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11 Best Real Estate Newsletters To Read in 2024

When it comes to being more efficient, staying ahead of the industry, and adding to your skillset in the real estate investing world, subscribing to real estate newsletters is a great way to hit those...

When it comes to being more efficient, staying ahead of the industry, and adding to your skillset in the real estate investing world, subscribing to real estate newsletters is a great way to hit those goals. Whether you’re an agent, investor, broker, or even a new homeowner, keeping your finger on the pulse of the real estate industry is easy when the pulse shows up in your email inbox every day.

It can be hard to figure out which newsletters are actually worth your time and energy, though. In this guide, we’re going to introduce you to 10 of the best real estate newsletters in 2024 so you know you’re not just getting spammed with more ads — and that you’ll actually benefit from subscribing. Most of the newsletters on this list are absolutely free, with a couple premium options sprinkled in.

#1 - Call Porter

When you subscribe to the Call Porter newsletter, you’ll stay up to date on our latest blog posts that help everyone from wholesalers and investors, to agents and homeowners. You’ll also get instant access to our guide that breaks down exactly how a 7-figure investor started from scratch and scaled to a 150-unit portfolio and more than 100 deals per year. In the guide, you’ll learn everything from how to market to find the deals, connecting with a partner to make getting the deals done even easier, finding funding for the properties, and more. And if you’re new around here, haven’t experienced Call Porter before, or are curious about how we’re able to help you grow your real estate investing business, check out some of our latest guides by clicking the links below:

  • Long Distance Real Estate Investing: How To Capitalize On Hot Markets
  • The BRRRR Method: How New Investors Are Quickly Growing Their Portfolio
  • Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing: THE Most Effective Marketing Strategy Available

Then, when you’re done reading, subscribe to our newsletter to grab your free guide.

Call Porter Call Porter Newsletter

#2 - Ballpoint Marketing

Another great newsletter that helps you develop your strategies, find more deals, and operate your business as efficiently as possible (so you turn a higher ROI) is Ballpoint Marketing. If you’re using direct mail marketing in your business or are looking to generate more motivated seller leads, close more deals, grow your business as efficiently as possible, or stay on the forefront of the latest marketing strategies that are delivering the highest results, it’s worth subscribing to Ballpoint Marketing.

When you subscribe, you’ll be given a guide that breaks down how 20 investors have closed almost $33 million worth of deals in just 2 short years. The guide shows you the exact marketing strategies used, how investors approached the deals, and why these marketing strategies outshined what most investors are doing in 2024. To subscribe to the newsletter, check out some of the guides on Ballpoint Marketing and you’ll see an option to subscribe to their newsletter.

  • Top 5 CRMs For Real Estate Investors: Stay Organized & Get More Efficient
  • Best Mailing Lists For Real Estate Investors: Generate More Motivated Seller Leads
  • Facebook Ads For Real Estate Investors: The Quick Start Guide

Ballpoint Marketing Ballpoint Marketing Newsletter

#3 - Ryan Dossey

Ryan Dossey is an investor who’s in the trenches every day, having flipped hundreds of houses and managed multiple 7-figures in new construction projects. Most of which happened completely remotely. From wholesaling, to rehabbing, residential and commercial, to marketing for deals, closing deals, and growing a thriving business WHILE maintaining a healthy home life, Ryan has helped thousands of people master the art of finding off-market deals.

When you subscribe to his newsletter, you’ll get an inside look into some of the biggest mistakes he made on the way to becoming an 8-figure investor. And how you can avoid making them, too. Like, one of his biggest mistakes, where he got a free house and managed to lose $30,000 on it when an unfortunate series of events stepped in and put him into an unwinnable situation. To get a small sample of his newsletter, check out some of his latest guides below and you’ll be given an opportunity to grab his eBook “28 Costly Mistakes of an 8-figure Investor… and how to avoid them”:

  • 9 House Flipping Pitfalls You Need To Avoid
  • Where Most Investors “Miss” The Mark
  • 9 Things I Wish People Would Have Told Me Before I Started Wholesaling

Or click here to subscribe to directly subscribe to his newsletter and grab your free eBook.

Ryan Dossey Ryan Dossey Newsletter

#4 - BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is one of (if not) THE largest real estate community on the internet. Their community is where most first-time investors get their first taste of what the real estate investing world looks like and is one of the best newsletters you can subscribe to, whether you’re a new investor, active and seasoned investor, broker, agent, or just a new homeowner looking to protect your investment.

They’re slightly different from most newsletters on this list, though. Instead of creating content and delivering it to your inbox each day, the BiggerPockets newsletter curates the best posts, articles, guides, and information from their community and sends it to you. That means you get the best of the best without having to pour your time and energy into scouring their community forums or blog posts — which is a MASSIVE time-saver considering the size of their community and how much content gets posted there on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in subscribing to their newsletter, click here to join their community now, then turn on your notifications and select the type of content you want to see every day.

BiggerPockets BiggerPockets Newsletter

#5 - New York Times: Real Estate

The New York Times Real Estate letter is designed for investors, agents, brokers, and even consumers and serves as a content round-up for the articles they post every Saturday morning. Their newsletter covers both residential and commercial real estate news inside of New York City as well as across America, and even around the world.

