The Perfect Chair for Every Occasion - Vitra Eames Chairs

Introduction When it comes to finding the right chair, there is one name that stands out - Vitra Eames Chairs. With a wide range of designs, colors, and materials, these chairs are not only stylish...


When it comes to finding the right chair, there is one name that stands out - Vitra Eames Chairs. With a wide range of designs, colors, and materials, these chairs are not only stylish but also functional. Whether you need a chair for your office, dining room, or simply for relaxation, Vitra Eames Chairs have got you covered. Let's explore the different designs and find the perfect chair for you!

Eames Chairs - A Chair for Every Need

Plastic, Fiberglass, Lounge, and Aluminum Chairs

No matter which chair you choose from the Vitra Eames collection, you can be sure that you are making the right choice. Each chair is meticulously designed by Charles & Ray Eames, ensuring both comfort and style. The Plastic and Fiberglass chairs are versatile and can be used for various professional and public needs. On the other hand, the Aluminum chairs are ideal for office work, providing both functionality and elegance. And let's not forget the legendary Lounge Chair, perfect for those moments of relaxation.

Wire Chair DKR - Saving Resources in Style

One of the standout features of the Vitra Eames collection is the Wire Chair DKR. This unique chair, developed in 1951, is made from chrome-plated wire, showcasing the designers' commitment to sustainability. By using innovative materials and techniques, Charles & Ray Eames were able to create a chair that not only looks stunning but also helps save precious resources. It's a true testament to their vision and creativity.

La Chaise - Something Special for the Discerning

If you're someone who appreciates the extraordinary, then the "La Chaise" is the chair for you. Inspired by the "Floating Figure" by artist Gaston Lachaise, this recliner is a work of art in itself. Designed to provide both comfort and style, the "La Chaise" is a testament to the influence of French-American sculptor Gaston Lachaise on modernism in the United States. It's a chair that will surely catch the attention of anyone who enters your space.

Which Eames Design is Right for You?

No matter where you choose to place your Vitra Eames Chair, rest assured that it will fit perfectly. Whether it's in your dining room, bistro, office, or waiting area, these chairs exude timeless elegance. The designs have been imitated countless times, but they have never been equaled. Each chair comes with a matching frame and the option to add a beautiful seat cover, allowing you to customize it to your liking. Rediscover the classics and bring the iconic Eiffel Tower frame into your space with the Eames Plastic DSR chair.

Vitra Eames Chairs

Eames Plastic Chairs - A Modern Marvel

The Eames Plastic Chairs, a further development of the Fiberglass Chairs, are a marvel of modern design. Made from recyclable polypropylene, these chairs offer both comfort and durability. With options like the DAR, DAW, and LAR models, which come with comfortable armrests, or the rocking RAR chair, there is a chair for every need. The PACC and PSCC swivel chairs are perfect for the office or home office, allowing you to stay mobile and productive. And if space-saving is a priority, the DSS chair can be linked as desired and stacked, making it a practical choice.

Eames Fiberglass Chairs - Timeless Beauty

The original Fiberglass chairs are crafted from fiberglass-reinforced through-dyed polyester, ensuring longevity and resilience. With a powder-coated base, these chairs can withstand years of outdoor use. Similarly, the Eames Plastic Side Chair DSR, with its coated wire base, is suitable for outdoor use during warmer seasons. With options like the DSR, DSW, DAW, LAR, DSX, DAX, and RAR, there is a Fiberglass chair to suit every taste. While the color selection may be smaller compared to the Plastic chairs, you can still find the perfect furniture to elevate your space.

Eames Lounge Chairs - Luxury and Comfort Combined

The Eames Lounge Chair is a true masterpiece, available with or without an Ottoman. Made with high-quality leather and wood, this chair offers unparalleled luxury and comfort. Inspired by the English club chair and designed with the utmost care, the Lounge Chair is available in black and white, with a wide selection of fine woods to choose from. With the option of different sizes, including a recently introduced taller version, you can find the perfect fit for your space. Handmade with meticulous attention to detail, the Lounge Chair is a timeless classic.

Eames Aluminum Chairs - Design Meets Functionality

If you're in need of an office chair that combines design and functionality, look no further than the Eames Aluminum Chairs. Designed in the late 1950s, these chairs are available in leather or fabric, with options for low or high backrests. Whether you need a swivel chair with castors or a classic chair for meetings, Vitra Eames has you covered. These chairs feature a unique design with leather, fabric, or mesh material stretched between two aluminum side panels, providing optimal comfort and style for your workspace.

In conclusion, Vitra Eames Chairs are not just chairs, they are pieces of art that will enhance any space. Whether you choose the Plastic, Fiberglass, Lounge, or Aluminum chairs, you can be confident that you are getting a chair that combines style, comfort, and functionality. Elevate your space with iconic design and experience the timeless beauty of Vitra Eames Chairs.