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13 BEST Inflatable Loungers for the Outdoors & Beach [2024]

Published on: October 8, 2023 Short on time? Our pick for the best inflatable lounger is the Segoal Inflatable Lounger. Use this list of the best inflatable loungers to make your summer one to remember!...

Published on: October 8, 2023

Short on time? Our pick for the best inflatable lounger is the Segoal Inflatable Lounger.

Use this list of the best inflatable loungers to make your summer one to remember!

I used to carry a small chair with me to BBQs or when backpacking, but I got tired of lugging around that generic lawn chair from event to event.

I wanted something easy to carry and even easier to set up. Then I found out about inflatable loungers, and my life changed!

Nowadays, I love my inflatable lounger and take it everywhere-even to the beach and on camping trips.

Not only are they more comfortable than your traditional outdoor chair, but they are lighter too!

So, if you’re like me and this sounds like something you’d love to have for summer, keep reading for the list of best inflatable loungers!

13 BEST Inflatable Loungers Picture: 13 BEST Inflatable Loungers for the Outdoors & Beach [2024]

#1 Wekapo Inflatable Lounger

Best Portable Inflatable Lounger

Our Rating: 4.5/5 Price Range: $$ Weight Capacity: 650 Pounds Item Weight: 2.65 pounds

You’ll wish you bought the Wekapo inflatable lounger sooner. This product uses a unique technique to inflate and hold air in.

It may take some time to figure out how to properly inflate this, but you’ll love it once you get the hang of it.

When I first heard about this product, I wondered if my head would sink in.

Thankfully, they have a patented pillow-shaped headrest design that will make it seem like you’re sleeping in your bed.

And no need to worry about it deflating during your time at the beach. Wekapo inflatable lounger uses their patented anti-deflation technology, which keeps it inflated for five to six hours!

What truly makes the Wekapo inflatable lounger one of the best on the market is its convenient carrying bag for easy travel.

You don’t have to worry about opening a bottle either - the Wekapo inflatable lounger comes with a bottle opener. Chill hard wherever you go.

#2 AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger

Best Air Retention Inflatable Lounger

Our Rating: 4.6/5 Price Range: $ Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds Item Weight: 2.65 pounds

Look no further than the AlphaBeing inflatable lounger for one of the best inflatable couches. This lounger does not need an air pump, making it perfect for traveling!

When I was looking to replace my previous air lounger with a new one, my main goal was air retention.

AlphaBeing inflatable lounger is made with ripstop fabric, which allows it to stay inflated for up to two times longer than other inflatable sofas!

Most inflatable loungers don’t have the craftsmanship this one does. Its unique ergonomic headrest lets you lie down for hours and relax anywhere.

You’ll encounter the same issue with inflatable loungers without an air pump: setting up can be difficult, and you may need a lot of space to do so.

The AlphaBeing inflatable lounger has great accessories like two large mesh pockets, a bottle holder, and a beer opener for that perfect summer day!

#3 Segoal Inflatable Lounger

Most Ergonomic Inflatable Lounger

Our Rating: 4.7/5 Price Range: $$ Weight Capacity: 440 Pounds Item Weight: 2 pounds

When I first looked at the Segoal ergonomic inflatable lounger, I thought, “Wow! How can someone make an inflatable lounger look so comfortable?”.

And it’s true. There’s no need for any other inflatable couch if you have one of these. Modern inflatable loungers need to take note because this thing is comfortable!

The Segoal inflatable lounger’s unique S curve design of the upper and lower body help increase blood circulation. Also, the mesh material will prevent you from sweating!

The ripstop nylon fabric helps keep it at an extremely light weight of two pounds! Its single port will help make inflating it easier when compared to an air sofa.

One of the downsides is that it currently only comes in one color. That one color is orange, which might be a bit flashy for some people.

However, I highly suggest the Segoal ergonomic inflatable lounger if you’re okay with this color.

