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What the Zodiac Compatibility of Justin and Hailey Bieber Reveals about Their Relationship

In September 2018, Justin Bieber married his long-time friend, Hailey Baldwin, after a whirlwind two-month engagement. Despite their Sun signs displaying weak compatibility, their marriage seems to withstand the test of time. Justin, a Pisces,...

In September 2018, Justin Bieber married his long-time friend, Hailey Baldwin, after a whirlwind two-month engagement. Despite their Sun signs displaying weak compatibility, their marriage seems to withstand the test of time. Justin, a Pisces, and Hailey, a Sagittarius, may not seem like a perfect match astrologically, but there are synastry aspects in their charts that contradict their surface-level incompatibility.

Hailey's Mars sign squares Justin's Sun sign

Justin's Mars squares Hailey's Sun, creating a connection that sparks friction and energy. While this aspect indicates a soulmate-like connection, it also suggests the potential for demands on Hailey that could make her feel restricted. To maintain a healthy relationship, they need to work on communication and avoid misunderstandings that can escalate into fiery ego battles.

justin and hailey bieber synastry chart Photo: Astro-Seek

Her Saturn Rx in Taurus is connected to his Pluto in Scorpio

The connection between Hailey's Saturn retrograde in Taurus and Justin's Pluto in Scorpio signifies long-lasting love expressed privately. They may have a public life, but there will always be a private side to their romance that only they will know about. This aspect also indicates a strong potential for intimacy and the ability to positively influence each other.

Hailey and Justin are mentally well-matched

Although Hailey's Sun sign is Sagittarius, her birth chart reveals that she's still developing the traits of that personality. Her Sun communicates with her Moon sign in Taurus and Jupiter Rx in Aries. This grounding of her Sagittarian personality allows her to be patient, persistent, and reflective in making big changes. Her Taurus Moon gives Justin the stability he needs, and her Jupiter Rx brings a desire to support him without disappointment if things don't work out.

Hailey's and Justin's Venus signs have sexual chemistry

With Hailey having Venus in Libra and Justin in Pisces, their Venus signs align for a deep and harmonious romantic connection. Venus rules their relationship life and values, and compatible Venus signs can help soften any conflicts in their personalities. Both Libra and Pisces are feminine energy signs, complementing each other beautifully.

Justin's Sun squares Hailey's Mercury

The square between Justin's Sun and Hailey's Mercury can lead to communication troubles. They may struggle to understand each other's perspectives at times. Openly discussing their ideas about life and achieving happiness is crucial for handling issues stemming from this aspect. Having a supportive circle of people around them offering sound advice can help resolve their communication problems.

Their Mars trine Venus synastry match indicates strong physical attraction

The couple shares a lovely trine connection, indicating strong sexual chemistry. Building trust and deep respect for one another is essential. If they can achieve this, their connection will counterbalance any communication issues and help them navigate troubled times. They can enjoy exploring their adventurous natures together for years to come.

His Ascendant sign matches her Moon sign and is connected to her Saturn and Neptune

Justin finds emotional, mental, and physical fulfillment in his relationship with Hailey. She makes him feel safe in both public and private settings. In turn, he provides her with the foundation she needs to be creative and free of judgment. Their emotional connection is strong, and they can dream and grow together within safe boundaries.

Her Saturn and Neptune signs in Capricorn bring strong financial accountability to the table

Hailey's Saturn and Neptune signs in Capricorn make her a trustworthy partner when it comes to finances. She is likely to be financially wise and generous, which may explain the absence of a prenuptial agreement between Justin and Hailey. However, Justin may need to be mindful of overspending. Their strong financial accountability adds stability to their relationship.

Their life path numbers are in harmony

Hailey's life path number is 4, while Justin's is 9. Although numerology alone does not determine compatibility, the presence of a number 4 in both their paths indicates a desire for stability and the ability to create a lasting relationship. Their numbers align with their individual goals of settling down, working toward mutual objectives, and being disciplined individuals.

Their karmic numbers are mutually beneficial

Justin's karmic lesson numbers are 6, 7, and 8, while Hailey's only carries the number 6. Together, they can learn the lessons associated with the number 6, and Hailey can assist Justin in resolving his karmic lessons of 7 and 8. They both carry the number 13 as their karmic debt number, giving them an opportunity to use their talents for spiritual growth and giving back.

Their expression/destiny numbers are the same

Both Justin and Hailey have an expression number of 4, indicating their mutual destiny and personal expressions. With their shared number 4 placement, they are likely to enjoy settling down into married life, hosting gatherings for friends and family, and working toward common goals. Their self-discipline and perseverance will contribute to a solid foundation in their relationship.

In conclusion, while Justin and Hailey may not have perfect astrological compatibility, their charts reveal synastry aspects that contradict the surface-level incompatibilities. They share strong physical attraction, emotional fulfillment, and a mutual desire for stability. By working on communication and surrounding themselves with supportive people, they can navigate any challenges and build a lasting and fulfilling relationship together.