10 Best Commercial Property Websites: Elevating Your Property Marketing Game

Are you looking for inspiration to take your property marketing to the next level? Look no further! Our team has scoured the internet to find the 10 best commercial property websites that will leave you...

Are you looking for inspiration to take your property marketing to the next level? Look no further! Our team has scoured the internet to find the 10 best commercial property websites that will leave you in awe. These websites are not only visually stunning but also offer unique features that set them apart from the rest.

1. Hudson Yards New York: Immersive Storytelling

Hudson Yards New York Experience the grandeur of Hudson Yards New York. Image Source: Hudson Yards New York

Hudson Yards New York impresses with its user-friendly interface and captivating imagery. One highlight is the "Stories of Hudson Yards" page, where personal experiences intertwine with the vibrant community. Engaging videos, such as The Chainsmokers' music video featuring the iconic staircase, add an extra touch of excitement. The only improvement would be making leasing inquiries more prominent.

2. Eastline: Connecting with History

Eastline Discover the history and future of Eastline. Image Source: Eastline

Eastline beautifully incorporates the rich history of Oakland's Uptown neighborhood into its storytelling. By showcasing the community's impact on the project through compelling images, Eastline establishes a deep connection with its surroundings. The inclusion of community meetings and the commitment to diversity sets this website apart.

3. Uptown Station: Seamless Navigation

Uptown Station Explore the possibilities at Uptown Station. Image Source: Uptown Station

Uptown Station boasts a clean design and user-friendly navigation. The homepage features a captivating video, giving visitors a comprehensive overview of the property. The "Leasing" page stands out for its effortless journey, guiding users to specific information with ease. Floorplans, photo galleries, and brochures make the leasing process a breeze.

4. 7700 Parmer: Clean and Informative

7700 Parmer Discover the exceptional features of 7700 Parmer. Image Source: 7700 Parmer

7700 Parmer offers a clean layout and seamless navigation that makes finding information effortless. By focusing on the property's high-value aspects and amenities, this website emphasizes its unique selling points. The inclusion of extensive fitness facilities, on-site childcare, and a large cafe adds tremendous value for potential tenants.

5. MetCenter: User-Focused Content

MetCenter Discover the cost-saving benefits of MetCenter. Image Source: MetCenter

MetCenter stands out with its interactive elements and user-focused content. The "Economics" page showcases cost-saving advantages through infographics, emphasizing the property's affordability. An interactive map allows users to explore the development's amenities, providing a comprehensive overview for prospective tenants.

6. Avery Centre: Interactive and Informative

Avery Centre Experience the vibrant community at Avery Centre. Image Source: Avery Centre

Avery Centre impresses with its interactive elements and user-friendly navigation. The "Vision" section offers easy access to essential information, highlighting the development's master plan, completed projects, and more. With its engaging design and informative content, Avery Centre creates an enticing experience for visitors.

7. Westview: Vibrant Imagery and Simple Design

Westview Experience the vibrancy of Westview. Image Source: Westview

Westview captivates with its use of vibrant imagery and a simple yet effective design. The inclusion of lifestyle images featuring people adds a human element to the property. The sunset above the capitol on the homepage draws attention to the menu bar and key calls to action, creating an inviting experience.

8. RiverSouth: Compelling Imagery and CTAs

RiverSouth Explore the dynamic world of RiverSouth. Image Source: RiverSouth

RiverSouth grabs attention with its prominent CTAs and captivating imagery. The website keeps all content on the homepage, ensuring the CTAs are in constant view. An interactive diagram highlights key aspects for prospective tenants, and an interactive map allows users to explore the development's amenities. The addition of lifestyle videos would enhance the site further.

9. Red Hoek Point: Creative Animations and Location Focus

Red Hoek Point Experience the waterfront oasis at Red Hoek Point. Image Source: Red Hoek Point

Red Hoek Point impresses with creative animations and vibrant imagery that highlights its prime location. An animated map showcases the building's proximity to popular spots and transportation options, adding character and value. By weaving location-based copy throughout the website, Red Hoek Point creates a compelling narrative.

10. CityLine: Speaking to Various Audiences

CityLine Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of CityLine. Image Source: CityLine

CityLine expertly caters to multiple audiences, including office and retail tenants, residents, shoppers, diners, and visitors. The website features an events page that showcases the development's liveliness, capturing the attention of potential tenants. Captivating imagery and a page dedicated to surrounding parks and trails further enhance the user experience.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Property Marketing

These 10 commercial property websites demonstrate the power of effective design, user-focused content, and captivating visuals. Take inspiration from their unique features to create an unforgettable experience for your audience. A well-designed website can make all the difference to a user, leaving a lasting impression and driving meaningful engagement. So, go above and beyond and transform your property marketing game!

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