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What You Must Know About Pi Xiu (貔貅) aka Tian Lu (天祿)

Introduction Have you ever heard of Pi Xiu (貔貅) aka Tian Lu (天祿)? This auspicious celestial creature is not only a symbol of wealth and fortune but also a powerful protector. As an experienced Feng...

About Tian Lu aka Pi Xiu Singapore


Have you ever heard of Pi Xiu (貔貅) aka Tian Lu (天祿)? This auspicious celestial creature is not only a symbol of wealth and fortune but also a powerful protector. As an experienced Feng Shui practitioner, I have come across many different Feng Shui items, but none have impressed me as much as Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅). In this article, I will share with you the fascinating and mystical qualities of this celestial being.

The Power of Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅)

  1. Protection and Summoning Fortune: Once you become the owner of a Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅), it will protect you with its life. This powerful creature can summon fortune and bring helpful individuals (贵人) into your life.

  2. Warding off Evil: Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) can guard your house and family members from evil spirits and catastrophes. It also ensures good health for everyone in the household.

  3. Protection from Wicked People: This celestial creature acts as a guardian, warding off evil and wicked people (小人/恶人) who intend to harm you or your family. It helps you overcome obstacles and navigate through challenging times.

  4. Symbol of Authority: Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) represents authority and power. Placing it at an auspicious position on your office desk will enhance your status and influence.

  5. Retaining Good Fortune: One unique characteristic of Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) is that it does not have an anus. This means that whatever good fortune it absorbs will be trapped in its stomach for your use.

  6. Eliminating Negative Energy: Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) can help you ward off different types of negative energy (煞气) present in your surroundings. It is especially effective in countering the negative energies indicated in the Flying Star Chart - 九官飞星.

  7. Personal Protection: You can also carry a pocket-sized Tian Lu (天祿) with you for personal protection. Whether you work in a negative energy environment or travel frequently, this celestial being will provide an extra layer of security.

Selecting a Good Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅)

When choosing a Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅), look for one with a strong horn, a stout and strong body, and sharp, lively eyes. The celestial being should be standing in a fighting stance, ready and alert to protect its owner. There are various designs and patterns available, but the most important factor is that you feel an immediate connection and attraction to the particular piece.

Placing a Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) At Home or in the Office

If you decide to place the Tian Lu (天祿) at home yourself, the best location is in the living room, facing the main door or window. This positioning ensures that it protects your family by warding off any evil or bad Sha Qi attempting to enter your house. Additionally, it will be the first to absorb all the positive energy and good fortune, ensuring that it does not escape elsewhere and is available for the owner's use.

For office spaces, you can place a Tian Lu (天祿) on your desk or in a cabinet facing the main door or your office door. This positioning grants you a sense of authority, and your clients will unconsciously feel obliged to listen to you. It is recommended to occasionally stroke your Tian Lu (天祿) and communicate with it, asking for good fortune and protection.

In case you need assistance in finding a good Wealth Spot (财位) for your Tian Lu (天祿) purchase, feel free to invite us to your premises. We provide this service free of charge for customers who purchase their Tian Lu (天祿) from us.

Stories and Personal Encounters

Let me share some personal stories involving Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) with you. One of my best friends, an air stewardess, carries a small jade Tian Lu (天祿) in her pocket. On one flight, they encountered turbulence that caused injuries to passengers. However, my friend was unharmed, and upon inspection, she found her Tian Lu (天祿) had broken into two pieces. It became clear to her that the celestial creature had protected her from the unseen catastrophe.

Another friend of mine, also a Tian Lu (天祿) owner, experienced a crack in his Tian Lu (天祿) while working on a construction site. Despite the dangers of his job, both he and his wife remained safe and sound. They simply replaced the broken Tian Lu (天祿) and continue to live happily.

As for my personal pocket-sized Tian Lu (天祿), it developed hairline cracks all over its body, from the legs to the mouth. Although I no longer carry it with me, I used to use it as a demonstration to showcase the power of Tian Lu (天祿) in personal protection.

Additional Information For Pleasure Reading

The Dragon, a legendary creature, has nine sons, each possessing distinct characteristics. These mystical creatures can be found carved on ancient temples, relics, and buildings. Here are the names and descriptions commonly associated with the Dragon's sons:

  1. Bi Xi (贔屭): Resembles a giant land turtle and is often carved on stone tablets.
  2. Li Wen (螭吻): Resembles a beast and is found on rooftops, always gazing in all directions.
  3. Pu Lao (蒲牢): Resembles a small dragon and is frequently seen on musical instruments and bells.
  4. Bi An (狴犴): Resembles a tiger and is found in some ancient prisons in China.
  5. Tao Tie (饕餮): Resembles a creature that loves to eat and is commonly found on ancient bronze items.
  6. Suan Ni (狻猊): Represents Buddhist values and is often seen on incense burners.
  7. Yaizi (睚眥): Has a violent nature and likes to kill, commonly carved on sword or knife hilts.
  8. Jia Tu (椒圖): Resembles a Snail Clam and is placed on ancient doors as a door knock.
  9. Pi Xiu (貔貅): Known as the ninth son, it has a big mouth to consume fortunes and wicked individuals. It is particularly popular when carved from jade, symbolizing a constant flow of wealth.


Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) is a mystical creature that brings good fortune, protection, and enhanced wealth to its owner. With its powerful presence, it safeguards against evil, wards off negative energy, and summons beneficial connections. Placing a Tian Lu (天祿) strategically in your home or office can bring about positive changes and create a harmonious environment. Embrace the power of Tian Lu (天祿) aka Pi Xiu (貔貅) and experience the abundance it brings into your life.

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