aren’t usually the go-to design for this modern minimalist living room. However, you could use bold, dark, or light colors to bring your elegant living room together.

Although the modern living room may have more sleek and rectangular coffee tables and TV stands, there is no lack of comfort. You can place your armchair in one corner while your sectional and loveseat create a circle around the other sides of the room.

The keys to keeping your modern minimalist living room space from feeling uninviting are as follows:

  • Ensure there is space between the sofa and the wall.
  • Angle your armchair so that it covers the corner of the room.
  • Use another sofa as a divider if there is an adjacent dining room.

This will create more dimension and give your modern living room character.

Modern Minimalist Living Room 1 Modern Minimalist Living Room 2 Modern Minimalist Living Room 3 Modern Minimalist Living Room 4 Modern Minimalist Living Room 5 Modern Minimalist Living Room 6 Modern Minimalist Living Room 7 Modern Minimalist Living Room 8 Modern Minimalist Living Room 9 Modern Minimalist Living Room 10

Neutral Minimalist Living Rooms

Your living room doesn’t need to have patterns and bright colors for it to have character. The neutral minimalist living room can bring a bright and airy feeling to your space. Contrasting different shades will make all the difference when designing your neutral-toned, minimalist living room.

When using neutral-toned furniture (beige, tan, cinnamon, pine, etc.), you should consider using wall paint colors that will contrast with those colors. If your wall is a cream color, choose a sofa with beige shades in its textured fabric and use another contrasting shade on the color palette for your area rug.

The accessories in this room should always go with the color scheme. To accomplish this, white or black floating shelves can add storage for your books or plants that you still want in the room but don’t want to be the main attraction. If you are trying to decorate your sofa, try using pillows of different color shades on the same color palette as your sofa. Neutral tones allow you to use your creativity to either make items in your living room stand out or blend in when necessary.

Neutral Minimalist Living Room 1 Neutral Minimalist Living Room 2 Neutral Minimalist Living Room 3 Neutral Minimalist Living Room 4 Neutral Minimalist Living Room 5

Statement Decor Minimalist Living Rooms

Statement pieces will help you bring attention to your minimalist living room. This piece is usually placed at the center of the room so that no one can miss the decor in their line of vision. Rugs, tables, lamps, and asymmetrical statues are all options for finding the perfect statement piece for your room.

Hanging a large, round pendant fixture in the center of your living room will draw all of the attention and ensure that your guests look around at the furniture surrounding it. Although your lighting fixture may be dramatic, the furniture can be more compact and textured to emphasize the amount of space the pendant fixture is taking up.

Another way of making a statement is to design your minimalist living room with complimentary neutral-toned furniture while adding one colorful painting or rug to the wall. This will surely draw your guests in, and you are bound to receive a compliment or two!

Statement Decor Pieces Minimalist Living Room 1 Statement Decor Pieces Minimalist Living Room 2 Statement Decor Pieces Minimalist Living Room 3 Statement Decor Pieces Minimalist Living Room 4 Statement Decor Pieces Minimalist Living Room 5 Statement Decor Pieces Minimalist Living Room 6

This article showcases a variety of minimalist living room ideas, each with its unique style and appeal. From cozy minimalist apartment living rooms to Scandinavian, boho, modern, neutral, and statement decor minimalist living rooms, there is a design for every taste. The key to creating a minimalist living room is to declutter the space and focus on the essential elements while adding personal touches. With the right furniture, accessories, and color schemes, you can transform your living room into a stylish and inviting space that reflects your true self. So go ahead, explore these ideas, and embark on your minimalist living room journey.