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Where to Put a Mirror in Your Bedroom: Feng Shui Tips

Are you wondering where to hang your new bedroom mirror? You can't just put it anywhere you want. Well, you could, but that wouldn't be very "Feng Shui" of you. So, where should you put...

where to put a mirror in your bedroom

Are you wondering where to hang your new bedroom mirror? You can't just put it anywhere you want. Well, you could, but that wouldn't be very "Feng Shui" of you. So, where should you put a mirror in your bedroom to align with this ancient practice? Let's explore some ideas that follow these traditional decor principles.

Understanding Feng Shui & Bedroom Mirrors

what is feng shui & how does it work with bedroom mirrors? here you can learn feng shui mirror placement in a bedroom

If you've never heard of Feng Shui before, it's an ancient Chinese tradition of channeling energy in your living space. By setting up your mirrors and other items in the right way, you allow for optimal energy flow in the room. This can lead to better feelings of well-being and a more restful sleep experience.

The Commanding Position in Bedroom Feng Shui

understanding bedroom feng shui - the commanding position & where to place a mirror in your bedroom

In Feng Shui, the commanding position for your bed is when you can see the door while lying in bed, but the bed is not directly in line with the door. This position gives you the best view of the room and allows you to have control over your life. If your bed cannot be placed in the commanding position, you can offset this by hanging a mirror on the wall in front of your bed.

The Best Places to Hang Mirrors in a Bedroom

here are the best places for mirror placement in a bedroom

Let's explore where to put a mirror in your bedroom. The best position for hanging a mirror is anywhere in the room where it doesn't reflect light directly. If your bed is in the commanding position, hanging the mirror directly in front of the bed is not recommended. Here are some options to consider:

For Small Bedrooms

  • Opposite Windows: Placing a mirror near a window in a small, dark room allows you to bring in more light, making the room appear larger.
  • Behind Doors: Placing a full-length mirror behind a door can help save space and prevent the room from feeling overcrowded.
  • Above Your Bed: Hanging a mirror on the wall behind your bed can draw attention to the bed and create a more attractive space.

For Large Bedrooms

  • Next to the Bed or on Closet Doors: Placing the mirror beside the bed, but not facing it, or on the outside of closet doors is a classic choice for larger bedrooms.
  • Above the Dresser: Hanging a mirror above your dresser provides a convenient spot for checking your appearance and enhances the natural light in the room.

Places to Avoid Hanging Mirrors in Bedrooms

we have covered important details on where to put a mirror in your bedroom, here are places to avoid hanging mirrors in bedrooms

While we've discussed where to hang your bedroom mirror, it's equally important to know where not to hang it according to Feng Shui principles. Here are some areas to avoid:

  • On the Ceiling: Hanging a mirror on the ceiling facing down towards your bed can make you feel uncomfortable, like someone is always watching you.
  • Across From the Bed: Hanging a mirror directly across from the bed might make it hard to relax and unwind, as it gives the feeling of being watched.
  • Facing the Bathroom: Avoid hanging a mirror on a wall that faces the bathroom, as it may reflect the toilet, which can be unpleasant.
  • Facing a Blank Wall: Hanging a mirror facing a blank wall can make the room feel boring and sterile.

Why Does Feng Shui Suggest Covering Up Mirrors at Night?

no matter what you do with bedroom mirror placement, why does feng shui suggest you cover up your mirrors at night?

According to some Feng Shui schools of thought, covering up mirrors at night is recommended. The belief is that a mirror brings energy into a room, and by leaving it uncovered, the room remains in a high-energy state, potentially disrupting your sleep. Try covering your bedroom mirror at night to see if it makes any difference for you.

What Happens If You Don't Follow Feng Shui Guidelines?

Nothing. Feng Shui guidelines are not absolute rules, but they can provide helpful advice for optimizing the energy flow in your living space. Some people may find following these tips beneficial, while others may not notice any difference. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what feels right for your bedroom decor.


At the end of the day, the principles of Feng Shui can provide valuable guidance for arranging your bedroom furniture, including mirrors. Whether you fully embrace the energy concepts or simply use them as furniture arranging advice, following the basic principles can help create a more balanced, purposeful, and thought-out space. So, consider these tips on where to put a mirror in your bedroom and let them inspire you to create a harmonious environment that suits your personal style.

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