The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Own IKEA Desk Hack

2020 has completely transformed the way we work, with most of us now permanently working from home or only commuting to the office a few days a week. As we settle into this new work-from-home...

2020 has completely transformed the way we work, with most of us now permanently working from home or only commuting to the office a few days a week. As we settle into this new work-from-home (WFH) lifestyle, it's important to think carefully about how our home office spaces can foster productivity and sustain our motivation without the structure of a formal office environment.

You may have heard about the ingenious IKEA "hacks" that people are using to create their own custom desks that perfectly suit their needs and personal style. If you're looking to build a functional, attractive, and affordable WFH workspace, then building your own IKEA desk hack is a fantastic option to consider.

What Exactly is an IKEA Desk Hack?

In simple terms, an IKEA desk hack involves using affordable building components from IKEA, such as a large wooden table top like BARKABODA, stylish legs, or storage units like ALEX, to create a desk that is tailored to your specific requirements and aesthetic preferences. It's a creative way to design a workspace that reflects your personality and enhances your productivity.

The 19 Best IKEA Desk Hack Ideas

Whether you're interested in a standing desk, a corner desk, or an L-shaped desk, we've gathered some of the best IKEA desk hack ideas from across the internet to inspire your own WFH setup. Here are a few of our favorites:

IKEA Standing Desk Ideas

  • The FINNVARD/LAGKAPTEN Combo: This standing desk hack features legs with a raising and lowering concept, a sizable tabletop, and additional storage units for a raised space for the keyboard and mouse. 19 best IKEA Desk Hacks Fig: 19 best IKEA Desk Hacks

  • The Simple and Genius Setup: This standing desk hack uses a countertop supported by brackets to create the main desk and provides extra storage space with a countertop hanging vertically below.

  • The Space-Saving Solution: With a short tabletop and basic brackets, this standing desk hack is perfect for those with limited space.

  • The Multi-Functional Desk: This clever standing desk hack combines storage, stability, and health benefits by using shelves, storage cubes, and a large shelf to create a deep and versatile desk.

Simple and Easy IKEA Desk Hacks

  • The Minimalist Setup: A MICKE desk with a custom-sized board for a keyboard tray creates a sleek and simple WFH setup.

  • The Beauty of Simplicity: Use the TOLKEN countertop with LERBERG trestle legs for an easy, affordable, and beautiful desk.

  • The Slender Desk: This desk hack utilizes the EKBY ALEX shelf, two boards, and hairpin legs to create a slender desk that fits in any space.

  • The Live Edge Look: Combine LERBERG trestle legs with a "live edge" wood tabletop for a unique and natural desk option.

IKEA Desk Hacks with Storage

  • The Classic Combo: Rest a countertop on top of ALEX drawers to create a simple and affordable desk with plenty of storage space.

  • Storage with Style: Incorporate a SKÅDIS pegboard overhead with hooks and containers for personalized storage options.

  • The Stylish and Functional Desk: This desk hack combines a curved tabletop with drawers, shelves, and brackets for extra storage and space to decorate.

  • The Upgraded Drawer: Transform a plain RAST drawer into a stylish leg for an L-shaped desk, and add some classy handles for a sophisticated touch.

  • The Couple's Workspace: Double up on space by using MALM drawers, KARLBY tabletops, and floating LACK shelves for an efficient and budget-friendly shared desk.

  • The Dual-Purpose Desk: Create two distinct sides to your desk using ALEX drawers and a countertop for computer work and analogue tasks.

  • The M-Shaped Desk: Combine ALEX drawers, KARLBY countertops, HILVER legs, and MARIUS stools for a gender-neutral desk that offers ample workspace.

  • The Elevated PCU Desk: Use ALEX drawers, LERBERG legs, a LAPPVIKEN door, and a LINNMON table top to add storage and protect your computer from dirt and grime.

  • The Ultimate Office Room Setup: Utilize MÖLLEKULLA countertops, BOAXEL shelves, and ALEX drawers for a spacious and impressive "mega IKEA desk" in your dedicated office room.

Bring Your IKEA Desk Hack to Life

These IKEA desk hacks showcase the endless possibilities for creating your dream WFH space. It's time to get creative and personalize your workspace to enhance your productivity and make your workdays more enjoyable. Share your own IKEA desk hack with us on Instagram by tagging @primermagazine and let us know why you love your WFH setup!

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