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White Kitchen with Copper Accents: Enhancing the Vintage Aesthetic

Adding character and warmth to a white kitchen can be achieved effortlessly with the timeless beauty of copper. Whether you prefer new or antique copper, these kitchen decor ideas will inspire you to create a...

Adding character and warmth to a white kitchen can be achieved effortlessly with the timeless beauty of copper. Whether you prefer new or antique copper, these kitchen decor ideas will inspire you to create a vintage aesthetic that is simple yet stunning. Let's explore four places where copper accents can be incorporated into your kitchen design, allowing you to infuse your home with the charm of this warm metal.

Kitchen copper accents

The color and patina of copper bring character and style to kitchen decor, particularly in white kitchens. If you appreciate vintage or antique styles, incorporating this captivating metal into your decor will add a touch of elegance.

Before delving into the various ways to use copper in your kitchen, let's first consider the advantages and disadvantages of using copper in home decor. If you prefer the aged and dark amber color of copper, you can skip this section. However, if you appreciate the rosy and vibrant copper hue, it's essential to note that this type of copper accessory requires regular cleaning. Keeping copper clean is a breeze once you know a few simple tricks. You can check out my post on how to effortlessly maintain the shine of your copper.

There are several reasons why copper makes an excellent choice for kitchen decoration. Firstly, copper is not only visually appealing but also a fantastic material to cook with, making it a practical and functional addition to your kitchen. Additionally, if you have a white kitchen, incorporating copper accents can create a warm and cozy ambiance. You might be wondering if copper is still in style for kitchens. The answer is yes! Copper is a timeless metal that effortlessly complements both modern kitchen designs and traditional home decor. Its enduring appeal ensures that it will never go out of style. So, go ahead and embrace copper in your kitchen decor.

With the background information in mind, let's explore the best copper kitchen accent ideas that will elevate the style of your space:

Copper Cookware over the Stove

If you want to make a statement, using copper cookware hanging over your stove or on a pot rack is the perfect choice. What's great about copper cookware accents is that they can serve both as decoration and functional storage for your cooking essentials. You can display your collection of copper cookware or use them regularly in your culinary adventures.

Copper accents over a stove

You can find inexpensive copper cookware at antique or thrift stores, giving you the opportunity to test out whether copper accents are right for your kitchen. Command hooks provide a temporary solution for hanging copper items over your stove without drilling into your ceramic tile. After trying out this temporary method and falling in love with copper, you can opt for a more permanent solution.

Hanging the Copper Cookware

When I shared my temporary copper accents on Instagram, I was amazed by the positive response. Many people loved the idea of using command hooks to display copper without making permanent changes to their kitchen. To achieve the look you desire, consider purchasing a pot holder rack and customizing it to match your style. For example, you can spray paint a silver pot holder with Behr antique copper spray paint to create a stunning copper color.

Copper pot rack for over a stove

Next, hang the pot holder and arrange your copper cookware on the hooks. This approach allows you to test out copper accents in your kitchen before making a long-term commitment. Once you're convinced that copper is the perfect addition to your kitchen, you can enjoy the warmth and charm it brings to the space.

While hanging copper pots and pans over your stove is one way to incorporate copper accents, there are other simple and nostalgic ideas to consider.

Copper Kitchen Accents on Shelves or Hooks

Shelves and hooks offer additional opportunities to display copper accents. Consider hanging copper items or placing them on your shelves or dish rack. If you have unique copper pieces such as a copper bowl, copper canisters, or moscow mule mugs, white cabinets or open shelving will beautifully showcase their charm. Repetition of the copper color in a room's design can create a cohesive and visually pleasing look. For example, you can hang an antique copper ladle against a white or light-colored wall to make the copper stand out even more.

Antique copper accent of a ladle hanging on a dishrack

Keep in mind that placing copper against a white or light-colored background emphasizes its beauty. Copper also complements white marble countertops impeccably.

If you would like to learn more about the paint colors in my kitchen or explore my small French country kitchen tour, make sure to check out my other posts for additional information.

While two copper accents may be enough for some kitchens, depending on your preference, there are several other copper detail ideas to consider.

Copper Accents on Appliances

Look for appliances with copper handles or details to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. For instance, my GE cafe range and refrigerator feature gold handles with a copper ring. These shiny copper accents contribute to the overall aesthetic and provide a sophisticated and polished look. The warm tones of gold and copper complement each other beautifully. You can find appliances with copper knobs or even opt for a copper range hood if you desire a truly vintage aesthetic in your kitchen.

Copper accent on a GE cafe gas range

Kitchen Copper Accents on Walls

Adding copper decorations to your kitchen walls can be a fun and affordable way to incorporate this metal into your decor. While I don't regularly have copper wall decor in my kitchen, I decided to experiment with copper accents during the fall season. I visited my favorite vintage stores and found a copper plate and copper flue plate. To display them, I simply tied them with a jute cord and hung them on hooks in my kitchen sitting area, creating charming fall decorations made of copper.

Decorating your kitchen with copper

For a fall-inspired copper accent, you can also shop for copper molds or wall art. These pieces can be incorporated into a gallery wall or displayed alongside other artwork and accessories. I recently fell in love with an adorable bunny mold made of copper and I'm considering adding it to my kitchen walls or hanging it over my stove.

You might even consider a copper backsplash or copper pendant lights to further elevate your kitchen's style.

To conclude, white kitchens provide the perfect canvas for copper accents to shine. With a multitude of copper cookware items available, both new and antique, you have numerous options to explore. Etsy is an excellent platform to find new and vintage copper cookware and molds. If you prefer new items, consider shopping at William and Sonoma for their beautiful copper cookware that is not only great for cooking but also for displaying on a pot rack. You can rest assured that it is safe to use for your loved ones.

Do you already have copper accents in your kitchen? If so, I would love to hear about your copper decor ideas and how you incorporate them into the heart of your home. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences. I hope you find this post helpful, and I wish you a wonderful day.

White kitchen with copper accents