Being a paid subscription, you get access to well-researched content filled with data-backed strategies and insights into how real estate markets are performing both in your local area, and across the globe. You’re able to take those strategies and bring them back to your local market while also staying ahead of trends as they’re developing in the industry. You’ll receive a good mix of serious news, local area insights, highlights from historical real estate performance and how it compares to today’s performance, entertainment and opinions, and the ability to look deep into incredible properties.

If you’re interested in subscribing to the New York Times: Real Estate newsletter, you can click here to take a look at the different options available.

New York Times: Real Estate New York Times: Real Estate Newsletter

#6 - HousingWire

HousingWire is another great real estate newsletter that delivers a ton of useful information for residential investors, agents, brokers, mortgage brokers, and consumers. Their newsletter covers the entire United States housing market, mortgage industry, news, featured editorials, and the appraisal industry.

Depending on what you’re looking for, HousingWire is one of the only real estate newsletters that lets you completely customize the type of content that gets delivered to you — and how often you get to see it. For instance, if you’re only looking for information as a mortgage broker, you can subscribe to just the LendingLife newsletter. Or, if you’re interested in everything that has to do with the real estate industry, you can subscribe to every one of their lists and have the content curated to your inbox on a daily basis.

Their newsletter is a free service. If you’re interested in subscribing to it, you can click here to see the different options you have available and check out their latest newsletters now.

HousingWire HousingWire Newsletter

#7 - Realtor Magazine

The Realtor Magazine is the go-to for real estate industry professionals, agents, brokers, and investors who are looking to stay up-to-date on the real estate business news and trends. You’re able to completely customize the type of content you see and choose from topics like real estate market reports, news and advice, marketing strategies, residential and commercial, young professionals, and government affairs. Depending on the newsletters you subscribe to, NAR and Realtor Magazine send out their newsletters at different frequencies — ranging from daily to once a week or monthly, in some cases.

To subscribe to their newsletter, you will need to become an NAR member. Yearly subscriptions for non-members are $56 per year, making this an incredibly affordable (and valuable) newsletter. If you want to check out what NAR and Realtor Magazine has to offer, you can click here to choose the newsletters you want to receive — and start your subscription today.

Realtor Magazine Realtor Magazine Newsletter

#8 - Real Deal

The Real Deal is another premium subscription newsletter that focuses on both national and local markets, delivering information, trends, and news for both residential and commercial professionals. Like the New York Times: Real Estate newsletter, the Real Deal lets you pick and choose the types of content you’re wanting to receive on a regular basis.

Depending on the market you’re working in, you can choose to see content related to: South Florida, Texas, Chicago, San Francisco, Tri-State, New York, Hamptons, and Los Angeles. You’re also able to receive daily updates for the Chicago, Texas, South Florida, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York markets if you’re currently working in them (or looking to explore their potential).

The Real Deal focuses on delivering the latest, most up-to-date stories, data trends, news, and insights that real estate professionals and investors need to excel in their businesses and local market. You can choose to either receive their updates on a daily or weekly basis. To subscribe to The Real Deal real estate newsletter, click here now.

Real Deal Real Deal Newsletter

#9 - Briefcase.Email

Briefcase.Email is a great real estate newsletter that’s built around short, easy-to-digest, punchy content delivered to you on a weekly basis. Every week, the writers and editors at Briefcase focus on the biggest industry trends and news for the week and break down how it’s going to affect the industry, professionals, and investors.

Sometimes that’s rent control in Berlin, other times it’s been around the Evergrande saga. They’ve featured content around the rise of concepts like NIMBYism and broken down how each of those events may be impacting your real estate portfolio. And how to react to the news that you’re getting so you stay ahead of it as it develops.

With their unique approach to real estate, Briefcase.Email is one of the few newsletters on this list that doesn’t include advertising in their messages and utilizes a team of writers to think outside of the box with a mix of humor to keep things interesting. If you’re interested in checking them out, you can click here to see their unique approach.

Briefcase.Email Briefcase.Email Newsletter

#10 - Redfin

Whether you’re an agent, a broker, a consumer, or an investor, chances are you’ve heard of Redfin. Their curated newsletter takes the best from their blog and community and delivers them to you in an easy-to-digest format so you can get the latest tips and advice for buying, selling, and improving your home on a regular basis.

They have multiple options available for your subscription, letting you choose the exact markets you want to see content for, featuring some of the busiest, biggest markets in the United States. To access the Redfin Daily, click here, then scroll to the bottom of their blog post and subscribe.

Redfin Redfin Newsletter

#11 - Stessa

Stessa’s newsletter is a comprehensive resource for real estate investors, offering a mix of market insights, practical tips, and current news. The newsletter covers a range of topics relevant to property investment, from detailed analyses of market trends and economic factors affecting real estate to updates on legal and tax issues that are crucial for investors to stay informed about.

Each edition is designed to provide both educational content for those new to real estate investing and deeper insights for experienced investors looking to refine their strategies. Subscribers can expect to receive up-to-date information on various aspects of real estate investment, including residential and commercial properties, property management techniques, and financing strategies.

Stessa’s newsletter also includes investor stories and case studies, offering real-world examples of successful investment strategies and lessons learned from less successful ventures. The content is carefully curated to ensure relevance and value to a wide audience of investors, regardless of their level of experience or the size of their portfolios.

The frequency of the newsletter ensures a regular flow of information, keeping subscribers informed about the latest developments and trends in the real estate market. This makes Stessa’s newsletter an invaluable tool for anyone interested in real estate investing, providing insights and knowledge that can help guide investment decisions and strategy development.

Stessa Stessa Newsletter

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