This Spectacular 40 Foot Tiny Home Was Once a Shipping Container

This stunning tiny home is more than meets the eye - it was once a converted 40-foot shipping container! Imagine transforming a simple container into a cozy living space that exudes minimalist elegance. That's exactly...

This stunning tiny home is more than meets the eye - it was once a converted 40-foot shipping container! Imagine transforming a simple container into a cozy living space that exudes minimalist elegance. That's exactly what this tiny home offers.

Shipping container Image: Shipping container

The interior of this tiny home showcases the perfect blend of contemporary design and rustic charm. Oak cabinets and a solid mahogany front door add a touch of natural beauty to the space, complementing the blue accent colors and white shiplap walls. With features like quartz counters, sturdy cabinets, a stainless steel sink, and matte black fixtures, this home embraces a modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Take a look at that full-sized refrigerator - a true luxury in a tiny home! And let's not forget about the large pantry cabinet on the opposite side of the room, providing ample storage for groceries and household supplies.

The kitchen is adorned with vibrant blue accents. Surrounding the sink are spacious cabinets, ideal for neatly organizing your kitchenware, cookware, and small appliances. A few shelves above the cabinet offer additional storage space, while the expansive open counter provides ample room for meal preparation.

Being a converted shipping container, this tiny home maintains its long and narrow structure. The kitchen and living space occupy the center of the home, with a bedroom on one end and a bathroom on the other. The private bedroom is a sought-after luxury, offering a sanctuary within the cozy confines of the tiny home.

Upon entering the home, you'll find a table on one side and a sofa on the other. Despite the narrow layout, there's still enough space for a comfortable living area, complete with a television, extra storage, and even a small dining table.

Moving past the living area, you'll discover the private bedroom. Although compact, it provides the essential privacy with a closing door. A ceiling fan keeps the air circulating, and there's enough room to accommodate a full-sized or queen-sized bed. If you don't require bedside tables, a larger queen bed fits perfectly, leaving room for shelving or wall-mounted lights on the empty wall space. You can even incorporate a small chest of drawers or additional storage solutions.

Another view of the main part of the home showcases the full length of the kitchen counter, a stainless steel range with an oven and glass top, and the generous ceiling height that creates an open and airy feel. Recessed lighting adds a touch of sophistication no matter the time of day.

Continuing past the kitchen, you'll come across a cozy little bathroom. The luxury in this tiny home extends beyond the living space and permeates every room. The bathroom features a large vanity, a wall-mounted mirror, farmhouse lighting, and a porcelain-tiled shower.

Prepare to indulge in a spa-like experience with the shower's tile-lined walls and floor. The large rainwater-style showerhead provides a soothing cascade of water, turning your shower time into a rejuvenating oasis at the end of a long day.

The bathroom vanity is a sight to behold, with its exquisite wooden base, open shelving, multiple drawers, and charming barn door-style cabinet door. The matching quartz counter ties the bathroom design together, while the black matte accents add a touch of elegance throughout.

From the outside, this tiny home may appear ordinary, but it's truly a luxurious oasis on the inside. It boasts quality insulation in the walls, ceiling, and floor for energy efficiency. Additionally, you'll find top-of-the-line stainless steel appliances, a space for your own laundry setup, a porcelain-tiled shower for added convenience, and standard plumbing throughout.

To learn more about making this converted shipping container your home, check out the full listing with Ross Tiny Dwellings. Don't forget to let them know that sent you!

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