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What Colors Complement Gray Walls?

Choosing the right color for an accent wall to pair with your gray paint can be a daunting task. To help you make the best choice, we have consulted with experts to compile a list...

Choosing the right color for an accent wall to pair with your gray paint can be a daunting task. To help you make the best choice, we have consulted with experts to compile a list of great colors that work well with gray. Whether you prefer a bold statement or a soothing combination, there is a color that will perfectly complement your gray walls.

The Best Accent Wall Colors To Pair With Gray Walls

Gray is a popular choice for wall paint due to its versatility as a neutral color. However, sometimes a room can feel too monotonous with too much gray. That's when an accent wall can come to the rescue. Here are some excellent colors that you can use for your accent wall:

Blue Accent Wall

Blue is a fantastic color that pairs beautifully with gray paint. Whether you opt for a soft gray or a darker shade, there is a corresponding shade of blue that will harmonize perfectly. In a cozy living room, for example, a soft gray wall is complemented by a rich navy/teal accent wall. Add floating photo shelves and family pictures to complete the blue and gray theme.

Pink Accent Wall

Pairing pink with gray creates a stunning combination. Consider a rich charcoal wall offset by bold floral wallpaper in a dramatic living room. The floral components in shades of pink and rose on a darker gray background tie the room together.

Yellow Accent Wall

Yellow is another genius color to pair with gray. In an urban bedroom, use bookcase niche spaces for a sunny yellow accent color. The bold yellow paint inside each niche looks fantastic against the medium gray wall.

Green Accent Wall

To infuse warmth into a gray room, consider using green accents. In a room with a fairly light gray wall, a rich emerald green accent wall creates a gorgeous contrast. By incorporating this color pair into the rest of the furnishings, you can achieve a soothing cohesiveness in your living space.

White Accent Wall

Reversing the trend of white as the overall color and gray as the accent color can create a unique look. For instance, in a modern kitchen, a soft light gray wall blends seamlessly with glossy white subway tiles above the countertops, creating a wall of accent color.

Brown Accent Wall

Greige, which refers to slightly warmer grays, pairs well with warmer colors like cocoa brown. Consider painting a super soft cocoa brown fireplace wall to draw attention to the focal point of the room.

Black Accent Wall

If you want to make a bold statement, consider a black accent wall. Textured black wallpaper can create a dramatic effect, especially when paired with lighter gray tones for a touch of contrast. Alternatively, a velvety black damask wallpaper matched with a charcoal gray paint color adds a touch of elegance.

What's the Complementary Color of Gray?

Since most grays have a hint of another color in them, complementary colors can vary. Chromatic grays contain a color within the gray, and experts suggest pulling from its opposite on the color wheel to find the complement. For example, a blue-gray might complement something in the orange range, while a gray with a hint of yellow might complement a color in the violet family.

What Color Furniture Goes With Gray Walls?

When it comes to furniture that pairs well with gray walls, consider the colors mentioned earlier. Natural tones, cremes, and various shades of gray are safe choices. However, a bold and impactful design choice would be a gorgeous raspberry-colored velvet sofa that matches beautifully with gray walls.

What Colors Go With Gray Walls in a Living Room?

The choice of colors that go well with gray walls in a living room depends on the overall style you want to achieve. For a casual vibe, consider browns, soft cremes, and blues. If you prefer a more formal feel, go for bolder colors like navy blue, emerald green, or even black. Pink is also an excellent choice as it can transition from casual to formal effortlessly.

Your Gray Room Can Have Designer Appeal With the Right Accent Wall

There are numerous options available to enhance the decor of your home. Determine the mood and tone you want to create and explore paint samples or wallpaper options. The beauty of interior design, particularly paint colors, is that they can easily be refreshed and updated if you ever grow tired of your choices.

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