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The Vintage Style Home Decor Guide: Inspiration for Creating a Timeless Interior

One of the most exciting aspects of decorating your home is selecting an interior design style that mirrors your personality and allows you to express yourself. While contemporary, rustic, or modern styles are popular choices,...

One of the most exciting aspects of decorating your home is selecting an interior design style that mirrors your personality and allows you to express yourself. While contemporary, rustic, or modern styles are popular choices, there's something extraordinary about preserving and honoring older pieces that hold sentimental value. If you have a cherished family heirloom or a beloved item that no longer fits your current aesthetic, don't part ways with it just yet! Instead, consider incorporating it into your home decor using these vintage style ideas.

How to Decorate Vintage Style

If you adore vintage and antique items but prefer a more modern home interior, you're in luck. Here are some tips for decorating with vintage pieces while maintaining a clean, contemporary look.

Don't Clutter Too Many Vintage Pieces

One common mistake people make when incorporating vintage decor is over-cluttering their space with too many items. To achieve a modern, timeless aesthetic, carefully select a few vintage pieces that hold special meaning to you and use them as accents throughout your home. By showcasing these treasures strategically, you can avoid an outdated or cluttered appearance.

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Mix Vintage with Neutral Colors

To balance the aged look of your vintage items, consider incorporating neutral colors into your decor. For example, if you have a table with rich character and history, paint the frame a neutral color like white or gray to create contrast and maintain a balanced aesthetic. Additionally, you can paint other furniture pieces in your room using neutral colors to ensure that the vintage items don't overwhelm the overall design.

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Traditional Vintage Decor

Traditional vintage decor is the most widely recognized type of vintage style. It evokes a sense of nostalgia by utilizing familiar images and objects. Incorporating items from your past, your mother's, or your grandmother's past can help you achieve a traditional vintage home decor look. When embracing this style, be prepared to dedicate a significant amount of space to the project. You have various options available, including using antique furniture, modern furniture, or a combination of both to create an eclectic look that combines old and new elements.

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Mix Antiques with Contemporary Pieces

Many interior designers now feature vintage items as accents in modern rooms. By combining antique and contemporary furniture, you can achieve an eclectic look that appeals to those who appreciate both styles without overwhelming the space with antiques. Utilize vintage items as conversation starters in your living room, such as an old clock on a bookshelf or a set of antique dishes displayed in the dining area. These pieces allow you to initiate discussions about your home's design aesthetic, whether it's intended to be casual or formal.

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Where to Buy Vintage Furniture and Decor

While your local antique shops are a great resource for finding vintage decor, you can also explore the vast selection available through online shopping. Here are some of the best sites for discovering unique vintage furniture and decor from the comfort of your own home.


Chairish is a marketplace where individuals can buy or sell used furniture and decor. Whether you're searching for a specific item or browsing through local options, Chairish offers an impressive selection through their website and app.


For a wider range of vintage and antique furniture, 1stDibs is an excellent choice. What sets 1stDibs apart is that they sell both wholesale and retail, ensuring everyone has access to their vast inventory without worrying about minimum order requirements.

One Kings Lane

One Kings Lane is a go-to destination for high-end vintage pieces that suit any style and budget. Their exceptional customer service makes them an ideal choice for first-time vintage furniture buyers.

Revival Rugs

If you're in search of a beautiful vintage rug from around the world, Revival Rugs is the perfect specialized site. Their well-organized selection allows you to explore options based on color, pattern, and price range, making it effortless to find the perfect rug for your home.

Everything But the House

For those who enjoy the thrill of the hunt, Everything But the House offers an extensive selection of vintage finds at affordable prices. While it requires some searching, the opportunity to discover the perfect piece makes it a worthwhile endeavor.

Rejuvenation Antiques

Rejuvenation Antiques consists of a team of artisans, designers, and craftspeople dedicated to offering timeless American lighting, hardware, and home accessories. Their commitment to quality products and customer care ensures a delightful shopping experience.

Craigslist, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay

Peer-to-peer marketplaces like Craigslist, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay are excellent platforms for finding vintage home decor and furniture. However, exercise caution when using these sites, as due diligence is necessary to ensure a safe and honest transaction.

Remember, vintage home decor is more than just a trend—it's an opportunity to infuse your home with unique character and history. With this guide, you have the inspiration and ideas needed to embark on your vintage style journey. Happy decorating!