How Many Euro Shams For King Bed? What Size Do You Need?

The bed is the centerpiece of a well-designed bedroom. It's where we spend a significant amount of time, so it's important to create a comfortable and stylish space. One way to achieve this is by...

The bed is the centerpiece of a well-designed bedroom. It's where we spend a significant amount of time, so it's important to create a comfortable and stylish space. One way to achieve this is by adding decorative pillows to your bedding arrangement. But the question remains, how many euro shams do you need for a king bed?

Finding the Perfect Number of Euro Shams

The answer is simple: for a king bed, three euro shams will be suitable. It's important to note that one euro sham works well for a twin bed, while two euro shams will fit a queen or full-sized bed.

Euro shams are square pillows commonly used decoratively on the bed, usually placed behind the standard-sized pillows. They typically measure 26" x 26" and are often covered with removable covers, also known as Euro Shams.

Adding the Right Number of Pillows

While euro shams add a touch of elegance to your king bed, it's also essential to consider the number of standard-sized pillows. Assuming a pair sleeps in a king-size bed, two pillows are sufficient, while a single sleeper may only need one.

However, without the addition of euro pillows and decorative shams, a king bed can look plain and uninviting. A duvet, sheets, or comforter alone may not provide the desired aesthetic. So, why not try a more eye-catching design to personalize your bed?

How to Arrange Your King Bed with Euro Pillows

Now that you know how many pillows are needed for a king bed let's explore some popular pillow arrangements:

The Standard

In this classic arrangement, place three euro shams at the back of the bed, followed by three queen or standard pillow shams. Finally, add two boudoir pillows to the front. This configuration works best when the European squares match the duvet.

The Bolster

For a more luxurious look, add three euro shams to the headboard and two king pillows with shams. Complete the arrangement by placing a cylindrical bolster pillow at the front.

The Maximalist

If you prefer a fuller pillow look, start with three euro pillows at the back of the bed, then layer three standard-size shams and pillows in the third row.

The Classic

For a timeless and balanced design, place three euro pillows against the headboard. Add two king-size shams, then finish with three boudoir or decorative pillows.

The Romantic

Ideal for couples, this arrangement begins with three euro shams against the headboard. In the second row, add two king-size pillows and complete the look with two 20" x 20" square decorative pillows. This arrangement creates a romantic and alluring vibe.

Tips for Choosing the Right King Bed Pillows

When selecting your ideal pillow configuration, consider the following factors:

Color Scheme

Choose pillow colors that complement your bedroom palette. Opt for themed throw euro shams and pillows to tie the room together.


Take into account the height of your headboard. If it extends above the bed, a greater number of pillows may be needed for balance. A shorter headboard can be paired with fewer pillows.

Review The Whole Look

Instead of starting from scratch, consider incorporating your existing pillows into a new configuration. Reusing can be both budget-friendly and environmentally conscious.


Before finalizing your pillow arrangement, consider the cost of pillow inserts, decorative shams, and custom bolsters. Ensure that your desired configuration remains within your budget.

Types of King-Sized Bed Pillows

In addition to euro shams, there are various types of pillows available for king-sized beds:

  1. Memory Foam: These pillows provide deep conformity and support for the head but may break down over time.

  2. Organic: Made from organic materials, such as natural cotton, these pillows offer fluffy comfort and come in various sizes.

  3. Latex: Pillows made from rubber trees are responsive and offer gentle support, though they can be pricey.

  4. Buckwheat: Filled with buckwheat kernels, these pillows offer excellent support and pressure alleviation but tend to be more expensive.

  5. Down: These pillows, made from duck and goose feathers, are lightweight and cost-effective.

  6. Down Alternative: This type of pillow is filled with polyester fibers and simulates the feel of down, offering affordability at the expense of durability.

Take-home Message

Investing in a solid bed and unique bedding is crucial for a good night's sleep. When it comes to euro shams for a king bed, three is the magic number. However, the style and arrangement of your pillows are entirely up to you. Use the suggested configurations as inspiration, and don't be afraid to experiment until you find the perfect look for your bedroom.