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Who’s the Ideal Soulmate for a Cancer? An Epic Zodiac Love Guide

Is Cancer your zodiac sign? Are you curious about who you're most likely to be soulmates with? Get ready to discover amazing insights about your life and love horoscope that you haven't known before. In...

Is Cancer your zodiac sign? Are you curious about who you're most likely to be soulmates with? Get ready to discover amazing insights about your life and love horoscope that you haven't known before. In this ultimate Cancer soulmate compatibility guide, we'll reveal the best and worst soulmate matches for a Cancer, the zodiac signs to watch out for, and the mistakes to avoid with your soulmate. If you're dating a Cancerian, this article is also for you! Let's dive in.

6 Best Signs for a Cancer (Soulmate Compatibility)

When it comes to soulmate compatibility, there are no universal and fixed terms. However, star signs do have personality traits that blend beautifully with others. People with Cancer zodiac signs tend to gravitate towards those who make them feel valued and cared for.


Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, makes an ideal soulmate for a Cancer. This pairing is one of the most natural, pleasurable, and well-matched soulmate pairings. Both Scorpios and Cancers have intuitive and sensitive traits and value family more than anything else. The compatibility between a Cancer and Scorpio has definite soulmate potential. With their intense chemistry and shared values in life, this pairing is a match made in heaven. Have you met a Scorpio recently? They could be your soulmate!


Pisces, the most sensitive and empathetic sign of the zodiac, is deeply connected to the world around them. As both signs belong to the element of Water, they tend to share beautiful emotions, making falling in love a lot easier. A Pisces-Cancer pairing creates a natural and rhythmic relationship where each partner feels highly valued. Cancer and Pisces share sexual and intimate compatibility as they're always brought together by romantic love. With the perfect balance of excitement and stability, a Cancer-Pisces pairing could be one of the most wonderful soulmate unions of the zodiac.


Taurus, a fixed earth sign, is another ideal soulmate match for Cancer. Taurus and Cancer soulmate compatibility makes one of the sweetest and most compatible pairings of the whole zodiac. Both Taurus and Cancer are true believers in intimacy and the seed of a family. The security-loving vibe of Taurus harmonizes with the heartfelt, familial personality of Cancer. The Bull is the best soulmate for the Crab. They are both highly emotional beings, innately nurturing, loyal, and committed to the relationship. They share the same chemistry, sensual experiences, and sexual connections.


Virgo, a mutable earth sign and the sixth sign of the zodiac, creates a natural and harmonious soulmate connection with Cancer. When Cancer and Virgo get together, there's great potential for everlasting love. Their shared goals and desires make theirs a highly compatible love match. Cancer can learn from Virgo's intellectual approach, while Virgo can also gain from Cancer's intuitive ability. Both signs are expressive, sensitive, playful, fun-filled, and romantic. They find happiness in supporting and being there for each other, turning their dreams into reality.


Capricorn is also a great soulmate match for Cancer, despite their initial incompatibility. Cancer and Capricorn represent the axis of family, genetics, and belief questioning. They share an unexplainable yet special magnetic pull towards each other. Together, they can be a strong powerful couple with strong values, high emotional connection, and emotional security. They provide each other with a sense of balance that enlivens their relationship.


Gemini and Cancer are roommates on the zodiac wheel, and their star signs are complementary. While the compatibility is low and there are love match issues, this duo can bring together several worlds in a romantic union. Both Gemini and Cancer have to make adjustments to make their relationship work, but with love, trust, and respect, anything is possible. The conflict and gap they have can be bridged, leading to a magical and exciting love story.

4 Signs a Cancer Should Avoid (Soulmate Warning)

Cancer is incompatible with certain zodiac signs, as these pairings may have a harder time dealing with the sensitive nature of Cancer.


Cancer and Sagittarius never tend to be attracted to each other. These zodiac signs make a tough pair due to their differences in free-spiritedness and emotional security. However, with understanding and balance, they could become each other's best cheerleaders.


Aries and Cancer compatibility seems tempting, but it's a tricky soulmate match. The Crab's sweet and thoughtful sensitivity could conflict with the Aries' fiery and competitive personality. Deep patience is needed to make this pairing work, but if it does, the relationship can turn shiny and charismatic.


Cancer and Libra compatibility seems challenging, as they have opposite personalities. While Cancer values home and security, Libra is indecisive and thrives on social interactions. However, when they come together, the relationship can be emotional and sensual, if Libra can prove their emotional devotion.


Aquarius and Cancer are incompatible and bound to clash due to their unconventional and logical nature. However, both value commitment and loyalty, and with effort, they can build a strong relationship.

Who's the Best Love Match for a Cancer?

Cancer zodiac signs desire emotional, deep soulmates in a relationship. They genuinely care and love their partner, seeking respect and care in return. The greatest soulmate for Cancer is someone with the zodiac sign of Virgo. Virgo and Cancer is a soulmate connection made in the stars.

A Cancer in love is comfort-loving and empathic, while a Virgo in love is thoughtful. Both are goal-oriented, disciplined, and desire a lasting relationship. They have the strongest emotional connection and share trust, stability, and intimacy. Their security and shared love for routine strengthen their romantic pairing. The love, respect, care, and understanding they have for each other grow deeper with time, offering the possibility of everlasting love.

What Are Cancers Like as Soulmates?

