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11 Modern Paint Colors to Transform Your Home's Interior

When updating your home with a modern look, choosing the right paint colors is essential. The perfect shade has the power to completely transform a room, giving it a fresh and contemporary feel. If you're...

When updating your home with a modern look, choosing the right paint colors is essential. The perfect shade has the power to completely transform a room, giving it a fresh and contemporary feel. If you're looking to revamp your living room, dining room, or bedroom, here are 11 of my favorite paint colors that capture that modern style.

1. Sherwin Williams Repose Gray (SW-7015)

entryway with blue door, white wainscoting and Sherwin Williams Repose Gray walls. SW Repose Gray is a warm gray that has become a popular choice for modern interiors. Its versatility makes it a great option for living spaces, offering a neutral backdrop that complements both warm and cool tones. This gray paint creates a soothing and welcoming environment, especially in areas with natural light.

2. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (OC-65)

Modern living room with white couch, walls with board and batten painted Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. As one of the best white paint colors, BM Chantilly Lace is a crisp white that embodies modern elegance. With its pure white hue and no noticeable yellow undertone, it's perfect for small spaces and larger areas alike. It enhances the sense of space and light, making a room feel more open and airy.

3. Sherwin Williams Naval (SW-6244)

Modern bathroom with vanity and mirror painted Sherwin Williams Naval. The walls have off-white shiplap. This deep blue color brings a dramatic effect to any space, making it an ideal choice for an accent wall in a dining room or living room. SW Naval adds depth and richness to interior walls, working well with a range of color combinations, including warm browns and crisp whites.

4. Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17)

white dove walls in a modern bedroom. BM White Dove is a soft white with a warm undertone, creating a cozy yet modern look. It's one of the most popular colors for interior spaces as it provides a gentle contrast against bold colors and wood stain colors. It's particularly effective in living rooms and bedrooms, where a sense of calm is desired.

5. Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay (SW-7701)

Cozy living room with Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay walls with wood treatment and wooden beams on the ceiling. Embracing earth tones, SW Cavern Clay is a warm, terracotta color that brings a sense of warmth and groundedness to any room. It works beautifully in dining rooms or as an accent color in living spaces, complementing both modern and rustic elements.

6. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (HC-154)

Small modern office with picture frame molding walls painted Benjamin Moore Hale navy. As a classic yet modern color, BM Hale Navy offers a timeless appeal with a modern twist. This deep navy blue color is perfect for creating a focal point in a room, whether it's on a gallery wall in the living room or as a bold statement on all four walls of a home office. It pairs well with neutral paint colors and can make a big impact in both large and small spaces.

7. Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige (SW-7036)

Cozy bedroom with neutral colors, a wood nightstand and walls painted Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige. Striking the perfect balance between beige and gray, SW Accessible Beige is a warm neutral that's become a popular choice for modern homes. It creates a serene and inviting atmosphere in any room, especially in spaces that receive plenty of natural light.

8. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue (HC-144)

round black table and chairs in a dining room painted Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue. This soft, airy blue with green undertones, BM Palladian Blue, offers a refreshing and tranquil feel. It's an excellent choice for bathrooms or bedrooms, providing a sense of calm and relaxation. It's also an unexpected choice for living rooms and dining rooms but can look quite beautiful.

9. Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black (SW-6258)

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black accent wall in an entryway with a wooden bench and black and brass sconces on the wall. For those looking to make a bold and sophisticated statement, SW Tricorn Black is an ideal choice. It's perfect for creating dramatic contrast as an accent wall or for painting interior doors. This black color pairs beautifully with warm neutrals and can also be used in smaller doses, like on a focal piece of furniture or frames.

10. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (HC-172)

Hallway with white wainscoting and the upper half of the walls painted Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. BM Revere Pewter is a gray paint with warm undertones, making it a great option for living spaces and master bedrooms. Its adaptability to different shades and lighting conditions makes it a popular and versatile choice for modern interiors.

11. Benjamin Moore Backwoods (469)

Benjamin Moore Backwoods accent wall in a living room with a white couch and rattan trunk coffee table. Benjamin Moore's Backwoods is a timeless, deep green paint color with mossy undertones. This true green shade, without strong yellow or blue undertones, can appear cooler in certain lighting. It's ideal for creating depth and coziness, working well for accent walls and in spaces like libraries or bedrooms. It pairs well with light warm neutrals, wood, and stone and can be contrasted with earth tones or muted blush for a contemporary look.

Final Thoughts

Each color in this selection brings something special to modern home interiors. From the laid-back vibe of Repose Gray to the striking presence of Naval, these colors cater to a range of tastes and decor styles. When paired with the right furniture and decor, they bring out that modern feel, creating spaces that are both welcoming and on-trend.

Remember, the perfect paint color isn't just about the color itself. It's also about how it interacts with natural light, the furniture you choose, and other elements in the room. All these factors come together to shape the overall look and feel of your space. So go ahead, experiment with these modern paint colors and transform your home's interior into a stylish haven.