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The Allure of Barndominiums: Affordable and Distinctive Homes

Introduction Are you tired of conventional homes and looking for a unique and cost-effective housing option? Look no further than barndominiums! In this article, we will uncover the charm and benefits of these barn-like structures...


Are you tired of conventional homes and looking for a unique and cost-effective housing option? Look no further than barndominiums! In this article, we will uncover the charm and benefits of these barn-like structures that have been transformed into modern residential homes. Let's dive in!

Barndominum Homes Our Favorite Barndominium - ©Blue Lemon Photography

Barndominiums 101: Unraveling the Mystery

Barndominiums are barn-like structures that have been converted into comfortable living spaces. While they maintain the appearance of traditional barns on the outside, their interior is customized to suit modern living.

Unlike conventional homes, barndominiums are typically constructed using post-frame structures, making them quicker and easier to build. This construction method, along with the use of metal building materials, often makes barndominiums more affordable than traditional homes.

30x36 metal building © Steel Structures of America

Common Features: The Allure of Open Space

One of the prominent features of barndominiums is their open living floor plans. This design provides a sense of space and versatility. Exposed beams, vaulted ceilings, wooden staircases, sliding barn doors, gabled roofs, metal siding, and columns are common elements found in these unique homes.

The absence of load-bearing walls inside the space allows for maximum customization and utilization of square footage. Whether you want a spacious living area or a workshop for your home business, barndominiums can be tailored to suit your needs.

The Origin of a Trend: How Barndominiums Came to Be

The concept of barndominiums has been around for decades, with farmers in rural Texas converting barns into living spaces. However, it wasn't until the 1980s that the term "barndominium" was coined by realtor Karl Nilsen to describe a community focused on equestrian activities.

The real breakthrough came in 2016 when Chip and Joanna Gaines featured a renovated barn transformed into a home on their popular HGTV show "Fixer Upper." This ignited a trend and sparked widespread interest in barndominiums as a unique and affordable housing option.

Fixer Upper Barn House The Fixer Upper Barndominium - Image by Rachel Whyte

Picture Gallery: A Visual Delight

1683743470 © Architectural Designs

623113DJ © Architectural Designs

trenton tx metal barndo © Alicia Purser (Keller Williams)

623163DJ © Architectural Designs

mammoth cave barndo 48 © IDX (Zillow)

mammoth cave barndo 1 © IDX (Zillow)

New Home Texas 2 © Coldwell Banker (TX)

Franklin, TN Metal Barndo © Jennifer A. Spergl

white bluff tn metal building 6 © Jennifer A. Spergl

best metal building colors © Allison Tanner

What are the Key Benefits of Barn Homes?

The rising cost of construction in the housing market has led many people to seek alternative housing solutions. Barndominiums offer several advantages over traditional homes, making them a popular choice among budget-conscious homeowners. Let's explore the benefits:

Texas Barn Home © DLG Construction

Durability: Barndominiums are built to last. Constructed with steel, they are resistant to rot, termites, and fire, making them a more durable option compared to wood-framed homes.

Low Maintenance: Steel buildings require less maintenance, providing homeowners with peace of mind. While interior materials may require upkeep, the structural integrity of the home remains sturdy and low-maintenance.

Faster Construction: Barndominium kits streamline the construction process, as many components are pre-made off-site. This allows for faster completion, with some complex floor plan projects finishing in as little as six months.

Adaptable Design: The absence of load-bearing walls inside a barndominium provides flexibility in design. The open floor plan allows homeowners to maximize space and create their dream living environment, whether it be a home, workshop, or even an airplane hangar!

Eco-Friendly: Barndominiums have a lower carbon footprint and waste fewer materials compared to traditional wood-framed homes. Their long-lasting steel construction contributes to a more sustainable housing option.

Fire-Resistant: The steel structure of a barndominium provides a fire-resistant barrier. With proper fireproofing measures, the risk of fire damage is significantly reduced compared to wood-framed homes.

While barndominiums offer numerous benefits, it's important to consider the costs of plumbing, insulation, land, and other necessary expenses. However, the cost savings in construction and labor make them an attractive option in today's market.

How Much Do Barndominiums Cost?

Best Barn Home Style Gallery ©Blue Lemon Photography

One of the most significant advantages of barndominiums is their affordability. The cost largely depends on factors such as size, location, site work, and utility connections. However, as a general estimate, barndominiums cost $35-$48 per square foot to build, while stick-built homes can cost $160-$275 per square foot.

Building a barndominium can yield significant cost savings, especially when compared to the rising construction costs of traditional homes. It's important to note that additional costs like land, foundation work, permits, and interior finishes should be considered when budgeting for your barndominium project.

Barndominium Kits: Simplifying Construction

Wick Buildings Barn House © WickBuildings.com

Barndominium kits provide an efficient and straightforward solution for construction. These kits include the necessary components to construct the outer shell of the building, which is then customized according to the homeowner's preferences.

These kits typically include prime framing, secondary framing, flashing, trim, plans and drawings, fasteners, roofing material, and wall sheeting. Additional options such as insulation, windows, doors, and gutters can be added to enhance the kit, allowing for personalization and individual style.

The erection process of a barndominium kit is similar to traditional home construction. Contractors or homeowners follow the provided plans and drawings to ensure a seamless assembly. Some individuals may choose to hire a specialized contractor, while others may opt for a DIY approach.

Compare Prices & Save Up To 33%

If you're intrigued by the allure of barndominiums and want to explore the cost-saving potential they offer, it's essential to compare prices and find the best deal. By doing so, you can save up to 33% on your construction project.

So why not consider a barndominium for your next home? With their distinctive charm, cost-effectiveness, and customizable design, they offer an appealing alternative to traditional homes.

Now is the time to embrace the charm and affordability of barndominiums. Let your imagination run wild and create the home of your dreams!