The added safety buckle and mesh pocket make this a legit camping inflatable lounger! It also comes with a carry bag.

#4 Chillbo Shwaggins

Best Color Options

Our Rating: 4.4/5 Price Range: $$ Weight Capacity: 440 Pounds Item Weight: 3 pounds

Chillbo Shwaggins inflatable lounger is just that: swag!

This lounger is easily one of the best inflatable couches simply because it has the best color options.

I’m a big music festival guy. One of the most important things is having a great campsite. The color options I chose made me stand out amongst thousands of people.

These options might not be ideal for some as it can be overwhelming to choose one.

The Chillbo Shwaggins inflatable couch is a fantastic choice for your next camping trip. Some consider this an air hammock, and I have to agree!

Their patent-pending design helps keep you comfortable and gives you that feeling of floating in mid-air.

The Chillbo Shwaggins inflatable couch stays true to most inflatable couches by giving you a carry bag, mesh pockets, and a wind stake (with elastic anchor loops)

#5 Nevlers Inflatable Lounger

Best Inflatable Music Festival Lounger

Our Rating: 4.2/5 Price Range: $ Weight Capacity: 450 Pounds Item Weight: 2 pounds

The Nevlers inflatable lounger is a festival-goer’s dream. Its low price and durability make it the top inflatable lounger for music festivals.

When I pick out items I want for music festivals, they must fit specific criteria. It has to be affordable because, at a festival, anything can break at any moment.

Sometimes I pack multiples because of this!

It also needs to be durable as well as easy to use. Nevelers advertises their inflatable lounge chair as easy to inflate with no pump! That’s something an air couch can’t compete with.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in headrest in the Nevlers inflatable lounger, so it’s not an ideal choice for a camping trip or when deciding if it’s better than a beach chair.

What Nevlers lacks in a proper headrest, they make up for in their lightweight and portable design. An inflatable hammock for a music festival MUST be easy to transport.

Nevlers inflatable couches keep convenience in mind. They also give you three separate pockets to fit even more of your favorite items!

#6 Intex Rockin’ Inflatable Lounger

Best Pool Inflatable Lounger

Our Rating: 4.3/5 Price Range: $ Weight Capacity: N/A Item Weight: 6 pounds

If you’re hosting a pool party this summer, you’ll need an Intex Rocking inflatable lounger!

Most pools already have outdoor seating covered with a beach chair or lawn chair. But I always love ensuring I have my own inflatable lounger at any swimming pool.

What’s truly remarkable about the Intex Rockin’ inflatable lounger is its design. Its curved shape will help for easy lounging, resulting in an overall better experience.

And don’t worry. There is a built-in cup holder for your beverage needs. With no air pump required, Intex Rockin’ is also easy to inflate!

Due to its unique uses, the outer layer isn’t as durable as an inflatable beach lounger, so I wouldn’t suggest using this on uneven or rocky surfaces.

But don’t fret if you accidentally puncture the Intex Rockin’ inflatable lounger. You can patch it up. Every purchase includes two repair patches!

#7 Orsen Inflatable Lounger

Most Durable Inflatable Lounger

Our Rating: 4.5/5 Price Range: $$ Weight Capacity: 500 pounds Item Weight: 3 pounds

You can tell solely by the photo that the Orsen inflatable lounger is exceptionally durable.

Using ripstop nylon and its unique craftsmanship enables this inflatable lounger to hold 500 pounds!

Along with its durability, this air couch is water-resistant. You want this for any air sofa you’re looking to purchase.

You don’t need an air pump; the Orsen inflatable lounger only needs a few scoops of air to fill and hold at its maximum weight capacity.

The Orsen inflatable lounger sofa can be a little bit on the pricier side when compared to other loungers.

But what’s cool about this inflatable sofa is that it doubles as a pool float! Finding something that simultaneously functions like a pool float and an inflatable hammock is hard.

If you want to relax comfortably this summer, I strongly suggest the Orsen inflatable sofa!

