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25 Creative Jobs & Careers for Creative People

Creativity is not just a skill; it's an integral part of our identity. Why settle for a career that doesn't allow your creative spirit to shine? Fortunately, there are numerous creative jobs and careers out...

Creativity is not just a skill; it's an integral part of our identity. Why settle for a career that doesn't allow your creative spirit to shine? Fortunately, there are numerous creative jobs and careers out there that don't require a degree. Whether you're a self-taught photographer or a classically trained painter, there's a creative path waiting for you. In this article, we've compiled 25 top creative careers and jobs for creative thinkers, ranging from photography and videography to creative writing and arts and crafts.

Photography & Videography Careers

1. Photographer

Photography offers endless opportunities for creative individuals to showcase their skills across various industries. As one of the many creative jobs that don't require a degree, photographers can find professional work with a polished portfolio and general photography experience. Some examples of photography careers include product photography, wedding photography, newborn photography, real estate photography, and photojournalism. Check out our full Photography Careers Guide for more options and insights.

How Much Can a Photographer Make?

The average yearly salary for a photographer is around $43,114, but this can vary based on professional experience. Even beginners in the field can find entry-level positions as photography assistants, which can pave the way for career growth and the possibility of starting a photography business.

2. Videographer

If you have a love for visual arts in motion, consider a career in videography. While it may require more equipment than photography, videography offers fantastic freelance or employment opportunities. Videographers are in high demand across industries, working on advertisement commercials, music video production, and product marketing, among other projects.

How Much Can a Videographer Make?

As of 2022, the average annual salary for a videographer is around $68,703. However, this can range from $56,668 to $85,611 based on education and prior experience. To kickstart your videography career, you can gain general knowledge in videography and research entry-level positions or apprenticeship programs.

3. Photo Editor

Not all photography jobs require being behind the camera. If you have photo editing skills, you are highly employable. There is a high demand for photo editing work, whether through freelancing gigs or with an ad agency. You will stay engaged with the art and the technical questions that surround it, even though you may not be taking the photos directly.

4. Film Producer

For those with a deep love for videography and the visual arts, a creative career in film production is an excellent choice. Film producers oversee various stages of film production, from development to post-production. This career often requires more experience and knowledge to secure a position. The average salary for a film producer is $70,319 per year, with some positions offering upward of $135,000 per year, depending on skills and experience.

5. Video Editor

As a video editor, you will be responsible for editing recorded footage used in movies, television shows, commercials, and online videos. Many businesses seek video editing services on a project-to-project basis, making this a great freelancing opportunity for those with strong video editing abilities. The average base annual salary for a video editor is approximately $38,850 per year, but it can vary based on experience and skills.

Design Careers

6. Graphic Design

If you prefer creating art yourself rather than capturing it with a camera, a career in graphic design might be the perfect fit. Graphic design offers an array of freelance and employment opportunities, from developing gaming graphics to crafting custom company logos.

How Much Can a Graphic Designer Make?

The average salary for a graphic designer is around $50,710 per year. Designers who continue to enhance their skill sets can secure higher-paying positions and projects. With continued education and experience, senior designers can earn an average of $82,384 per year, while product designers can earn an average of $102,237 per year.

7. Web Design

Similar to graphic design, a career in web design provides excellent freelance and employment opportunities for those with an eye for art. Web design combines personal website design tools with technical web development skills to create functional and visually appealing websites.

How Much Can a Web Designer Make?

Web designers with an established portfolio can find self-employment opportunities due to the project-to-project nature of this profession. The average annual salary for web designers is $67,916 per year. Staying up to date with current web design trends and skills is essential, as preferred web design tools and processes regularly update and change.

8. UX Design

User experience (UX) design positions combine web design skills with the ability to make programs and websites user-friendly. UX designers focus on program and layout alterations to support customer satisfaction and accessibility.

How Much Can a UX Designer Make?

UX design positions have an average yearly salary of approximately $98,816. Unlike other creative jobs that don't require a degree, these positions often require some college education. Beginners in UX design can teach themselves through online resources and gain practical experience.

9. Fashion Design

Fashion design offers abundant creative potential for those interested in designing clothing and accessories. This niche provides various employment opportunities with fashion brands, as well as freelance design opportunities to create a proprietary clothing brand.

How Much Can a Fashion Designer Make?

The average annual salary for a fashion designer is around $75,810. Entrepreneurs in the field can earn far beyond average salary amounts, depending on their personal success.

10. Interior Design

If you have a keen eye for aesthetics, consider a career in interior design. Interior designers create visually appealing residential and commercial spaces by curating wall colors, furniture, and other design elements.

How Much Can an Interior Designer Make?

The average annual salary for an interior designer is approximately $52,034. Education qualifications and previous experience can affect this amount. Aspiring interior designers can gain industry insights through online education and build a portfolio.

11. Art Director

Art directors have a knack for both creativity and management. They oversee the visual design aspects of media campaigns and mentor entry-level designers.

How Much Can an Art Director Make?

Art director roles are considered senior-level positions and offer an average annual salary of $100,890. Companies seeking art directors often require multiple years of experience and a bachelor's degree in an art and design subject.

12. Jewelry Design

Jewelry design is a great option for those seeking creative jobs without a degree. Major jewelry companies may offer design assistant positions, but many individuals prefer to design jewelry through their own small businesses. With the popularity of e-commerce platforms like Etsy, jewelry designers can sell their work directly to customers.

