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Year of the Snake: Unveiling Chinese Zodiac Secrets

Snake Chinese Zodiac The Year of the Snake holds a significant place in Chinese astrology, influencing personalities, compatibility, and elements. Let's dive into the intriguing world of the Snake and uncover its hidden secrets. When...

Snake Chinese Zodiac Snake Chinese Zodiac

The Year of the Snake holds a significant place in Chinese astrology, influencing personalities, compatibility, and elements. Let's dive into the intriguing world of the Snake and uncover its hidden secrets.

When are the Years of the Snake?

Start Date End Date Heavenly Branch
10 February 1929 29 January 1930 Year of Earth Snake
27 January 1941 14 February 1942 Year of Metal Snake
14 February 1953 2 February 1954 Year of Water Snake
2 February 1965 20 January 1966 Year of Wood Snake
18 February 1977 6 February 1978 Year of Fire Snake
6 February 1989 26 January 1990 Year of Earth Snake
24 January 2001 11 February 2002 Year of Metal Snake
10 February 2013 30 January 2014 Year of Water Snake

Upcoming Years of the Snake:

  • 29 January 2025 to 16 February 2026 (Year of Wood Snake)
  • 15 February 2037 to 3 February 2038 (Year of Fire Snake)

General Characteristics and Personality of the Snake Chinese Zodiac

Among the twelve Chinese zodiac signs, the Snake stands as the most mysterious and intuitive one. Those born in the Year of the Snake lead life on their own terms and detest being judged by others.

Positive Traits: Polite, determined, kind, humorous
Negative Traits: Shrewd, jealous, casual

Traits of Chinese Zodiac Snake Depending on Elements

1. Wood Snake

Wood Snakes are friendly and approachable. Their expressive nature makes communication with them easy. They are creative and resourceful, always eager to gain knowledge and put it into practice.

2. Fire Snake

Outgoing and adventurous, Fire Snakes have exceptional desires and ambitions to reach the top. Their magnetic personality makes them crowd pullers who effortlessly captivate others' attention.

3. Earth Snake

Down-to-earth and level-headed, Earth Snakes have a practical way of thinking. With their warm personality, they are extremely sensitive to others' feelings. They excel in people management and offer effective solutions to any problem.

4. Metal Snake

People born in the Year of the Metal Snake have a penchant for material luxuries. They are experts in handling money and making sound financial investments. Their competitive mentality propels them to the zenith of success.

5. Water Snake

Active and smart, Water Snakes know how to seize opportunities and acquire new skills. Their passion for adventure gives them the strength to face the ups and downs of life. Water Snakes are difficult to convince, as they meticulously analyze before committing.

Astrology Elements and Lucky Signs

  • Yin Yang: Yin
  • The Five Elements: Fire
  • Birthstone: Opal
  • Season: Summer
  • Lucky Numbers: 2, 8
  • Lucky Colors: Red, Yellow, Black
  • Lucky Directions: Northeast, Southeast, South
  • Lucky Charms: Citrine Tree, Medicine Buddha Idol

Relationship and Love Compatibility of Snake with other Chinese Zodiac Signs

Best Match: Dragon, Rooster, Monkey
Worst Match: Tiger, Pig, Rabbit

Unveiling the compatibility secrets, let's explore the Snake's dynamics with each Chinese zodiac sign:


  • Rat man + Snake woman: A close friendship does not guarantee a long-term romantic relationship.
  • Rat woman + Snake man: The chemistry between them could work if both fulfill each other’s needs.


  • Ox man + Snake woman: Any emotional turbulence might not be handled well.
  • Ox woman + Snake man: Lifelong alliance is possible if both are emotionally controlled.


  • Tiger man + Snake woman: Different lifestyles and goals may create a distance between them.
  • Tiger woman + Snake man: A break-off is inevitable as compromise is unlikely.


  • Rabbit man + Snake woman: The strong character of the snake woman might overpower the feisty rabbit man.
  • Rabbit woman + Snake man: Lack of fruitful discussions and disagreement could cause trouble in the paradise.


  • Dragon man + Snake woman: Attraction is based purely on their magnetic personalities.
  • Dragon woman + Snake man: Similar intellectual interests will keep them together.


  • Horse man + Snake woman: The energetic horse man would be charmed by the enticing snake woman.
  • Horse woman + Snake man: Betrayal from either side could destroy the relationship forever.


  • Goat man + Snake woman: The dynamic goat man may get bored with the reserved snake woman.
  • Goat woman + Snake man: The artistic goat woman may not bond well with the cold-natured snake man.


  • Monkey man + Snake woman: With a few contrasting traits, this pair can work things out.
  • Monkey woman + Snake man: The partners will have fun together, leading an active social life.


  • Rooster man + Snake woman: The flamboyant rooster man will be head over heels for the charming snake woman.
  • Rooster woman + Snake man: A well-secured domestic life is on the cards.


  • Dog man + Snake woman: The snake woman might get irked if the dog man acts too judgmental.
  • Dog woman + Snake man: The loyalty of the dog woman might make the snake man fall for her.


  • Pig man + Snake woman: Sharing each other’s secrets may prevent a breakup.
  • Pig woman + Snake man: The straightforward pig woman might not appreciate the diplomacy of the snake man.

Year of the Snake Western Equivalent

In Western astrology, the Snake finds its counterpart in Taurus.

Western Signs Born in the Year of the Snake

  • Aries: In the presence of the Snake, straightforward Arians tend to think more deeply and patiently listen to others.
  • Taurus: Taurus Snakes are attentive and careful. They are social and affable but prefer not to discuss personal or professional matters with everyone.
  • Gemini: Gemini Snakes are great thinkers with a witty side. They have the charisma to draw people towards them, earning their trust, but they are also rule-breakers.
  • Cancer: Bestowed with the gift of communication, Cancer Snakes expertly attract attention. Their emotional insecurities and possessiveness make them great worriers.
  • Leo: The Snake influences Leos to become placid and thoughtful. They are caring and forgiving but don't push their patience.
  • Virgo: Virgo Snakes are work-oriented individuals with clear goals. They don't rush into decisions, instead conducting proper analysis beforehand.
  • Libra: Librans under the influence of the Snake are reserved and calm. They are self-conscious and always strive to create a good impression.
  • Scorpio: Deep thinkers with a touch of slyness, Scorpion Snakes possess a powerful personality. They are sought-after advisors due to their wisdom.
  • Sagittarius: Sagittarian Snakes are knowledge-seekers who also impart knowledge to others. They are enterprising, clever, and always on the lookout for quick financial gains.
  • Capricorn: Capricorns born in the Year of the Snake are persevering and easily pleased. They achieve great success without boasting about it.
  • Aquarius: Aquarian Snakes have a unique way of thinking and tend to be solitary personalities. Once they make a promise, they fulfill it at any cost.
  • Pisces: Wherever Piscean Snakes go, they make a lasting impression. Graceful and well-mannered, they treat everyone with respect.

The Year of the Snake unravels a fascinating world of personalities, compatibility, and elements. Embrace the energy of the Snake and explore the depths of Chinese astrology for a richer understanding of yourself and others.