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These 3 Unlucky Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst Year—Here’s Why 2023 Could Be Rough

Another year means another opportunity to live your very best life. Granted, we are about to narrow it down to the unlucky zodiac signs who will have the worst year 2023, but don’t take this...

Another year means another opportunity to live your very best life. Granted, we are about to narrow it down to the unlucky zodiac signs who will have the worst year 2023, but don’t take this to heart. There will be highs and lows for all 12 zodiac signs because, in addition to our ever-evolving nature as spiritual beings, there is no such thing as perfect. So, taking a closer look at the more challenging aspects of the year ahead will help ground and prepare you for what’s to come. Are you ready?

The Cold Season Symbolism

Let’s not sugar coat it—despite the thrill of the NYE countdown and the cinematic appeal of clinking glasses as the clock strikes midnight, the winter season symbolism remains. Essentially, the cold weather and long periods of darkness are associated with death, but this is only because our actual “rebirth” occurs in the springtime. That being said, don’t be discouraged if things aren’t progressing at full speed in January. After all, starting the year with Mars and Mercury retrograde isn’t necessarily ideal, especially since both of these personal planets happen to be key players in our everyday lives. The good news is, you’ll be in the clear by mid-month, as Mars will station direct on January 12, followed by Mercury on January 18.

Fast-forward to March, as it is high key one of the most pivotal months in 2023. For instance, after spending two years hunkering down in the socially conscious sign of Aquarius—bringing structure to our sense of belonging in the world—taskmaster Saturn will be entering Pisces on March 7, for the first time since 1996. In summary, Saturn in Pisces will bring discipline, pragmatism, and reality checks, specifically when it pertains to the areas of life where we’re likely to dissociate and/or over idealize. On the dark side, Saturn can trigger feelings of limitation and restriction; its strict essence removes our rose-colored glasses. However, if you do the work and commit to a plan of self-mastery, you will rest assured be rewarded in the long run.

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As for Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius on March 23, there is nothing remotely subtle about this transit, especially when considering the fact that it will transit through this fixed air sign until 2043. In the meantime, it doesn’t hurt to consider the collective effects of Pluto in Capricorn—since it first entered back in 2007—as it has not only destroyed hierarchies and structures that were built upon a faulty foundation but also transformed our perception of tradition and power. Authority figures and leaders who misused their power were also brought to light under this transit. However, the presence of this malefic energy—via the sign of Aquarius—will bring emphasis to the dark side of our societal programming and community affairs. You’ll want to double-check where Aquarius and Pisces are located in your birth chart, as these astrological houses (areas of life) will experience the most traction and transformation.

Venus will be stationing retrograde in Leo on July 22, where it will remain before going direct on September 3. The planet of romance, relationships, and values, Venus retrograde isn’t the most riveting transit, considering the effect it has on our love life, money-making abilities, and perhaps even our confidence levels. Although there is a plus side to this transit, as it will present us with an opportunity to reflect and review. Keep in mind, Leo is ruled by the sun; it represents everything from our inner child to our unique authenticity. This Venus retrograde could revolve around your personal branding, while others of you revisit some of your gifts, talents, and abilities. If your sun sign and/or rising sign happen to fall under any of the below zodiac signs, here’s why you’re more likely to experience challenges in 2023:

These Unlucky Zodiac Signs Will Have the Worst 2023

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Before you think it’s the end of the world, hear me out—2023 will certainly test you, but it’s only making you more resilient. It will not only challenge the foundation of your intimate unions but also serve as a catalyst for your relationships. Granted, you’ve also been working diligently on creating stability and structure in your one-on-one relationships, especially with Saturn journeying through Aquarius. And though there were friendships, connections, and partnerships that didn’t survive the test of time, it’s one less situation for you to worry about. Saturn will officially enter Pisces on March 7, bringing discipline and structure to everything from your joint ventures to your emotional attachments. If you’re hanging onto a commitment or a relationship attachment that’s no longer in alignment with your true North, the taskmaster planet could wipe this energy out of your life. It may be too soon to discuss the effects of Pluto in Aquarius—entering your seventh house of relationships on March 23—as it is a generational planet, but this malefic planet is here to unveil the shadow side of your relationship dynamics.

Pluto is the planet of destruction and transformation, but it is also an alchemical energy. Where have you unconsciously allowed your power to be taken away from you? This could revolve around the way you approach others or the types of individuals you’ve chosen to surround yourself with. Either way, you can expect a significant shift in this area of your life, perhaps within the next two years or so. Venus will also station retrograde in your sign from July 22 to September 3. Do not experiment with cosmetic surgery and/or new beauty regimens at this time. The planet of love isn’t feeling her best, so you know the drill. Otherwise, take advantage of this transit to reconnect with your inner child, creative abilities, and more importantly, practice more rituals of self-love. Starting a new romantic relationship is not suggested during this time, and the same goes for financial collaborations. If your self-confidence is tested, reflect on the root of this issue.

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One of the main astrological takeaways of the year has your name on it, which is Pluto’s ingress into your sign on March 23. Also known as the planet of destruction, transformation, and regeneration, Pluto is typically associated with death and rebirth, as well as one’s personal power dynamics. The influence of Pluto can also be alchemical, which is where you can transmute the pain and lower vibrational energies into power and rise from the ashes like the phoenix. Sounds like a lot to take in for a planetary transit, but there isn’t anything remotely subtle about Plutonian energy. That being said, given its slow-moving pace, you may not begin to witness these changes until at least a year or so from now. However, if you have personal planets in the early degrees of Aquarius—between zero and five—then chances are you will feel the intensity sooner than later.

If you’re wondering what you can expect, it’s a significant unveiling that is about to take place, as Pluto will reconnect you with your shadow side, in order for you to rise above these darker attributes. This could be anything from your desire for power and control, while others of you overcome a deep-rooted fear. The work you’re doing is for your highest good. Taskmaster Saturn will also be concluding its journey through your sign on March 7, where it will shift into Pisces and your stability-seeking second house of finances and values. Bad news first? Father Time is testing you on your spending habits and money-making abilities, but not in the way you think. If anything, this transit is here to help you build a strong foundation for yourself and your financial security. It won’t happen overnight though, so do your best to lean into this with an open heart. The same goes for your self-esteem and/or lack of trust. Saturn is here to encourage you, so you can own up to your self-worth.

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It’s not over until it’s over, but you got this, Pisces. Also known as Father Time, Saturn is the planet of boundaries, structures, and limitations. It certainly creates restrictions, but only for the sake of your stability. Saturn will debut in your sign on March 7 for the first time since 1996, so feel free to think back to that time in your life if it applies. In your sign, Saturn will bring discipline and harsh reality checks to areas where you typically dissociate or prefer to avoid entirely as a way of coping. Nothing wrong with a little daydreaming, but if you’ve been consistently attaching yourself to an illusion, Saturn’s here to remove the facade. Taking off your rose-colored glasses isn’t going to be easy, but this doesn’t make your self-improvement any less significant. The good news is, Saturn will level you up in ways you would never imagine.

In all seriousness, this isn’t an energy to fear. On the contrary, as long as you’re willing to do the work and commit to a solid action plan, you’re in the clear. Pluto, on the other hand, will enter Aquarius—your 12th house of closure, dreams, and inhibitions—on March 23, which is where you’re more likely to be confronted with the past. For instance, whether it be fear, a burden, or resentment weighing over your unconscious, Pluto’s transit through your 12th will be equivalent to a deep cleaning. Confronting past energies isn’t a walk in the park, but the more honest you are with yourself, the more you will evolve. This is an excellent transit for strengthening your intuition and reconnecting with your spirituality.

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