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Top 10 Feng Shui Shops in Singapore

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate good Qi flow into your environment? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Feng Shui enthusiast, finding the right items and guidance is crucial. Lucky for you, Singapore...

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate good Qi flow into your environment? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Feng Shui enthusiast, finding the right items and guidance is crucial. Lucky for you, Singapore has a thriving Feng Shui culture with numerous retailers and consultancies. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 Feng Shui shops in Singapore and help you on your journey to creating a harmonious space.

Fu Lu Shou Complex: Your One-Stop Destination

Fu Lu Shou Complex Fu Lu Shou Complex - Image source: Sanaulac

Located at 149 Rocher Rd, Singapore, the Fu Lu Shou Complex is a haven for Feng Shui enthusiasts. The complex houses a variety of shops specializing in different religious and Feng Shui items. Crystals, stones, gems, and more can be found here. What sets this complex apart is the presence of temples and shrines within the stores, allowing believers to conveniently practice their faith while shopping. With an extensive range of shops to choose from, Fu Lu Shou Complex is your one-stop destination for Feng Shui items.

Discover Hidden Gems in the South

Traveling down south in Singapore, you'll find some hidden Feng Shui gems, particularly around Chinatown. Yuan Zhong Xiu, De Yee, and Affinity Crystal are three notable shops worth exploring. Yuan Zhong Xiu is a chain Feng Shui outlet that offers consultation services and sells various items such as crystals, bracelets, and statues. De Yee specializes in antiques, stones, and deity statues. Affinity Crystal, as the name suggests, is a haven for crystal enthusiasts.

Embrace Online Convenience

If you don't live in the vicinity or prefer shopping online, fret not. With the advancement of technology, you can find everything you need with just a few clicks. Established Feng Shui consultancies and businesses provide e-store catalogues on their websites, ensuring you get the real deal. Way Feng shui group, Feng Shui World, Yuan Zhong Xiu Feng Shui, and 8 Treasures are some reputable names to explore.

FengShui World FengShui World - Image source: Sanaulac

A World of Feng Shui Expertise

One prominent Feng Shui shop in Singapore is FengShui World. Led by Master Kieron Chuan QiYong, this establishment offers a wide range of Feng Shui services, from personal consultations to home and business Feng Shui. With more than 20 years of experience, Master Kieron Chuan QiYong and his knowledgeable staff provide expert guidance and a variety of Feng Shui products. FengShui World has five outlets spread across Singapore, making it easily accessible to Feng Shui enthusiasts.

The Purple Haven: Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui

Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui - Image source: Sanaulac

Yuan Zhong Siu Feng Shui, recognizable by its distinctive purple signage, offers a range of services and products. With four outlets in Singapore, Yuan Zhong Siu provides consultations ranging from personal readings to tarot and face reading. The retail store features various emblems, pendants, and Feng Shui bracelets that cater to different aspects of life, including love, wealth, and health.

Kang Li Mineral Kingdom: A Crystal Paradise

At the Fu Lu Shou Complex, you'll find Kang Li Mineral Kingdom Pte Ltd. Established in 1989, this family-run business offers a wide range of Feng Shui services, including personal, residential, and commercial consultations. The store is filled with genuine crystals and blessed Feng Shui ornaments. Master Lim and his son Clement Lim, both respected masters, are passionate about using crystals in Feng Shui practices. Visit Kang Li Mineral Kingdom for an extensive collection of crystals and exceptional service.

8 Treasures: Unlock Your Aspirations

8 Treasures 8 Treasures - Image source: Sanaulac

8 Treasures, established in 2004 by Janet Yung, is a place where you can find various Feng Shui "treasures." With outlets in Jurong Point and Causeway Point, 8 Treasures offers a range of Feng Shui items, bracelets, and pendants. Janet Yung actively engages with her clients through her online presence and provides personal and business consultation services.

Way FengShui Group: A Holistic Approach

Way FengShui Group, as its name suggests, offers a holistic approach to Feng Shui. Comprising three business units - consultancy, academy, and lifestyle - Way FengShui Group provides various services and products. Whether you need Feng Shui consultations, educational courses, or lifestyle enhancements, Way FengShui Group has got you covered. Experience the extensive selection of services they offer to satisfy your curiosity and Feng Shui needs.

Lotus on Water: A Diverse Collection

Lotus on Water, located in Sin Ming Plaza, boasts a diverse collection of agarwood, sandalwood, jadeites, pendants, and rings. Founded by Master Yun Long Zi in 2006, this four-store gallery offers a range of Feng Shui items and sculptures. Pop in to discover the popularity behind this Feng Shui store.

House Of Crystal: Your Cozy Local Store

House Of Crystal, situated in Ang Mo Kio, is your cozy, local Feng Shui store. They offer various bracelets, crystals, statues, and incense. Their incense paper, known for its effectiveness, targets different scenarios in life. In-store masters and staff are always ready to provide guidance and advice.

HVCM Studio: Healing Through Feng Shui and Reiki

HVCM Studio, located inside the Golden Landmark Shopping Centre, combines Feng Shui and Reiki energy to provide holistic healing. Their services include remote healing, divination, luck enhancement, and Feng Shui enhancement. In-store, you'll find a selection of healing crystals, candles, and spiritual jewelry. Explore their techniques and philosophy on their website.

Imperial Harvest Imperial Harvest - Image source: Sanaulac

Imperial Harvest: Unleash Your Potential

For a premium Feng Shui experience, look no further than Imperial Harvest. With exquisite interior design and exclusively crafted jade rings, sculptures, jadeites, and agarwood bracelets, Imperial Harvest offers a unique consultation service. With a long history spanning 80 years, this shop, led by Master David, provides expert consultation and remedies for clients.

East Chen Consultancy: True Feng Shui

Led by Master Wesley Lim, East Chen Consultancy provides various consulting services, including personal BaZi analysis, date selection, and home and office Feng Shui. What sets East Chen Consultancy apart is their dedication to "True Feng Shui." They prioritize setup and rearrangement without the need for additional items or religious ceremonies. Explore their selection of obsidian bracelets, wood sculptures, and pendants.

Embark on Your Feng Shui Journey in Singapore

With numerous Feng Shui shops and consultancies in Singapore, you'll find everything you need to create a harmonious and auspicious environment. Embrace the rich Feng Shui culture and start your journey to finding auspicious items. Whether you prefer visiting physical stores or exploring online options, there's a shop that will cater to your needs and guide you on your Feng Shui journey.