Your IC and Your Appearance: Unraveling the Connection

Have you ever wondered why people with the same Ascendant Sign can look so different? It turns out that astrology's claim that your Ascendant or Rising Sign determines your appearance may not hold true. Our...

Have you ever wondered why people with the same Ascendant Sign can look so different? It turns out that astrology's claim that your Ascendant or Rising Sign determines your appearance may not hold true. Our genes, nationality, and race play a more significant role in shaping our physical features than our Ascendant. So, where do we turn to understand what influences our looks? The answer lies in our IC or Immum Coeli.

Your IC and Your Family Tree

Your IC represents a significant person in your family tree. When combined with your Ascendant or AC, it offers valuable insights into your appearance. It's only logical to assume that you inherit your facial features, body shape, and other distinct traits from a relative who has had a profound influence on you. Take Princess Diana, for example. Born with an Aries IC, she bore a striking physical resemblance to her father, Edward John Spencer, the 8th Earl Spencer. She also inherited his fierce fighting spirit, which manifested in her involvement with the British army and her humanitarian efforts in war zones.

Edward John Spencer, Princess Diana’s father Edward John Spencer, Princess Diana’s father

Princess Diana in uniform Princess Diana in uniform

How to Discover Your IC (Immun Coeli) and Your Family Theme

If you're a Premium Member of this website, discovering your IC sign is as easy as entering your time, date, and place of birth in your Member Profile. If you're unsure about your birth time, you can narrow down your IC choices to two or three possibilities using a checklist. By examining your AC and IC together, you can determine which relative you resemble the most.

Let's delve into some examples to understand how our IC influences our appearance:

Aries IC

An Aries IC signifies a family theme of a fighter instinct and a strong drive. You may have a close male relative who embodies these characteristics, and you physically resemble them. In some cases, this connection might extend further back in your family tree. If you have a dominant Aries presence in your horoscope, a career requiring a uniform or involving emergency services could be fitting for you.

Another of Diana’s ancestors Another of Diana’s ancestors

Taurus IC

A Taurus IC represents a family theme associated with money, possessions, and property. Perhaps you have relatives who worked in banking or local markets. Your attraction to financial and material world situations, either through your lifestyle or work, stems from this influence. The more Taurus elements you have in your horoscope, the more classically Taurean you will appear.

Gemini IC

If you have a Gemini IC, someone in your family tree was likely a talented writer or public speaker. You may physically resemble this relative the most and may possess their expressive mannerisms, such as speaking with your hands or having a striking voice. Gemini rules communication, so careers and interests that involve getting your message across will resonate with you.

Cancer IC

A Cancer IC signifies that you have inherited Cancerian traits from a family member, most likely your mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother. Your physical resemblance to this relative will be striking, and you may occasionally exhibit maternal instincts in your life. You may find yourself drawn to children's charities or activities related to motherhood.

With the help of astrology, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the connections we share with our families. Exploring our IC and family themes allows us to appreciate the intricate tapestry of our origins and better comprehend the influences that shape our appearance.

Data for this article - Princess Diana, born 1st July 1961, 7.45pm, Sandringham, England. Prince Charles, born 14th November 1948, 9.14pm, London, England. Cover image Pinterest.