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Zillow for Realtors: The Ultimate Guide to Succeeding in Your Market

The real estate market has become highly competitive, with home buyers relying on online search to begin their home-buying journey. According to the National Association of Realtors, 81% of buyers don't even contact a real...


The real estate market has become highly competitive, with home buyers relying on online search to begin their home-buying journey. According to the National Association of Realtors, 81% of buyers don't even contact a real estate agent until they're ready to make a purchase. As a realtor, how can you ensure that buyers choose you when they're ready to make an offer? The answer is simple: establish a strong online presence and demonstrate why you're the best choice.

Claim Your Profile to Build Your Online Presence

One of the easiest ways to connect with potential home buyers and sellers is to have a robust agent profile on Zillow. If you haven't done so already, claim your free agent profile on Zillow to enhance your visibility. If you can't find your profile on Zillow, create one to get started.

Here's how to create your Zillow free agent profile:

  • Log in to Zillow or create a new account.
  • Go to the "Real Estate Professionals" section and click on "Join Zillow."
  • Enter your information, including your name, contact details, and areas of expertise.
  • Upload a professional, high-resolution headshot.
  • Craft a brief bio that showcases your personality and professionalism.
  • Display reviews from past clients to establish credibility.
  • Highlight your past sales and any service specialties you offer.

Zillow for realtors: The ultimate guide to success in your market

Profile Accuracy and Consistency

Your profile accuracy and consistency across various platforms can greatly impact your search ranking. Make sure your information is consistent on general sites like Google and Facebook, as well as real estate sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. Consistency in your profile information sends a relevancy signal to search engines, improving your chances of appearing in location-based searches.

Maintaining profile consistency can be a daunting task, especially when you're focused on providing excellent client experiences. Fortunately, there are solutions like Birdeye Listings that streamline this process. With Birdeye Listings, you can manage and update all your business listings in one dashboard, ensuring your information remains accurate and consistent everywhere your clients search.

Build Your Online Reputation on Zillow

Once you've created a detailed Zillow profile, it's time to focus on standing out from other realtors in your area. One effective way to do this is by managing client reviews. Showcasing testimonials from past clients can attract more potential leads.

Collecting client reviews is easier than you think. Simply incorporate a review request in your closing process and ask every client to write a review once you close a sale.

How can your clients write a review on Zillow?

To write a review on Zillow, clients need their own Zillow profile. This ensures the authenticity of the review. They will be prompted to create a Zillow account when trying to write Zillow realtor reviews.

How can you get reviews from your clients on Zillow?

Your clients can write a review by finding your Zillow profile and clicking on the reviews section. They can then click the 'Write a review' button and submit their review. To make it easier for clients, consider sending them a direct link to your Zillow profile via email or text.

Sending review requests to all your clients, both happy and unhappy, is crucial for building a strong review volume. By doing so, you not only improve your business but also demonstrate to your customers that their satisfaction is important to you.

An agent getting communications from clients

Ways to Connect with More Consumers on Zillow

While having an attractive profile on Zillow can increase visibility, it may not be enough to stand out. Consider utilizing paid lead generation solutions like Zillow Premier Agent to further enhance your exposure and engagement.

How do Zillow leads work?

  • Buyers search for listings in a particular area.
  • Zillow Premier Agents appear on all listings in the zip codes they purchase.
  • Having the "Premier Agent" label next to your name boosts your credibility as a local market expert.
  • Zillow's paid lead solution offers immediate lead response, confirmation of the lead's intent to purchase, and live phone introductions to Zillow Premier Agents.

Responsiveness Impacts Conversion Rates

Prospective buyers expect quick responses and engagement. Studies show that conversion rates drop significantly after five minutes, so it's essential to respond promptly. Successful real estate agents understand this and strive to respond within minutes.

With tools like Birdeye Messaging, you can engage with your leads immediately, regardless of where they come from. All client interactions from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google appear in a single inbox, making it easy for you to respond. Features like Messaging, Webchat, and Video Chat ensure seamless communication with your clients on their preferred platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Zillow for Realtors

How can Birdeye help real estate agents?

Birdeye partners with thousands of real estate businesses to enhance client experiences. With Birdeye, you can effortlessly send automated review, referral, and survey requests to clients at any point in the buying or selling process. Birdeye offers easy integration with popular systems like Yardi, Appfolio, Buildium, Dotloop, and Follow Up Boss, along with many other options.

By leveraging Zillow for realtors, you can build a strong online presence, enhance your reputation, and connect with more potential clients. Establishing a comprehensive strategy that includes profile optimization, review management, and paid lead generation will set you apart in the competitive real estate market.