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Your Guide to the Iconic Egg Chair

Cradling, womb-like, and insanely sculptural, the famous Egg chair is a masterpiece of design and comfort. In the 1960s, Danish designer Arne Jacobsen created the Egg chair, which quickly became an icon in the design...

Cradling, womb-like, and insanely sculptural, the famous Egg chair is a masterpiece of design and comfort. In the 1960s, Danish designer Arne Jacobsen created the Egg chair, which quickly became an icon in the design world. With its unique form and cocooning comfort, the Egg chair captured the imagination and admiration of many.

Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair

Originally designed for the lobby of the luxurious SAS Royal Hotel Copenhagen, Jacobsen's Egg chair aimed to create personal space in a public setting. Its undulating contours and foam-based construction were revolutionary at the time when most designers were experimenting with tubular metals. Whether upholstered in polyester or sumptuous leather, the Egg chair is truly a work of art.

Contemporary living room with Arne Jackobsen Photo by Scott Frances / OTTO

Why We Love It: With its high, wingback-like sides and cradling seat, the Egg chair appeals to our introverted desires—to curl up in headphones and enjoy some peaceful moments. Whether you're the life of the party or not, we all need a little adult time-out now and then. The Egg chair offers just that in a design that stands the test of time.

How to Use It: The sculptural integrity of Jacobsen's Egg chair makes it a statement piece in any room, whether traditional or contemporary. To integrate it seamlessly in a traditional interior, choose a fabric that matches the color of your other furniture. This simple choice can make all the difference.

Eero Aarnio’s Ball Chair

Designed by Finnish designer Eero Aarnio, the Ball chair may not have an egg shape, but it shares the same spirit of encapsulation. Made of fiberglass and aluminum, the Ball chair is a spherical sanctuary that envelops its occupant. Aarnio's realization that chairs had become too simplistic led to this bold and unique design.

Futuristic orange and white egg chair for children Photo by Paul Raeside / OTTO

Why We Love It: The Ball chair not only provides a seat but also a hidden space to reconnect with your inner introvert. Aarnio described it as a "room within a room," and we couldn't agree more. This mod pod is perfect for those seeking a cozy retreat.

How to Use It: The Ball chair is not for the faint-hearted. If you love its look but are apprehensive about placing a hard-shelled sphere in your living room, consider getting a kid's size one for a playroom or bedroom. It's functional and playful, fueling children's imaginative powers.

Eero Aarnio’s Bubble Chair

While officially known as the Bubble chair, this design by Eero Aarnio often gets lumped in with the egg chair family. Aarnio wanted to create a chair that allowed more light to penetrate, so he designed a translucent ball made of skylight acrylic. Unable to find a suitable rotating base, he decided to hang the chair from the ceiling. And it turned out to be a brilliant move!

Contemporary modern living rooms with hanging translucent bubble chair and spiral staircase Photo by Vincent Knapp from Kelly Hoppen Home.

Why We Love It: As a staple of Space Age design, the Bubble chair offers its occupant a chance to view the outside world while remaining blissfully cocooned and free from noise. It has a floating quality that brings a Zen-like atmosphere to any space.

How to Use It: The translucent nature of the Bubble chair makes it perfect for placing in front of a wall of windows or patio doors. It can also be integrated into a living room's conversation pit. Hanging it perpendicular to a sofa adds a chic touch. Just remember to consider symmetry when designing a room with a Bubble chair. And sometimes, two Bubble chairs are better than one!

Nana & Jørgen Ditzel’s Hanging Egg Chair

The Hanging Egg chair, introduced in 1959 by Danish designers Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel, builds on their expertise in egg chair design. Inspired by their earlier creation, the Rana Chair, the Hanging Egg chair features a wicker egg shell reclined on a three-legged base. It adds an element of movement with its suspended design, which was very much on-trend at the time.

Wicker hanging chair with white seat cushions and rustic workbench in conservatory Photo from Living4Media

Why We Love It: The Hanging Egg chair evokes a '70s bohemian vibe, inviting you to spend hours in golden, sun-warmed rattan. It perfectly combines minimalism and romanticism, making it ideal for relaxing on the back patio or daydreaming in the garden. Imagine soaking in the fading summer light while enjoying a good book.

How to Use It: The Hanging Egg chair is a natural fit for covered patios and poolside verandas. However, it also adds a touch of boho chic when hung in a secluded bedroom or living room corner. Pair it with a pouf and a cozy knit throw for the ultimate boho hideaway with minimal effort.

Get to Know: Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971)

  • Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Dream Job: Arne initially wanted to be a painter, but his father encouraged him to study architecture.
  • Actual Job: Architect and designer. He later became a professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Copenhagen.
  • Inspiration Board: Arne found inspiration in a swan, an ant, and a water droplet. He designed chairs that paid homage to these quirky forms and named his creations accordingly.

Lead photo courtesy of Charlotte Lucas