When it comes to romantic relationships, Cancers are extremely faithful and committed to their partners. They desire a relationship that feels safe and secure while allowing space for personal time. Cancers listen to their instincts and are honest about how much they care. Once someone gains access to a Cancer's gentle, compassionate, and kind-hearted soul, a fulfilling relationship follows.

While Cancers are happiest in committed relationships, they also enjoy their independence. They thrive in self-love and appreciate their own company. When a Cancer meets "The One," they want to spend their life with, they become romantic, generous, loyal, and devoted. However, they expect the same selfless treatment in return.

Cancer and Dating

Cancer, being a water sign, is one of the zodiac's most sensitive souls. This makes dating and having Cancer as a partner a deep and heartfelt experience. Cancers are cautious in the dating game and prefer being a partner rather than just someone's lover. The get-to-know-you phase can feel torturous for them. Crabs enjoy less stressful situations like going to the park or a local coffee shop, where they can show genuine interest and attention to their date.

Cancer and Sex

When it comes to sex and romance, Cancers are vulnerable and shower their partners with affection and sweetness. They prefer long, passionate lovemaking and cuddling after sex. Casual sex or quick fixes are not for Cancers, as they desire a relationship that will last. They will only stick around if they feel an emotional connection. Cancers give genuine love and need to feel loved in return. They bring their romance into bed and spice things up to keep the relationship engaged.

Cancer in Family and Loved Ones

Cancers are family-oriented and value their relationship with their family members. They put their parents above everything else and enjoy being around children. They are fiercely protective and ensure the safety and security of their loved ones at all times. Cancers nurture and take care of their families and treasure spending time and special occasions with them. They uphold family traditions and are nostalgic keepers of family memories.

Cancer in Friendships

Cancer is one of the most loyal friends in the zodiac. They value friendship immensely and have a small, tight-knit group of friends whom they trust and open up to. They have the gift of being in tune with people and are sensitive and empathetic. Having Cancer as a true friend for life means having someone who is supportive, protective, and always there for you. Cancers enjoy laughter and good vibes, whether it's a night out or a party at the beach.

Mistakes Cancers Make in Relationships

While there are many important aspects of a relationship, considering zodiac signs and the astrology of love is essential for finding the same wavelength and frequency with your soulmate. Knowing the most common mistakes that people born under the sign of the crab make can help your relationship and love life flow smoother.

  1. Ushering people with overeagerness: Cancers can be overprotective and nurturing, which may intimidate their partners. Embrace the "Crab-way" of nurturing and be prepared to be cared for.

  2. Dwelling over the past: Cancers are nostalgic beings, but focusing too much on past relationships or situations can be unhealthy for the present relationship. Letting go and focusing on the present is important.

  3. Taking things personally: Cancers are sensitive and tend to take things personally. Open communication is key to resolving any issues without seeing them as personal attacks.

  4. Ever-changing moods: Cancers experience mood swings due to their lunar influence. Communicating feelings and being aware of their impact on the relationship is crucial.

  5. Being too clingy: Cancers can become overly attached to their partners. Allowing space and personal freedom is important for a healthy relationship.

  6. Being too defensive: Cancers are sensitive and quick to put up a defense. Learning to listen and communicate without feeling threatened is necessary for a successful relationship.

  7. Expecting their partner to read their mind: Cancers have a strong intuition, but their partners may not share the same gift. Speaking up and expressing their thoughts and needs is important.

  8. Passive-aggressive behavior: Cancers tend to express negative feelings indirectly. Taking responsibility for oneself and dealing with issues directly is key.

  9. Closing themselves off: Cancers may retreat when tired, hurt, or introspective, closing themselves off from their partners. Communicating this action helps others understand.

  10. Expecting too much security: Cancers seek security in a relationship and want their partners to promise the same love they give. They should realize that love can continue to exist even without promises and guarantees.

Cancer Soulmate Guide Summary

By now, you should have a good idea of a Cancer's best and worst soulmate matches. However, if you're still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor. Psychic Source is a reliable and helpful resource that can provide insights into your love life and help you find your best match or determine your compatibility with a Cancer. Take control of your future and get your own love reading to clarify what's in store for you.

Cancer Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the Cancer love language? The Cancer love language is deep bonding or quality time. They love unconditionally and hold their partner's hand through tough times.

  • Do Cancers easily fall in love? Cancers value love and commit to it. They have no trouble falling in love, especially if they find an emotionally proactive person who matches their expectations in a relationship.

  • Why are Cancers wonderful relationship partners? Cancers do everything with passion and love in their hearts. They are the most tender lovers and care for their partners in ways that other signs may not understand.

  • What is Cancer's worst love match? According to astrology, Aries is the worst partner for Cancer. Cancers should also avoid Libra and Aquarius, as relationships with these signs may not be blissful.

  • What does Cancer want in a relationship? Cancers desire a secured relationship that feels like home. They seek a devoted partner who will provide comfort and understand their fears. They need a partner who can give and receive.

  • How are Cancers in a relationship? Cancers are charmers and incredibly loving. When they commit, they bring their heart and romance to bed, making them the best lovers in the zodiac.

  • Are Cancers faithful in relationships? Cancers are committed to finding their soulmate and being with the person the universe has set for them. As long as they feel secure and their needs are met, they will remain faithful.

  • What is Cancer's deepest love secret? Cancerians fear being hurt, but it is this fear that makes them vulnerable. When they feel secure and comfortable with someone, they will let down their defenses and love deeply. Patience, commitment, and genuine love are key.

Remember, astrology can provide insights and guidance, but it's important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner to build a strong and lasting relationship.