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17 of The Best Light Gray Paint Colors for a Modern and Chic Home

When it comes to creating a modern and chic atmosphere, light gray paint colors are a popular choice for a good reason. They provide a neutral backdrop that’s versatile and timeless. But with so many...

When it comes to creating a modern and chic atmosphere, light gray paint colors are a popular choice for a good reason. They provide a neutral backdrop that’s versatile and timeless. But with so many shades available, from warm gray with cozy undertones to cool gray that evokes a serene feeling, making the final decision can be daunting.

So, let me share my favorites to help you narrow down some winners!

Sherwin Williams City Loft (SW 7631)

living room walls painted Sherwin Williams city loft with a cream sofa and round wooden accent table. SW City Loft, a unique blend between warm gray and taupe, is perfect for those who shy away from traditional beiges. Its LRV of 70 makes it an excellent choice for north-facing rooms, where it adds a sophisticated warmth. I find it doesn’t overwhelm spaces, making it a top pick for living areas.

Sherwin Williams Popular Gray (SW 6071)

SW Popular Gray is a warm greige that leans towards taupe, adapting beautifully to different lights. Its LRV of 61 and purple-pink undertones make it a versatile choice, but I think it really shines in warmer south-facing rooms, where it reveals its cozy side.

Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice (SW 7647)

dining room with wooden table and chairs and walls painted Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice. SW Crushed Ice is a complex warm gray that changes character with the light. With an LRV of 66, it’s adaptable to various spaces. I love how its green undertones make it a great match for today’s popular quartz countertops.

Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist (SW-9166)

dining room with wooden table and chairs, pendant lights and walls painted Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist. SW Drift of Mist, with its soft taupe hint, has an LRV of 66, ideal for less naturally lit spaces. I recommend it for creating a serene vibe in living rooms and bedrooms due to its soothing and adaptable nature.

Sherwin Williams Incredible White (SW 7028)

sherwin williams incredible white walls in a living room SW Incredible White appears as a very light gray with a slight taupe and pink/violet undertone. It’s perfect for living rooms, as I’ve found in my own home, providing a warm yet bright backdrop.

Sherwin Williams On The Rocks (SW 6255)

sitting room with light-colored couch, black coffee table and walls painted Sherwin Williams On the Rocks. SW On The Rocks is a neutral gray with subtle undertones. If you’re looking for a “true” gray, this is a great choice. With an LRV of 62, it’s a great all-rounder. I’ve seen it work wonders in both bright and muted rooms, adapting its tone subtly.

Sherwin Williams Big Chill (SW 7648)

SW Big Chill‘s cool, stormy character and LRV of 62 make it a fantastic choice for spaces where you want a soft neutral gray. It does have a slight blue undertone, which rarely presents itself. If you prefer a cooler “neutral” gray, this is an excellent choice.

Benjamin Moore Shoreline (1471)

Bedroom nightstand with lamp and vase of flowers. The walls are painted Benjamin Moore Gray Owl. BM Shoreline’s LRV of 70.24 is perfect for creating a bright, airy vibe. I like this paint color as a choice for bathrooms and bedrooms or living rooms, where its tranquil nature shines. It’s a very flexible choice that works with many other colors, and it’s about as close to a neutral gray as you’ll ever find.

Benjamin Moore Seapearl (OC-19)

Modern office with built-in bookcases and a large desk. The walls are painted Benjamin Moore silver satin. Seapearl’s LRV of 77.4 makes it ideal for spaces needing a light touch. In my experience, it’s a fantastic choice for kitchens and living rooms, offering a soft and inviting atmosphere.

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist (OC-27)

BM Balboa Mist has a warm, inviting feel, with an LRV of 67. Its violet undertones are subtle, making it a sophisticated choice for rooms needing a touch of warmth. I find it especially appealing in south-facing rooms. It is a popular choice as a warm light gray paint color.

Benjamin Moore Light Pewter (1464)

Living room with a side table with a large gray lamp and a white sofa. Walls are painted Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. BM Light Pewter is a true greige with an LRV of 67.52. It’s a timeless choice for hallways and common areas, where its neutral tone harmonizes with various decor. I also really like it as a neutral cabinet color in a well-lit room. If you like BM Revere Pewter but find it too dark and muddy in your home, this is a better option for you.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl (OC-52)

Butler's pantry with BM paper white walls. Gray Owl‘s adaptability, with its warm base and blue-green undertones, is what makes it stand out for me. It has an LRV of 66, ideal for spaces that need a neutral yet interesting background, like open-concept living areas.

Benjamin Moore Silver Satin (OC-26)

17 of The Best Light Gray Paint Colors BM Silver Satin, a warm gray with subtle violet undertones and an LRV of 74.9, is a color I find particularly charming for cozy, intimate spaces like reading nooks or small home offices. It’s slightly lighter than BM Classic Gray, so an overall great choice for a warmer lighter gray paint color. I love it as a whole house color choice, too.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak (OC-20)

Pale Oak’s balanced taupe mix is a neutral favorite of mine, especially for rooms with a mix of lighting conditions. Its almost 70 LRV makes it a versatile choice for spaces where you want a hint of warmth without overwhelming the room.

Benjamin Moore Gray Cashmere (2138-60)

BM Gray Cashmere is a serene choice with its muted blue-green tones and an LRV of 65. I find it perfect for creating calming environments like spa-like bathrooms or tranquil office spaces, where its versatility in shifting between green and blue tones under different lighting really shines. If you like this color, also take a look at Benjamin Moore Comfort Gray and Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments.

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray (OC-23)

17 of The Best Light Gray Paint Colors BM Classic Gray is a soft, warm gray with an almost 75 LRV, leaning towards off-white. I appreciate its beige undertone for adding cozy warmth, especially in south-facing rooms where it retains its charm. However, in north-facing rooms, it can feel a bit flat. This shade is versatile and suits a range of spaces, making it a great choice for a soft, inviting ambiance.

Benjamin Moore Paper White (OC-55)

17 of The Best Light Gray Paint Colors BM Paper White, an off-white paint color with a soft gray undertone, is ideal for darker rooms needing a touch of brightness. I admire its ability to maintain neutrality without strong undertones. It’s perfect for creating a warm yet modern feel, especially in spaces with moderate natural light, as it might appear too white in overly bright rooms.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the perfect light gray paint color is about balancing your needs, the room’s characteristics, and your style. Whether you prefer a warm gray with a pink undertone or a cool gray with blue undertones, there’s a shade out there that’s your ideal match.