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Wholesaling Houses: How to Get Started and Succeed in Real Estate

Are you interested in breaking into the world of real estate investing? Wholesaling houses is a fantastic way to start, but it's important to understand the process and have a strong foundation of knowledge. In...

Are you interested in breaking into the world of real estate investing? Wholesaling houses is a fantastic way to start, but it's important to understand the process and have a strong foundation of knowledge. In this article, we will guide you through the five essential steps to getting started in wholesaling real estate successfully.

Introduction: An Exciting Opportunity in Real Estate

Wholesaling houses offers a unique opportunity for anyone looking to enter the real estate market. It involves finding great deals and passing them along to investors, allowing you to avoid risk and free up your capital. However, success in wholesaling requires more than just luck. It requires a solid understanding of the process and the real estate market. Let's dive into the five steps you need to take to get started.

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What Is Wholesaling?

Wholesaling houses is a strategy where investors find discounted properties and sell them to interested buyers for a profit. It's a quick way to turn a profit, with some investors closing deals in just a few hours. To start wholesaling, you'll need to find discounted properties below market value and control them with a "purchase and sale agreement." Then, you'll locate a buyer who is willing to purchase the contract. Keep in mind that when you sell a contract, you're selling the right to buy the property, not the property itself.

What Is Reverse Wholesaling?

Reverse wholesaling is a variation of traditional wholesaling, where you find buyers before locating properties. By knowing what your buyer pool wants, you can focus your efforts on finding the right properties to match their needs. Flipping the contract in reverse wholesaling is often easier, as you already have a buyer interested in the property.

How to Wholesale Real Estate in 5 Simple Steps

Here are the five essential steps to get started in wholesaling real estate:

1. Do Your Homework

Start by familiarizing yourself with the process of wholesaling houses. Conduct thorough research on your local real estate market to understand home prices, neighborhood locations, and available property types. This initial groundwork will establish a strong foundation for your future wholesaling success.

2. Build Your Buyers List

Before searching for your first deal, create a buyers list. As a wholesaler, your role is to connect sellers with buyers. Knowing where to find buyers before securing a property is crucial. Attend real estate events, network, use email marketing and social media to build a strong buyers list. Consider using bandit signs to spread your contact information in your targeted area. Remember, knowing your buyers before finding a deal is imperative.

3. Secure Financing

To start wholesaling houses, you need to secure financing. Identifying a reliable financing source, such as a private or hard money lender, is essential. Establishing this partnership will allow you to acquire the necessary funds quickly and smoothly when your first deal comes along.

4. Find Wholesale Real Estate Deals

Now it's time to search for potential wholesale deals. Look for distressed properties below market value in your local market. These properties often have motivated sellers who are eager to sell. Use online real estate sites like Zillow or Realtor.com, ask your network, or search public records for recently inherited or delinquent properties. Finding distressed properties is a great way to secure deals at attractive prices.

5. Determine Your Exit Strategy

As a real estate wholesaler, you have two main exit strategies: selling a contract or executing a double closing. Selling a contract involves matching sellers with buyers without ever owning the property, while a double closing requires you to take possession of the property and then sell it immediately. Choose the right strategy based on the specific wholesale deal at hand.

Wholesaling Real Estate: Tips for Beginners

If you're looking to become better at wholesaling real estate, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Market to Find Deals: Allocate a budget for marketing to find the best deals in your area. Explore options like bandit signs, targeted marketing, and social media exposure to attract potential sellers.

  2. Networking is Key: Establish connections in the real estate industry by attending local events and joining real estate investment clubs. Word-of-mouth can be a valuable source of leads and opportunities.

  3. Know Your Numbers: Understand the financial aspects of a wholesale deal, including repair costs, carrying costs, and property values in the area. Thorough knowledge of the numbers will ensure profitable deals.

  4. Convert Leads into Deals: Focus on converting leads into successful deals by building relationships with homeowners and addressing their needs. Effective communication and problem-solving skills are essential for closing deals.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Wholesaling?

The beauty of wholesaling houses is that you don't need a substantial amount of money to start. While having some capital for marketing is essential, you don't have to take out loans or have excellent credit to get started. You can begin with free marketing channels such as Craigslist to spread the word about your wholesaling business. If you need additional funds, consider finding a partner who can bring capital and expertise to the table.

How Much Do Real Estate Wholesalers Make?

The earnings of real estate wholesalers vary depending on their ability to find profitable deals. The key is to secure properties for less than what investors are willing to pay. On average, wholesalers can make anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000 per transaction. The more experienced and skilled you become, the greater your earning potential.

Is Wholesaling Houses Worthwhile?

Wholesaling houses can be a profitable venture if you consistently find properties, have a strong buyers list, and successfully assign contracts. It does require effort, networking, and thorough research to get your first contract. However, as you gain experience and close more deals, wholesaling becomes more comfortable. If wholesaling seems overwhelming, remember that there are other real estate investment strategies to explore.


Wholesaling houses is a fantastic way to generate income and build a network in the real estate industry. To succeed in wholesaling, research your local market, build a solid buyers list, and understand the process thoroughly. Wholesaling can jumpstart your real estate career and open doors to countless opportunities. Are you ready to take advantage of the current real estate market? Sign up for our online training class to learn how to invest in today's real estate market!

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