#8 JSVER Inflatable Lounger

Best Budget Inflatable Lounger

Our Rating: 4/5 Price Range: $ Weight Capacity: N/A Item Weight: 2.4 pounds

Even on a budget, you still want the best budget air lounger possible. JSVER inflatable lounger is the lounger for you!

Although it’s a cheap inflatable couch compared to others, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still durable. This product is well-knitted and uses ripstop nylon to help make it a quality air sofa!

Surprisingly enough, it has the longest anti-deflation times at 24 hours! That’s huge for an air lounger because constantly re-inflating isn’t ideal.

This product is great for those weekend camping trips during the summer when you want to be relaxed as possible. I bought several of them for this exact reason!

The maximum weight capacity varies because it can be hard to inflate.

You’ll need to inflate in windy conditions and not run in circles. Waiting for the ideal conditions can make it challenging to use in the summer.

This lounger is pretty comparable to the Crane air lounger. Both of these products are excellent budget-friendly inflatable loungers.

#9 Fatboy Lamzac

Best Inflatable Lounger for Camping

Our Rating: 4.1/5 Price Range: $$ Weight Capacity: 440 pounds Item Weight: 2.6 pounds

The Fatboy Lamzac inflatable air sofa is one of the best inflatable air loungers for camping, thanks to the type of material it uses. This inflatable couch uses 100% ripstop nylon, giving it top-notch durability.

The reason it’s one of the best inflatable loungers for camping is simple.

The Fatboy Lamzac inflatable couch is dirt and moisture-repellent, which is HUGE for something you’re using outdoors. Ideally, you want something you can clean as efficiently as possible.

Instead of a standard carry bag, you’ll receive a small backpack, which is great because it frees up your hands and shoulders when carrying this air lounger.

As you probably noticed, this isn’t a cheap inflatable couch. With quality products comes high prices, but it’s still worth it, in my opinion!

Everyone knows how much it sucks to buy another product because the first one broke. You can avoid that headache when you buy quality products like the Fatboy Lamzac.

#10 HOTO Inflatable Lounger

Most Comfortable Inflatable Lounger

Our Rating: 4.1/5 Price Range: $$$ Weight Capacity: 330 Item Weight: 5 pounds

HOTO inflatable lounger is one of the few inflatable couches on this list that uses an air pump. And for some people, that’s okay! But it has to meet some qualifications.

I love having a home office; this was the perfect addition to my dream space. Its ultra-wide and ergonomic design helps give you the perfect cat nap when you need it most.

Whether or not you want to use this as an inflatable bed for camping is up to you. When moving it around in your preferred setting, there’s an attached handle for easy movement.

The waterproof flannel cotton is a great touch, and it goes a long way when you’re outdoors. Add a sheet or sleeping bag, and it feels exactly like an air bed.

The large carry bag and the use of an air pump make it challenging to go backpacking with, but it’s perfect for many other scenarios!

#11 Intex-inflatable Corner-sofa

Best Large Inflatable Lounger

Our Rating: 4.2/5 Price Range: $$$ Weight Capacity: 880 pounds Item Weight: 5 pounds

If you’re looking for a top-notch inflatable couch, why not try the Intex-inflatable corner sofa? I will admit this is a unique purchase. But it has its uses— many uses!

When car camping last summer, I wanted to bring something new that my friends hadn’t seen before. I had used inflatable couches in the past but not something of this quality.

This air sofa has a velvety soft surface with a vinyl bottom. It’s so soft you won’t even notice that this is an inflatable couch!

During our camping trip, we had upwards of five people sitting on it at once. It was fantastic! I don’t think I can go camping without one now.

There is one suggestion I do have. Don’t forget to buy an electric air pump! Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with one, and doing it by hand takes a reasonable amount of time and energy.

If you’re buying this inflatable lounge couch for your kids, fear not. This product is also water-resistant!

