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The Wild Animal That Captures Each Zodiac Sign’s Energy & Personality

Cue Tarzan’s roar because it’s time to answer the call of the wild! If you’ve ever wondered where you fit in the animal kingdom, astrology can actually answer that question. Let’s dive into which wild...

Cue Tarzan’s roar because it’s time to answer the call of the wild! If you’ve ever wondered where you fit in the animal kingdom, astrology can actually answer that question. Let’s dive into which wild animal resembles each zodiac sign, based on their personal attributes, spiritual essence, and emotional temperaments.

First things first—did you know that millions of animal species exist all across the globe? There’s no denying the animal kingdom is fabulously complex. Endless possibilities await depending on the terrain, climate, and more. If you’re wondering what the arctic tundra is home to, then you’ll surely run into fierce polar bears and nurturing emperor penguin parents. But if you take a trip down under, then you may hear the call of a laughing kookaburra or be lucky enough to watch a kangaroo hop along with a joey in its pouch. Unlike the outback or the snowy icecaps, the mountains of central Asia will hide the elusive snow leopard and stubborn mountain goat. Meanwhile, zebras will be leaping across the plains of Africa while trying to escape a pack of cutthroat lions. Even if you’re just enjoying watching the bouncing bunnies in your backyard, you’ll likely be amazed by the diversity of the animal kingdom no matter where you are in the world.

It’s nearly impossible not to wonder what it would be like to spend a day in these animals’ claws, paws, hooves, or wings. Which begs the question—what wild animal are you based on your zodiac sign and why? Keep reading to see what wild animal you are based on your sun sign and/or rising sign:

The Wild Animal That Captures Each Zodiac Sign

Brown bear Getty

As a strong fire sign ruled by warring Mars, you need a wild animal who illustrates your strength, courage, and independence. Of all the fierce predators in the animal kingdom, the grizzly bear exemplifies your powerful personality. Like you, the grizzly bear is a fearless, solitary animal that isn’t easily deterred. You and the grizzly bear share the same intimidating yet formidable presence that sets you apart from others in your world. The grizzly bear is known to be incredibly strong-willed, which you can resonate with since you’re a natural go-getter and leader.

Sloth Getty

What other wild animal would you be other than the sloth, Taurus? Like the sloth, you prefer to move at a slow, steady pace that leaves plenty of room in your schedule for downtime. You and the sloth share the same easygoing mentality since you both believe in going at a leisurely pace. Like the sloth, you can be known for being a little lazy, stubborn, and indecisive. However, you and the sloth share the same positive, patient approach to life since you both believe that everything will happen in its own time.

Red Fox Getty

Slick and sly, nothing gets by you, Gemini. The wild animal that best captures your cunning, mischievous nature is none other than the fox. The fox is known for its quick, scavenger personality. At times, the fox can be shrewd, which mirrors your cleverness. Similar to the fox, you are an adaptable creature who can adjust to the ebb and flow of whatever comes your way. Since you and the fox share a keen intelligence, both of you can maneuver curveballs with your quick thinking. Only the fox would be able to match your quick wits!

Kangaroo Getty

Known for your incredible tenacity, it’s no wonder that you are paired with the kangaroo, Cancer. The kangaroo is a motivated, strong-willed animal that captures your determination perfectly. You and the kangaroo can be exceptionally playful, especially after building strong bonds with your pack. Sometimes, you tend to leap before you look like a kangaroo. But you and the kangaroo cannot help but have faith in your gut feelings to take a chance when something feels right. Aside from your can-do personality and drive, you’re also a nurturer like a kangaroo. Like you, this marsupial is also well-known for its maternal instincts!

Tiger Getty

Leo, there’s no doubt that you’re typically associated with the lion since you and this wild animal share the same “King of the Jungle” mentality. However, the lion isn’t the only big cat who can illuminate your regal nature. The tiger is known for its striking striped orange coat, impressive stature, and compelling presence in the jungle. You and the tiger share the same fierce energy that allows both of you to shine brightly. Since the tiger is a confident creature, you mirror the tiger’s instincts to trust your determination and vitality.

Gazelle Getty

Ruled by Mercury, you tend to be a swift, detailed earth sign, Virgo. Your perceptiveness and quickness are closely matched by the elegant gazelle. The gazelle is hailed for being speedy, which is how you like to roll since you’re the type of earth sign who can multitask like it’s nobody’s business! But true to its prey nature, the gazelle can also capture your stress when you and the gazelle are caught at a crossroads. However, you and the gazelle know better than to wait for a second longer since you both can trust your perceptiveness to move forward.

Swans Getty

If you and the swan share anything, it’s your beauty, romantic aura, and surprising bite! Libra, you are known as an attractive, commitment-focused zodiac sign since you are ruled by the planet of love and beauty, Venus. So, it’s no surprise that an elegant swan would perfectly embody your grace and poise! You and the swan are symbols of love in the cosmos and animal world since you share the same desire for loving commitment. But surprisingly, the beautiful swan can be a temperamental bird with a nasty side, which can also mirror your moments of aggression that come from a place of protectiveness.

Rattlesnake Getty

Typically, you are associated with a fierce and deadly scorpion, Scorpio. While there’s no doubt that the scorpion captures your hard outer shell and resourcefulness, this isn’t the only wild animal who embodies your energy. The rattlesnake is another wild animal that captures your complexity. Like you, the rattlesnake is a highly misunderstood creature because people are so quick to judge based on appearances. Although you and the rattlesnake aren’t afraid to strike, you both prefer to be left alone. Aside from being mistreated and misjudged, you and the rattlesnake also go through incredible phases of transformation through shedding your old selves.

Elephant Getty

Luck seems to always be on your side, Sagittarius! Maybe it’s because benefic Jupiter is your ruling planet or it could be due to your larger-than-life optimism. Regardless of what it might be, there’s no doubt that the elephant captures your abundant nature, wisdom, and strength to get through anything. Known to be incredibly intelligent, the elephant is one of the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom which perfectly pairs with a scholarly zodiac sign such as yourself. Aside from this, the elephant embodies your good-natured energy since this animal is usually a positive omen of prosperity and good luck!

Mountain Goat Getty

Like your astrological configuration, you are best matched with the mountain goat, Capricorn. In astrology, you’re typically depicted as a goat or sea-goat (half fish, half goat). Just like your depiction, the mountain goat captures your ability to thrive in an unpredictable and rocky environment. When the mountain goat clings to the smallest ledge on the side of the mountain, you seem to do the same when faced with overcoming an obstacle. No matter what happens, you and the mountain goat have the remarkable willpower to overcome anything that stands in your way with dignity.

Orangutan Getty

As an intelligent air sign, you should be paired with a wild animal that exemplifies your mental power and social standing. Of all the unique creatures in the animal kingdom, the orangutan illustrates your brilliance and desire to be semi-communal. Since you’re ruled by brainy Uranus, you’re known for your out-of-the-box mental agility. Similar to you, the orangutan is considered one of the smartest primates. Given that you’re also associated with the greater community in astrology despite being somewhat aloof, the orangutan’s desire to be semi-social and semi-solitary best matches your communal needs.

Butterfly Getty

Although the animal kingdom is undeniably full of magic, you still need to be matched with a wild animal that can vibe with your own mysticism. Pisces, of all the animals that could be chosen, the butterfly perfectly illustrates your creative aura. As a mutable sign, you like to be fluid and flexible. Since butterflies come in many different sizes, shapes, and colors across the globe, this beautifully captures your mutable nature. The butterfly’s vibrant, fluttering wings represent your flighty nature since you and this lovely creature are always on the move.

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