How Much Can a Jewelry Designer Make?

The average annual salary for a jewelry designer is $42,501. However, those who tap into the entrepreneurial space of jewelry design and establish their own business may see a higher income.

13. Motion Design

Motion designers use graphic design skills to create animated web, television, and film content. They work alongside marketing and production companies to craft animated commercials, trailers, and mobile app openings.

How Much Can a Motion Designer Make?

Many motion designers work freelance and offer their skills on a project-to-project basis. The average yearly income for a motion designer is around $60,703, depending on experience and portfolio presence.

Music Careers

If visual arts aren't your passion, there are also creative careers in music production:

14. Music Producer

Music producers are responsible for the creative and technical development of music recordings. They work closely with songwriters, audio engineers, and artists to create outstanding audio projects.

How Much Can a Music Producer Make?

Music producers can earn anywhere from $70,326 per year to multi-million dollar amounts, depending on their level of industry success.

15. DJ

For those who enjoy entertainment and want to take their music career beyond the studio, becoming a professional DJ is an option. DJing involves mastering music mixing skills, hosting parties, working on a radio station, and creating custom medleys.

How Much Can a DJ Make?

Professional DJs earn an average salary of $58,267 per year. Exposure and demand for services can significantly impact a DJ's income.

16. Audio Engineer

An audio engineer handles the technical aspects of sound, whether for music recordings, television shows, or video game sound reels. They record, edit, and reproduce audio files, requiring a creative ear.

How Much Can an Audio Engineer Make?

The average annual salary for an audio engineer is $51,774, but it can go up to $136,500 with experience. Online audio engineering classes can provide valuable insights for aspiring audio engineers.

17. Sound Mixer

Sound mixers, also known as production sound mixers, are responsible for capturing, editing, and uploading audio for television, film, and music productions. They oversee the entire audio production team and enjoy management positions in the music industry.

How Much Can a Sound Mixer Make?

A professional sound mixer can earn an average salary of $62,809 or more, depending on experience and education qualifications.

Arts and Crafts Careers

18. Painter

If you love painting, consider turning it into a career. Professional painters can sell their artwork, commission pieces for corporate or private collections, and work on specific projects. Some painters also teach art classes or workshops.

How Much Can a Painter Make?

Painters' salaries can vary greatly based on their success, exposure, and whether painting is a side hustle or a full-time freelance gig.

19. Illustrator

For those passionate about drawing, becoming an illustrator opens up many opportunities. Illustrators play a crucial role in various industries, from magazines and children's books to fashion design and advertisements.

How Much Can an Illustrator Make?

Illustrators' average annual salaries range from $21,500 to $131,500, depending on skill level and experience.

20. Online Craft Seller

If you create pottery or other crafts, consider selling your artwork online. Platforms like Etsy allow you to reach customers and even take custom requests. Learning the art of running an online craft shop can turn your skills into a profitable business.

Creative Writing Careers

21. Copywriter

Among creative writing career paths, copywriting is highly sought after. Copywriters create written content for companies, including blog posts, website copy, and product descriptions. This field offers freelance, side-hustle, and employment opportunities.

How Much Can a Copywriter Make?

The average salary for a copywriter is around $54,184 per year, with potential for higher earnings based on industry experience and skill level.

22. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters help thought leaders and professionals write books or start blogs when they lack writing skills. Although ghostwriters don't receive credit for their work, they are compensated for each piece they author. Many successful ghostwriters have a background in copywriting or other creative writing fields.

23. Social Media Marketer

Combining creative writing skills with social media expertise, social media marketers create and manage engaging content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

How Much Can a Social Media Marketer Make?

Social media marketers earn an average salary of $56,423 per year. Online classes can provide the necessary knowledge to kickstart a career in social media marketing.

24. Journalist

A career in journalism allows creatives to hone their writing skills while informing and educating readers on various topics. Journalists contribute to newspapers, magazines, and online publications.

How Much Can a Journalist Make?

Starting salaries for journalists average around $41,968 per year. Career growth depends on the publication and industry.

25. Technical Writer

Technical writers transform complex topics into easily understandable content. They create product guides, manuals, and other documentation. Technical writers can work as freelancers or find full-time opportunities.

How Much Can a Technical Writer Make?

Technical writers earn an average annual salary of approximately $69,234. Freelance opportunities and expertise in specific niches can influence income.

Types of Careers

Not all creative careers follow a 9-to-5 job structure. Here are three types of careers that offer creative direction:

Freelance Creative

Freelancers offer their creative skills on a project-by-project basis to various individuals and companies. Platforms like Fiverr and WorkingNotWorking provide opportunities for freelancers to sell their work and collaborate on big projects.

Employed Creative

Many industries, such as advertising, fashion, and architecture, seek creative professionals for in-house positions. These roles include design, photography, copywriting, editing, and illustration. Creative managers oversee the creative processes within companies.

Creative Side Hustle

For those not ready to leave their current job, a side hustle allows them to offer creative services while maintaining flexibility. Writing, photography, and graphic design are just a few creative careers that can start as side hustles and potentially become full-time occupations.

Remember, creativity is a valuable asset that can lead to fulfilling and lucrative careers. Explore your passion, build your skills, and find the creative path that suits you best.

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