Looking for traditional camping chairs that hold a lot of weight? Check out our list of the best heavy-duty camping chairs!

#12 GoFloats AirWedge Inflatable Beach Chair

Best Beach Inflatable Lounger

Our Rating: 4/5 Price Range: $ Weight Capacity: 300 pounds Item Weight: 1 pound

The AirWedge Inflatable Beach Chair is ideal for that perfect beach day. Its minimalistic design makes it easy to store in a beach tote and inflate quickly.

Unlike the other loungers on this list, the AirWedge only inflates a small section that provides back support for sitting inclined. The part that you sit on doesn’t inflate.

I actually don’t mind sitting on the ground at the beach since I can maneuver the sand to create a comfortable seat.

The trouble that I usually run into is when I want to prop myself up and I have to jerry-rig my backpack with a pile of towels, which still isn’t comfortable.

GoFloat’s triangular wedge solves that problem. It makes it easy to read and sit up to watch the waves while relaxing.

I recommend laying a towel between yourself and the plastic because, well, it’s not fun peeling thighs off of a plastic seat on a hot day.

At first, I wondered why they even included the plastic part to lay on, but then I realized that it probably helps hold the pillow from slipping away.

If I could change one thing, I would add a pocket to keep my book and sunscreen off of the sand, but organizing everything in my bag suffices.

This is my favorite easy-peasy beach lounger, but if mesh pockets really are important to you, the Wekapo inflatable lounger will be the best inflatable hammock for the beach with pockets.

#13 Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman

Most Versatile Inflatable Lounger

Our Rating: 4.2/5 Price Range: $ Weight Capacity: 220 pounds Item Weight: ‎7.52 pounds

The Intex Inflatable Ultra Lounge with Ottoman is great for all occasions. It fits right in at a campsite or in front of the TV at home.

No matter where you’re using this inflatable air sofa, you’ll be comfortable thanks to its unique headrest design and the ottoman.

Most of the loungers on this list are somewhat flat, designed to lay down in. The Intext Ultra Lounger sits like a La-Z-Boy recliner.

That being said, you might want to bring a pillow along if you plan to sit upright for a conversation. It slopes back pretty far. But it’s great for putting your feet up and stargazing, napping, or watching a movie.

I also really like the bottle holder because I always knock my drink over when I set it on the ground.

Lastly, this lounger is more versatile than some of the other options because of the 21-gauge soft outer that’s softer against your skin than some of the plastic textures. It also looks a little nicer if you want to use it as extra seating in your house.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Inflatable Lounger

What to Look for in Inflatable Loungers

Type of Fabric

When it comes to picking the best air lounger, it’s essential to consider what type of fabric the inflatable loungers use. Ideally, you want one with ripstop fabric because it helps reduce punctures and keeps the air inside.


What’s the point of inflatable loungers if they’re uncomfortable, right? Most inflatable couches make this a priority, like Chillbo Schwaggins and Segoal.

Look to the customer reviews to gauge how comfortable a lounger is.

Maximum Weight

Consider the maximum weight when shopping, especially if you’re buying for multiple kids. The worst is when inflatable loungers pop from being overloaded.

The best inflatable couch will all have at least a 400-pound maximum weight limit.


Do you plan on taking your inflatable lounger camping or to the beach? Then good portability is essential. Make sure your purchase comes with a carry bag.

The best inflatable camping couch will always include a carrying case.


When choosing your favorite inflatable lounger, you should go for one that has it all. Lots of accessories can help you have a good experience this summer!

My favorite lounger accessories are mesh pockets (the more, the merrier), a beer opener, a beer holder, a pillow headrest, and good anti-deflation technology.

These accessories elevate any inflatable lounger to the next level.

Types of Inflatable Loungers

Lazy Inflatable Loungers

Lazy inflatable loungers don’t need a pump and only require air to fill up.

This type of inflatable lounger makes up most of this list and is best for those who like to travel light.

