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13 Tips to Enhance Your Interior with Roman Shades and Curtains

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and depth to your home decor? Look no further! Combining Roman shades with curtains is a simple yet effective way to create a unique and layered...

Are you looking to add a touch of elegance and depth to your home decor? Look no further! Combining Roman shades with curtains is a simple yet effective way to create a unique and layered style in your interior. In this article, we will explore 13 ingenious ways to use Roman shades with curtains and transform any room into a stunning space.

1. Try Complementing Roman Shades with Gold Curtains and Blue Walls for a Lavish Feel

If you want to aim for a lavish and opulent feel, enhance the windows in your living room with golden Roman shades and curtains. The reflective sheen and gorgeous finish of the golden colors can evoke a sense of luxury. Pair this color with blue walls to create an upscale ambiance. Incorporate gold and brown accents throughout the space for a seamless decorating style.

try complementing roman shades with gold curtains and blue walls for a lavish feel Image © elizabeth-gordon.com

2. Create a Soothing Bedroom with Brown Roman Shades and Beige Curtains

For a bedroom makeover, consider combining brown Roman shades with beige curtains. This combination creates a soft and neutral color scheme that is both calming and elegant. The Roman shades add warmth and traditional appeal, while the beige curtains blend seamlessly with the walls to provide a continuous flow and open up the space.

this bedroom features brown roman shades with beige curtains in a soothing yellow and brown color scheme Image © bnl-interiordesign.com

3. Create an Opulent Dining Room with Roman Shades, Draping Curtains, and Traditional Candelabra

To create an exquisite atmosphere in your dining room, use traditional Roman shades with draping dark orange curtains. This combination exudes elegance and sophistication. The draping curtains match the brown Roman shades, while the white walls provide balance in terms of color and texture. Complete the look with a beautiful candelabra that adds a timeless touch to the interior.

create an opulent dining room with roman shades, draping curtains, and traditional candelabra Image © kathy bloodworth interior design

4. Achieve Elegance in a Large Bedroom with Roman Shades and Beige Curtains

For a large bedroom, consider using Roman shades with beige curtains to create an elegant and timeless ambiance. The combination of light blue and beige creates a calming effect, perfect for a bedroom. Add touches of darker and deeper colors to prevent the room from feeling monotonous. Personalize the space with unique elements and don't be afraid to forgo curtains or Roman shades for separate windows.

a huge bedroom featuring roman shades with beige curtains for an elegant and timeless ambiance Image © ejinteriordesign.com

5. Evoke the Festive Holiday Spirit with Roman Shades, Curtains, and an Ornamented Christmas Tree

Transform your home into a cozy celebration spot during the holiday season by combining Roman shades with curtains and placing a Christmas tree near your windows. The patterned Roman shades allow beautiful sunlight to filter through, while the deep green draperies tie in the look with the rest of the space. Ornament the Christmas tree with lights and trinkets to express your style.

evoke the festive holiday spirit through some roman shades with curtains and an ornamented christmas tree Image © 2scalearch.com

6. Make an Enclosed Living Room Feel Lavish and Bright with Roman Shades and Curtains

Enhance the beauty of an enclosed living room by using Roman shades and curtains. The off-white color of both the shades and curtains highlights the airy ambiance of the room. The shades block out sunlight during the night, while the curtains add depth to the wall area. Make the most of natural light by hanging a large mirror on the wall to reflect it. Personalize the space with comfortable seating and decorative elements.

these roman shades with curtains make an enclosed living room feel lavish and bright Image © laurauinteriordesign.com

7. Create a Lovely, All-White Nursery Room with Brown-Toned Roman Shades and White Curtains

Design a kid's sanctuary that feels elegant by using brown-toned Roman shades with white curtains in an all-white nursery room. This color combination creates a bright, cheerful, and sophisticated space for your little ones. Add fun pieces like colorful plushies or toys to make the room even more enjoyable.

consider installing brown-toned roman shades with white curtains in a lovely all-white nursery room Image © amylambertlee.com

8. Use Roman Shades with Curtains to Enhance the Bay Window View in the Master Bedroom

If your bedroom features a bay window, stylize it to enhance its beauty and the view outside by using sheer white Roman shades with brown curtains. This combination matches the earth-toned color scheme of the bedroom, creating a calming and relaxed atmosphere. Personalize the space with elements that reflect your personality and characteristics.

use roman shades with curtains to enhance the bay window view in the master bedroom Image © sutroarchitects.com

9. Pair Blue Chandeliers and Patterned Roman Shades with Curtains for a Charming Traditional Feel

Create a charming traditional feel in your dining room by covering the windows with Roman shades featuring a beautiful floral pattern and beige curtains. This combination adds depth and layering to the interior while blocking out sunlight when needed. Complete the look with unique blue chandeliers and a rustic oriental rug.

pairing blue chandeliers and patterned roman shades with curtains can convey a charming traditional feel Image © bungalowmb.com

10. Create a Stunning Beach-Style Vibe with Contrasting Dark Colors for Roman Shades and Curtains

Create a playful and elegant look in a kids' room by using contrasting dark colors for Roman shades and curtains. The deep purple Roman shades match the headboards, while the white curtains provide a bright and airy feel. Add storage solutions, a play area, and personalized touches to make the room functional and fun.

try contrasting dark colors for roman shades with curtains to create a stunning beach-style vibe Image © ikekligermanbarkley.com

11. Create Beautiful Shadow Effects in Your Home Office with Roman Shades and Curtains

Enhance the beauty of your home office by using Roman shades that cast elegant shadows throughout the room. This creates an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. Combine translucent shades that allow sunlight to filter through with curtains that add a drapery effect and provide privacy when needed.

roman shades with curtains can create beautiful shadow effects for a beautiful home office Image © tricityblinds.com

12. Create a Luxurious Bedroom with a Blue, White, and Gold Color Scheme Using Roman Shades and Curtains

To create a luxurious bedroom with a modern twist, use a blue, white, and gold color scheme with Roman shades and curtains. The white Roman shades provide a subtle contrast against the blue walls, while the curtains in the same blue shade create a seamless look. Incorporate elements of gold to add an upscale touch. Personalize the space with additional seating and cozy elements.

a blue, white, and gold color scheme in the bedroom can feel ultra-luxurious with roman shades and curtains Image © jubelirerdesign.com

13. Complete Your Bathroom with Roman Shades, Curtains, and a Freestanding Tub

Don't overlook the bathroom when it comes to using Roman shades and curtains! Create an exquisite look by combining Roman shades with draping beige curtains. Incorporate a built-in fireplace on the wall for added luxury. The freestanding tub becomes the centerpiece of the bathroom, and the white marbled tiles add a touch of classic sophistication.

complete an elegant bathroom with a freestanding tub and roman shades with curtains Image © oivanki.com


By combining Roman shades with curtains, you can easily elevate the style and atmosphere of any room in your home. Don't be afraid to experiment with different materials, colors, and patterns to find the perfect combination that reflects your personality and enhances your interior. Let your creativity shine and transform your home into a stunning space with Roman shades and curtains!

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