17 Genius Tips to Organize Your Utility Closet and Save Time

If your utility closet has become the oversize vertical version of your home’s junk drawer, it’s time to take action. A cluttered utility closet can make it difficult to find the cleaning products and tools...

If your utility closet has become the oversize vertical version of your home’s junk drawer, it’s time to take action. A cluttered utility closet can make it difficult to find the cleaning products and tools you need, wasting your valuable time. But fear not! With these utility closet organizing ideas, you'll be able to reclaim your space and improve your efficiency. Get ready to transform your utility closet into a well-organized haven!

What to store in your utility closet

A utility closet is typically used to store cleaning supplies and a small selection of tools for minor household repairs. It's important to clear out anything that doesn't belong and find its correct storage area. Avoid storing food and cleaning products side by side to prevent any potential contamination. Remember to discard any broken or expired items in your closet.

Storage solutions

Reach in for storage

Reach-in bins are a fantastic way to organize washcloths, microfiber towels, rags, and disposable pads. These stackable and space-saving bins come in different colors, allowing you to color-code your categories for easier access.

Give miscellaneous items a home

An over-the-door utility closet organizer with multiple pockets can provide extra space for less frequently used products like flashlights, air fresheners, and plumber's tape. With clear pockets, you can easily see what's inside.

Get on a roll

Consider using an expandable tension curtain rod to hold rolls of paper towels or trash bags. This versatile rod can also be used to create dividers or sections for cleaning products and other supplies.

Protect your floors

Place a flexible rubber tray or repurposed boot mat in your utility closet to prevent any spills or leaks from damaging the floor. This tray can also serve as a resting spot for jugs and bottles of bulk cleaning solutions or your wet mopping bucket.

Group batteries

Invest in a battery organizer to keep your batteries in one place. Not only will it keep your battery collection organized, but it will also help them last longer. Avoid storing batteries touching each other, as it can drain their power. A built-in battery tester will ensure you always have fresh and usable batteries on hand.

Store the step stool

Make use of a step stool to maximize the space in your utility closet. Hang it on a wall hook to prevent it from falling and use it to reach high shelves or store items in an orderly manner. Choose a brightly colored step stool for easy visibility in the closet.

Corral cords

Avoid tangled cords in your utility closet by wrapping each one with hook and loop tape. This will keep them tidy and easy to find when needed. Don't forget to label them for convenience.

Box up bulbs

For breakable items like light bulbs, use clear stacking boxes with secure latch lids to ensure their safety. Organize different types of bulbs for various household lighting needs, making it easy to find the right one when necessary.

Organize cleaning supplies

Make a cleaning caddy

Create a grab-and-go cleaning caddy stocked with your essential cleaning supplies. Include items like a multi-purpose spray cleaner, microfiber cloth, duster, and other tools you frequently use. Having all your supplies in one caddy will save you time and prevent you from searching throughout the closet.

Store by category

If you're a thorough cleaner or have a large home, consider making several caddies for specific cleaning tasks. Use a washable plastic bin for each area, such as bathroom cleaning supplies, dusting tools, floor cleaners, and window cleaning supplies. Remember to keep only the cleaners you like and donate any unwanted cleaning supplies to pet shelters or other organizations in need.

Label everything

Take inspiration from kids' closet organization and label everything in your utility closet. Use labels on bins, baskets, caddies, and even the edges of shelves. This not only helps you find things easily but also ensures that items are returned to their correct location.

Hang long-handled tools

Prevent long-handled tools from falling over with a wall-mounted broom holder. This organizer has spring-loaded grips that securely hold your mop, duster, broom, and other long-handled tools. By utilizing this organizer, you'll save valuable floor space and keep your tools in good repair.

Gather vacuum accessories

Sort through your collection of vacuum cleaner attachments and keep only the ones that belong to your current vacuum. Store the remaining accessories in a hanging pocketed holder for easy access and to prevent them from getting damaged.

Clip rubber gloves

Hang your rubber gloves from a spring-loaded clip to allow them to dry properly. This prevents the gloves from becoming wet on the inside, ensuring they're ready for use the next time you need them.

General organizing tips

File appliance manuals

Instead of having a messy pile of manuals, attach a cascading file to the wall of your utility closet. Organize the manuals by category, making it easier to find the information you need. For items with extended warranties, staple the sales receipt to the manual for easy access when contacting the company.

Keep track of trash day

Sticking a dry-erase calendar in your utility closet is a helpful way to keep track of trash and recycling pickup days, as well as routine and seasonal cleaning tasks. Use the calendar to note maintenance and repair company names and numbers too.

Consider a closet system

For a complete closet makeover, consider installing a closet system that provides extra shelving, rods, and racks. The ClosetMaid Suite Symphony Tower Kit is an excellent freestanding system that adds organization to your closet without requiring any wall holes. It's a great option for renters or those without carpentry skills.

Now that you have these genius tips for organizing your utility closet, you'll be able to enjoy a clutter-free space and save valuable time. Implement these ideas and say goodbye to the chaos!