Your Love Language, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to romance, everyone shows their affection differently. Some people give lavish gifts, while others offer up a simple hug. The five love languages—acts of service, physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts, and...

When it comes to romance, everyone shows their affection differently. Some people give lavish gifts, while others offer up a simple hug. The five love languages—acts of service, physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts, and words of affirmation—describe the way you prefer to show love and build intimacy. Knowing your love language can be helpful in fostering a healthy relationship and determining if your romance will stand the test of time. So, what do the stars have to say about it? Read on to hear from an astrologer about what your love language is, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Words of Affirmation

oneinchpunch / Shutterstock When Aries is in love, they are not afraid to show it. As a bold fire sign, you're known for showering your partners with gifts, passion, and sweet messages. When someone's captured your heart, there will be no question as to how you feel about them, as you'll constantly share kind and uplifting thoughts—making words of affirmation your love language.

Taurus: Receiving Gifts

Prostock-studio / Shutterstock Taurus is known for being a bit stubborn in their relationships, but there's a secret, sweet side to this earth sign. You love all things sappy and romantic, and you'll spare no expense when it comes to an anniversary or birthday party for a loved one. Since you're also the most stylish (and materialistic!) sign, it's no surprise that gift-giving is your love language.

Gemini: Words of Affirmation

iStock Ultra-social Geminis tend to present an air of curiosity and playfulness in relationships. Communication is the key way you connect with others, so your partner will never be left wondering what you think. You'll also need lots of talking, texting, and time to discuss whatever is on your mind. When you're in love, you will spend hours divulging your innermost thoughts, dreams, and goals. This makes words of affirmation your love language.

Cancer: Acts of Service

Shutterstock / Ground Picture Cancers tend to keep their deeper emotions close to their chest when initially dating someone. However, given time to open up, you can be one of the most affectionate and caring signs of the zodiac. "This sign's native love language is nurturing and attending to your every need," says Peggy Lundquist, astrologer and founder of The Happy Mystic. "Cancer gives of itself freely and could show [their] love for you through selfless acts, putting what you want first."

Leo: Quality Time

Mix Tape / Shutterstock Extroverted Leos like to do everything big in life, and love is no exception. You're extremely confident and a bit of a flirt, but when you fall in love, you'll want to show your partner off to the world. You're used to being in the spotlight yourself, and being able to share that with someone special is very romantic to you. You'll send cute, romantic text messages and plan all kinds of fun date nights.

Virgo: Physical Touch

Shutterstock / Ground Picture Virgos might get the reputation of being the rigid, perfectionists of the zodiac, but when it comes to your love life, you let a lot of walls down. "Virgos are inherently in touch with their emotions, even if they struggle to show it sometimes," says astrologer Hannah Pierce. "They tend to exhibit outward gestures of love through touch and subtle gestures done to help you feel better or more relaxed." In short, you "show" instead of "tell."

Libra: Receiving Gifts

Shutterstock Ruled by dreamy Venus—the planet of romance—Libras thrive in close relationships, and you show your love through loyalty and respect. You want to keep others happy and make sure they know that you genuinely care about their opinions and preferences. Your love is tangible and is often apparent in thoughtful presents. This makes gift-giving and receiving the perfect way you and your partner can express devotion.

Scorpio: Physical Touch

Shutterstock Though Scorpio comes off as guarded and mysterious, you're an emotional water sign with a hidden soft side. When you decide to let a romantic partner in, you're known for your intensity and passion. Physical connection is not only what keeps the spark alive for you, but it's also a key way you show intimacy—hence why you're also the sign with the strongest sex drive.

Sagittarius: Quality Time

Shutterstock When it comes to relationships, Sagittarius is more unconventional than most. "This is an independent sign, so if they want to bring you along with them on their travels, you know that there is love there," says Lundquist. Exploring the world might not be the way most couples spend quality time together, but you're looking for that special someone who's just as adventurous as you.

Capricorn: Acts of Service

Prostock-studio / Shutterstock Capricorns express love by being their partner's rock. Though you may not be as big on public displays of affection, you will work your hardest to give your significant other what they need. Being that you're a practical and serious earth sign, you value things like surprising your partner with homemade breakfast or helping them file their taxes. These gestures might not always seem romantic, but they let your partner know you're taking care of them.

Aquarius: Quality Time

iStock Aquarius might not seem like the most romantic sign, but that's because you do things your own way. You're incredibly social and have a very active, busy schedule. When you do decide to settle down, you want to bring your partner into the fold of your everyday life and show them off to the world. The pair of you will do everything together, from romantic dates to routine shopping trips. And before you know it, you might be saying "I do" to your best friend and soulmate.

Pisces: Words of Affirmation

Pisces is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac. And since you're also one of the most sensitive signs, it's easy for you to show your emotions and pick up on the feelings of your partner. This makes you great at offering wonderful words of affirmation. If they've had a tough day at work, you'll know they need a reminder of their past successes. In some cases, you might even be one to write poetry for your lover!