Unveiling the Mysteries of Celtic Astrology

Image: Famous Druid Framed by Standing Stones Welcome to the captivating world of Celtic astrology! This ancient system of symbols, based on the cycles of the moon, offers profound insights into your personality and destiny....

famous druid framed by standing stones Image: Famous Druid Framed by Standing Stones

Welcome to the captivating world of Celtic astrology! This ancient system of symbols, based on the cycles of the moon, offers profound insights into your personality and destiny. It is often read through tarot cards and linked to your free birth chart or Celtic tree signs. Let's dive in and explore the mystical realms of Celtic astrology!

A Cosmic Tapestry of Trees and Symbols

In the Celtic zodiac, each month is closely connected to a sacred tree, revered by the druids and infused with Celtic folklore and animal symbolism. These astrological insights can be further understood through a free birth chart. The Ogham tree, a significant element in Celtic folklore, is an attribute of Ogma, the God of Poetry. This tree consists of a covert Shamanic alphabet, associated with oak and birch trees, and tied to ancient astrology.

Decoding the Zodiac Signs

What Sign Am I?

Celtic Astrology Monoliths

What does the Celtic Zodiac mean for each Tree Sign?

December 24 - January 20 (Birch - The Achiever)

The Birch moon marks the beginning of the astrology zodiac calendar. People born under this sign are highly-driven astrology enthusiasts. Their birthday often motivates those around them to feel youthful and re-energized. Birch people are associated with the white stag and the golden eagle, symbols of wisdom and strength. Their linked gemstone is clear quartz.

January 21 - February 17 (Rowan - The Thinker)

Rowan trees, known for their protective qualities, bestow original and creative minds upon those born under this sign. Rowans have a unique perspective on life, often reflected in their aloofness. The energy of the Rowan tree is linked to the letter 'R'. Their popular gemstone is the peridot.

February 18 - March 17 (Ash - The Enchanter)

Ash tree sign represents cosmic energy and enchantment. People born under this sign possess a natural intuition and artistic flair. They are inspired by nature and often express themselves through creative means. The Ash is related to the seagull, the seal, and the seahorse. Their popular color and gemstone are green and coral, respectively.

March 18 - April 14 (Alder - The Trailblazer)

Alders are natural-born pathfinders, blazing fiery trails in pursuit of their passions. They are gregarious, charming, and mingle easily with different personalities. Alder people exude vitality and are symbolized by the fox, bear, hawk, and the tree. Their favored color is red, and their gemstone is ruby.

April 15 - May 12 (Willow - The Observer)

Willow trees rule over the lunar realm, cosmic energy, and the cycles of life. People born under this sign possess a deep understanding of seasons and often have a highly creative and intuitive nature. The Willow is associated with the bull, adder, hare, and the tree. Their gemstone is the moonstone.

May 13 - June 9 (Hawthorn - The Illusionist)

Hawthorn trees, like their namesake, have an exterior that hides their inner strength and fiery passions. They adapt easily to life's challenges and possess a natural curiosity. In Celtic folklore, the energy of the Hawthorn tree is linked to the owl and the bee. Their color and gemstone of choice are purple and topaz, respectively.

June 10 - July 7 (Oak - The Stabilizer)

Oaks are known for their strength and protective nature. People born under this sign are highly protective and often champion the rights of others. Oaks impart their knowledge and wisdom to those around them. The Oak is associated with the wren, otter, and the majestic tree. Their favored color is black, and their gemstone is the diamond.

July 8 - August 4 (Holly - The Ruler)

Those born under the Holly tree often possess regal qualities and aspire to power and leadership. They exhibit rare tact and skill in overcoming obstacles. The Holly tree sign is associated with the horse, cat, silver color, and carnelian gemstone.

August 5 - September 1 (Hazel - The Knower)

Hazels are highly intelligent and efficient individuals. They excel in academia and have a remarkable ability to retain and recall information. They are linked to the salmon, crane, brown color, and amethyst gemstone.

September 2 - September 29 (Vine - The Equalizer)

Vines have unpredictable personalities, empathizing with all sides of a story. They appreciate the finer things in life and possess a deep connection to art, music, and the beauty of nature. Vines are associated with the hound, white swan, lizard, pastel colors, and emerald gemstones.

September 30 - October 27 (Ivy - The Survivor)

Ivies have a remarkable ability to overcome life's challenges. They are sharp-witted, loyal, and compassionate towards others. Ivy is linked to the goose, butterfly, boat, blue color, and opal gemstone.

October 28 - November 24 (Reed - The Inquisitor)

Reeds are the secret keepers of the Celtic zodiac. They have a natural curiosity and a deep desire to uncover hidden truths. They make excellent historians, detectives, and archaeologists. Reeds are symbolized by the owl, hound, orange color, and jasper gemstone.

November 25 - December 23 (Elder - The Seeker)

As the last month of the Celtic calendar, the Elder moon represents the thrill-seekers and adventurers. Elders thrive on freedom and possess a giving nature. They are often misunderstood as outsiders but are considerate to their environment. Elders identify with the raven, badger, black horse, gold color, and jet gemstone.

Discover Your Celtic Astrology Sign

Now that you have journeyed through the Celtic astrology signs, you may have unveiled the secrets of your own sign. Embrace the wisdom of the ancient trees and explore the cosmic energy that flows through your life. Let your Celtic astrology sign guide you on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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