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What is Interior Design? And What It Can Do for Your Home

So many homeowners and business owners consider using interior design services at one stage or another. Yet, not everyone knows what to expect from an interior designer. Besides, there’s so much more to interior design...

What do interior designers do

So many homeowners and business owners consider using interior design services at one stage or another. Yet, not everyone knows what to expect from an interior designer. Besides, there’s so much more to interior design than dressing up a space. If you’ve ever wondered ‘what is interior design and what can it do for my home?’, read on for the answers!

What is Interior Design?

Modern lounge shows what makes a good interior designer - Hannah G

Undoubtedly, interior design goes beyond creating a space with great visual appeal. Yes, it’s true that room improvement projects often start with interior design styles 101 and selecting your favorite look. But ultimately, it’s about the complete experience of a space.

What do interior designers charge - Drew F

Well, then - what is interior decoration done well? It’s when a space successfully addresses all the aspects that impact the well-being of those who use it. In a nutshell, it’s designing an environment that cares for your different needs. Hallmarks of a thoughtful interior include:

  • Great functionality
  • A room-appropriate layout
  • High comfort levels
  • And finally - impeccable style

Want to see what top-quality interior design can do in your home? Then, schedule your Free Interior Design Consultation to get started with an expert today!

What do Interior Designers Do to Improve a Home?

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Before asking ‘how much does an interior designer cost?’, ask what they have to offer first. Although services can vary from designer to designer, certain aspects remain the same. They all have one goal: to create harmonious spaces that not only fulfill the intended purposes well but also look and feel amazing.

Bathroom showing what is interior decoration - Taize M

Whichever space they work on, there are four factors interior designers always consider. These are the positioning of furniture and décor, color usage, lighting, and acoustics. Getting these elements just right is essential to a successful outcome. However, a top interior designer goes above and beyond, focusing on far more to improve a room. These often include the most basic, but essential design elements and interior design principles.

Help Clients Determine Their Style

Harmonious bedroom shows what is interior design - Selma A

Are you still wondering ‘what do interior designers do?’ The most common answer is that they help clients discover their interior design styles. Indeed, it’s true and very helpful. Especially to those who feel overwhelmed after browsing many beautiful yet varied looks online! However, these experts do more than pinpoint your favorite style.

Office illustrating what is interior design - Kristina B

Interior designers know which questions to ask to determine their clients’ tastes. They dig deep to not only establish what clients want but also what they need from a space. It ensures clients enjoy results that resonate with them and suit their lifestyles.

Interior designers combine project info with their deep understanding of the built environment. For this reason, they can craft spaces that fulfill more than the requirement to be appealing. Professionally designed interiors satisfy a greater need: providing the tools for wholesome living.

Online interior design services - how it works

Steer Clients Away from Expensive Mistakes

Example of what is professional interior design - Nathalie I

What is interior decoration according to skilled designers? Well, it’s partially about preventing their clients from wasting money on bad design decisions. When renovating a room yourself, it frequently becomes far costlier than expected.

What makes a good interior designer - Katharine Pooley

With this in mind, remember that interior designers know the most cost-effective solutions for updating any space. They make sure you get the desired results and the best value for money. Working with a designer also means you can effortlessly track how much is getting spent and on what.

Make Embracing Bolder Design Choices Easier

Chic lounge shows what do interior designers do - Marine H

What is interior design if not taking bold style risks? After all, sticking to safe and familiar design choices leads to unremarkable spaces. Working with an interior designer can remedy that due to their eye for detail and encouragement.

What is interior design - K and H Design

Because a designer knows their client’s preferences, they can create spaces that tick all the boxes while also taking a few calculated risks. The outcome should be a bespoke room inspired by but not a replica of those you fell in love with.

Introduce Clients to Trustworthy Contractors

What makes a good interior designer - Jessica S

What makes a good interior designer is when they recommend credible contractors. Specific projects require more than new furniture and décor. It’s particularly true of bathroom and kitchen renovations where plumbing might have to move around.

What is interior decoration - Katerina P

The best designers have relationships with trustworthy electricians, builders, and other tradespeople. It makes things much easier for clients with more extensive room upgrade needs. They simply use their designer’s recommended contractor to enjoy a job well done - and often preferential rates too!

Design for the Present & Future

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What do interior designers do if not help clients meet their present and future needs? Let’s explain: homeowners may only focus on their household’s current needs. However, as time passes, needs change. Nurseries will turn into child bedrooms and eventually teenage bedrooms. A bathtub with high sides may be great now, but as we age it becomes trickier to get in and out.

What do interior designers charge - Lanem

The point is that designers know how to plan, ensuring you can enjoy a practical and timeless environment for longer. And that’s without having to do extreme overhauls every few years.

Increase Property Resale Value

What is interior decoration - Selma A

Another answer to ‘what do interior designers do?’ is that they help increase a property’s value. They know which additions, finishes, and materials are always in high demand. Although designers respect client wishes, they’ll speak up if something is likely to impact future resale value.

What do Interior Designers Do? They Pinpoint Overlooked Design Opportunities

What makes a good interior designer - Tiara M

Decorators are invaluable in identifying design opportunities clients may have overlooked. When they add an element or finish to the interior design concept, remain open-minded. Embrace the chance to enhance the desired look even further.

Focus on the Details & Grand Scheme

What makes a good interior designer - Darya N

Ask any interior designer ‘what is interior decoration to you?’ and they tend to focus equally on the larger and smaller aspects. This is what is so remarkable about designers. They can focus on minute details and the bigger picture at once. While big elements lay the foundation of a space and its ambiance, it’s the smaller pieces that add depth and refinement.

What do Interior Designers Charge?

White bedroom as illustration for what is interior design - Anna C

Now that you have all you need to know about ‘what is interior decoration?’, we finally get to the costs. It’s important to note there’s a lot of variation. Typically, designers charge per hour, but flat rate charges per room are also common. A designer’s fees are usually related to their experience and the service level you desire.

Alla M shows what do interior designers do

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere around $100-$200 per hour. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Decorilla, for example, offers custom design packages for as little as $75 per hour in addition to affordable flat rate packages.

Experience Top-quality Interior Design for Your Home

High-quality interior design should result in a room that suits your taste, lifestyle, and budget. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to get started on your dream interior today!