The West Corner: Embracing Protection, Children, and Creativity

By Kathryn Weber The west corner, often associated with children and family, holds a special place in feng shui. Situated between the mother (southwest) and the father (northwest), this corner basks in the watchful care...

By Kathryn Weber

The west corner, often associated with children and family, holds a special place in feng shui. Situated between the mother (southwest) and the father (northwest), this corner basks in the watchful care and protection of parental energy.

At the heart of the west corner lies the celestial creature known as the White Tiger. This creature symbolizes both protection and ferocity, reminiscent of the remarkable mothers in the animal kingdom who fiercely defend their young.

In addition to its connection to children, the west corner represents the setting sun, daughters, and the safeguarding of possessions and accomplishments. It is also closely tied to creativity and the act of creation itself.

White Tiger The White Tiger, a guardian of happiness and good fortune.

To activate the positive energy of the west corner, incorporate metal elements like computers, wind chimes, or bells. Earth elements such as crystals and vases can further protect children, ward off harm, and enhance the well-being of the family. Interestingly, it is the mother's energy that nurtures both the children and father energy within a household.

Here are some essential tips to consider when it comes to the west corner:

Embrace the Autumn Energy

Autumn represents the decline of chi, as it moves towards winter. This season mirrors the internal reflection necessary for new beginnings and vitality.

Harness the Power of the White Tiger

Everyone and every home needs protection. Activating the White Tiger energy requires a slight slope on the right side of the house (facing the street), lower than the left or dragon side. The dragon side embodies creation, growth, and prosperity, while the White Tiger side safeguards against negative intentions and harm.

Earth for Wealth and Fortune

As the west corner is associated with the metal element, incorporating earth elements helps promote wealth and protection. Chandeliers, vases, and crystal objects create positive energy for prosperity and relationships, while teaching mischievous children respect for their family.

Activate the Corner for Fertility

The west corner is known as the corner for descendant's luck. Enhance fertility energy with images of children and fruits like pomegranates. Tinkling wind chimes work wonders for pregnancy activation. Vases, symbolizing the womb, are also beneficial for those trying to conceive.

Manage Excessive Sunlight

While sunlight is generally welcome in any home, excessive sunlight in west-facing houses can lead to anxiety and tension. Control the sun's intensity by using drapes, shades, or shutters. Hanging a faceted crystal in west-facing windows allows the light to disperse into rainbows, creating a serene ambiance.

The West Corner The West Corner: Symbolized by metal elements and gray and white colors.

Colors and Number 7

The west corner is associated with metal and small metal objects like knives and scissors. Incorporate metal colors such as white and gray, along with earth tones like tan, beige, terracotta, or yellow to balance the sun's intensity. The number 7 represents this corner, and if respiratory or dental issues arise, check for blue colors or water elements.

Beware of Fire Elements

Avoid fire elements in the west corner, as they can cause family problems, difficulties with estranged children, or complications with the youngest daughter. Fire elements can also hinder the ability to have children if there's a kitchen, fireplace, or bathroom in this corner.

Unleash Your Creativity

Earth, as the mother element, nurtures the metal element, making it ideal for fostering creative energy. Display crystals, images of mountains, globes, or maps in the west corner to activate artistic endeavors. This area is particularly favorable for individuals in creative professions such as actors, speakers, and artists of all kinds.

The west corner holds immense significance within feng shui, encompassing protection, family, and boundless creativity. By integrating the principles of feng shui and understanding the energy flow within this corner, you can enhance your family's well-being, invite prosperity, and unlock the infinite power of your creativity.