25 Beautiful "Slatted Bed Bases" with Built-in Bed Slats

As online mattress shopping becomes more popular, the demand for bed frames that don't require a box spring has also increased. Slatted bed bases, also known as platform beds, offer a solution by allowing you...


As online mattress shopping becomes more popular, the demand for bed frames that don't require a box spring has also increased. Slatted bed bases, also known as platform beds, offer a solution by allowing you to place your mattress directly on the bed frame. Not only does this save you money, but it also gives your bedroom a sleek and modern look while providing a lower sitting bed frame.

What is a slatted bed base?


A slatted bed base is a bed frame that comes with built-in bed slats. These slats replace the need for a box spring and provide the same amount of support. They allow you to place your mattress directly on top of the bed frame, eliminating the need for an additional support system.

Benefits of slatted bed bases

A bed with a slatted frame offers not only an aesthetically pleasing and minimalist look but also several benefits for your bedroom and sleeping environment:

  • Sleeps cooler: With the lower sitting bed, you'll enjoy cooler air as hot air rises.
  • Fits rooms with lower ceilings: The lower profile of slatted bed bases creates an illusion of larger space.
  • Easy for shorter individuals to sit on the edge of the bed.
  • Expands floor space utilization: A lower bed encourages creative use of floor space, eliminating the need for extra furniture.
  • Cost-effective: By not needing a box spring, you save money.

Slatted bed base vs standard bed frame

The main difference between a standard bed frame and a slatted bed base is the presence of built-in bed slats in the latter. While a standard bed frame requires a box spring for support, a slatted bed base offers the same support without the need for an additional purchase.

Slatted bed base


Standard bed frame


25 Slatted Bed Bases We Love

Here are 25 stunning slatted bed bases with built-in bed slats that we highly recommend:

  1. The "Noise Free" Platform Bed by Puffy

    What customers love: Designed to be quiet and squeak-free. Has a built-in soft cushioned headboard. Inset platform cradles the mattress to prevent movement.

  2. The Solid Wood Platform Bed by Birchboards (multiple colors and sizes) platform-bed-by-birchboard

    What customers love: An affordable and sturdy wooden platform frame. Heavy-duty center support. Available in multiple colors.

  3. The Sturdy Steel Foundation by Bedtek (optional headboard) bedtek-sturdy-headboard

    What customers love: Affordably priced. Ultra sturdy. No squeaking or movement. Storage room underneath. No tools required.

  4. The Santorini Platform Bed by Saatva santorini-platform-bed

    What customers love: Luxurious and simple sturdy design.

  5. The Bed Frame by Birch the-birch-natural-platform-bed-and-mattress

    What customers love: Simple natural design. Easily snaps together without tools.

Note: The list continues with more options. To see the full list, check out the original article here.

What to consider when buying a slatted bed

When purchasing a slatted bed base, keep these factors in mind:

  1. Material: Wood (pine, beech, or birch) or metal.
  2. Slats: Number and spacing impact support and comfort.
  3. Adjustability: Some bases have adjustable slats for customized firmness.
  4. Size and compatibility: Ensure compatibility with your mattress size and type.
  5. Assembly and maintenance: Consider ease of assembly and maintenance.

Pros and Cons of a Slatted Bed Base

Comparison Table: Slatted Bed Base vs. Standard Bed Frame


Q: How to get rid of an old bed frame?

If you're purchasing a new slatted bed frame online, you might need to dispose of your old one. Unfortunately, most online mattress retailers don't offer removal services. However, you can rely on A Bedder World for mattress disposal and recycling. Book a pick-up online and let them take care of your old bed frame.

In conclusion, slatted bed bases offer a stylish and cost-effective alternative to traditional bed frames. With a wide range of options available, you can find the perfect slatted bed base that suits your taste and needs.