Inflatable Sofas

Inflatable sofas usually require an air pump and are meant for two or more people to use.

These inflatable sofas are best for camping and a children’s playroom.

Inflatable Pool Floats

You can usually blow up inflatable pool floats by mouth, and they’re a great addition to any pool party. These are perfect for chilling and staying cool in the pool while reading.

Inflatable Recliner

An inflatable recliner will typically have a contoured design to give you a more relaxed posture.

This design is popular for pool floats and is best for those looking to relax comfortably no matter where they are.

Inflatable Chairs

Inflatable chairs come in various styles and resemble anything from normal chairs to bean bag chairs.

While the top use for inflatable chairs is camping, they can also be a perfect addition to a man cave.

FAQs About Inflatable Loungers

How long do inflatable loungers last?

High-quality inflatable loungers can last years (if you properly care for them). If you’re nervous about the longevity of your lounger, then there are many warranties you can purchase.

Some inflatable loungers also have their own “money-back guarantee” policy!

How long do inflatable loungers stay inflated?

Air retention is one of the most critical aspects of inflatable loungers. How long they last depends on the quality of the material.

Most air loungers that use ripstop nylon can last five to six hours. However, some on this list last up to 24 hours!

The key is to inflate them properly and not put them on sharp surfaces.

Are inflatable loungers comfortable?

Inflatable loungers are comfortable! But some can be more comfortable than others.

If comfortability is the #1 quality you look for when choosing an inflatable lounger, I suggest purchasing an air lounger with a more ergonomic shape.

This shape will fit your body better and help increase circulation.

What is the weight limit for an inflatable lounger?

The weight limit for an inflatable lounger can vary. Most inflatable loungers requiring no air pump can hold 400+ pounds.

The larger the lounger, the more weight it can typically hold.

Another thing that helps increase the weight limit is the type of material. Higher quality products tend to be able to withstand more weight.

How do you clean an inflatable lounger?

Knowing how to clean an inflatable lounger is vital to the product’s longevity. The first step is always to see if your manufacturer has specific instructions for cleaning.

After this, you must determine if it needs only a spot or a deep clean.

For a spot clean, you can use soap, baking soda, and water. Grab a towel and gently wash the affected area.

If it’s still not coming off, you can use a brush, but going slowly is essential.

Does your inflatable lounger need a deep clean? Then try using a mild cleaner from the store with some water or vinegar.

When using the mild cleaner, dip the brush in the solution and slowly go back and forth. If you’re using vinegar and water, I suggest putting it in a spray bottle.

Can you sleep in an air lounger?

If it’s comfortable enough, you can sleep in an air lounger. I have napped on one plenty of times and loved it.

When sleeping on it overnight, make sure you have a protective covering.

How do you inflate air loungers?

Most air loungers on this list don’t need an air pump. You simply open them up and walk in a straight line, with it following you. This is sometimes easier said than done.

Some of these loungers take practice and can also require you to drag them through a gust of wind.

Other inflatable loungers require an air pump. These are generally inflatable sofas or chairs and are harder to transport.

The last way to blow up an inflatable air lounger is by blowing air into it with your mouth. This inflation style tends to be more for pool floats than anything else.

Conclusion: Our Pick for the Best Inflatable Lounger

A growing number of companies are coming out with their take on the inflatable lounger. This trend is great for us consumers because it ensures these unique products keep improving.

If I had to choose just one, my pick for the best inflatable lounger would be Segoal’s inflatable air sofa.

Even though the Segoal is pricier than others on this list, I believe the quality is worth the money.

In my opinion, an inflatable lounger’s most crucial quality is its comfort. The Segoal is by far the most comfortable on the market today.

Their unique S-curve design increases blood circulation, so you stay comfortable for longer. On top of this, the breathable material reduces sweating.

Overall, any air couch on this list would be a solid choice. Enjoy your summer by purchasing your favorite inflatable lounger!


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